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Founder's Online Metadata

What is the data?

This dataset provides information about the more than 180,00 documents published as part of Founders Online ( Founders Online includes the correspondence and writings of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington. 

How do I access the data?

The data is available for download in a JSON file. The data dictionary outlines and defines the fields available in the JSON file.

Founders Online Metadata (50.8 MB) 

Founder Online Data Dictionary

Is this dataset in the public domain?

As the work of the University of Virginia Press, this data is released for non-commerical use and by attribution.   For more information read about the this release, review the material about CC-BY-NC license.  

What makes this dataset of high value to the public?

This dataset would be of interest to the public because it:

  • allows one do data analysis on the Founders networks
  • responds to need and demand as identified through public consultation.

Is this the first time the data is available?

This is the first time that the information is available publicly.  It has been provided by request in the past. 

Who may be interested in this information?

Historians, political scientists, academics, researchers, journalists, and students.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this data?

Founders Online Help