National Historical Publications & Records Commission

Puerto Rico

Records Projects

Sila M. Calderon Foundation, Inc., San Juan, PR
$22,790 to digitize approximately 128,000 pages produced and received by the Office of Governor Sila M. Calderon from January 2001 to January 2005. (RH-103443-22)

Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation, San Juan, PR
$349,839 to support a project, in collaboration with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. to digitize and make available online 2,709 hours of radio broadcasts from public radio station WIPR, and make available an additional 5,000 hours of already-digitized broadcasts, dating since 1949.  The project will also make available Spanish and English transcripts of the broadcasts, and encourage the public to participate in correcting the Spanish transcriptions. (RM103143-21)

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Office of the Governor, San Juan, PR
$5,000 to support a project assistant for a Commonwealth archives program.(RC10113-11)

Sila M. Calderón Foundation, Rio Pedras, PR
$18,916 to support an assessment of the educational and training needs of the archival community in Puerto Rico. (DG10013-10)

Puerto Rico Historical Records Advisory Board, San Juan, PR
$42,119 to conduct a major assessment study and develop a long-term plan for preservation of historical records in Puerto Rico. The grant will also provide support for the initial organization of the board and training in strategic planning. (97-013)

Puerto Rico Historical Records Advisory Board, San Juan, PR
$25,000 to analyze the current condition of historical records in Puerto Rico, identify problems, frame potential solutions, and outline actions that can be taken. The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture will administer the grant on behalf of the board. (87-051)

City of San German, San German, PR
$8,550 to preserve, arrange, and describe the records of San German, one of the earliest European communities in the Western Hemisphere, and to plan for a continuing municipal archives program. (79-069)


Total     $472,214

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