Beyond the Numbers: Specifying and Achieving an Efficient Preservation Environment

20th Preservation Conference

March 16, 2006

The 2006 Preservation Conference presented information on how cultural heritage institutions might design optimal environmental control in new and retrofitted buildings while managing increased construction costs, energy rates, and budget constraints.

The presentations focused on cooperative participation in the design and review process that allows project managers, preservation and conservation specialists, designers, mechanical engineers, financial officers, facility managers, archivists, curators, and others involved in building projects to look beyond the numbers to arrive at efficient environmental control systems that effectively provide for the long-term preservation of the collections.

List of Conference Presentations


Tracing the Evolution of Preservation Environments in Archives, Museums, and Libraries by Nancy Davis, National Preservation Program Officer, National Archives and Records Administration

Determining and Communicating Preservation Requirements by Doris Hamburg, Director, Preservation Programs, National Archives and Records Administration
Understanding Mechanical Systems that Support Preservation Environments by Ernest Conrad, Principal, Landmark Facilities Group, Inc., Norwalk, CT
Making Sense of the Environmental Data by Jim Reilly, Director, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester, NY
Providing Safe and Practical Environments for Cultural Properties in Historic Buildings and Beyond by Richard Kerschner, Director of Preservation and Conservation, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT

Optimizing Preservation and Energy Efficiency through Systems Review by Peter Herzog, Principal, Herzog, Wheeler & Associates, St. Paul, MN

Managing a Successful Mechanical Systems Project - How to Spec a Project and Keep it Moving in the Right Direction by William I. Kline, Vice President, The Smith Group, Inc., Washington, DC

Managing a Successful Mechanical System Project by Richard P. Judson, Project Manager, Space and Security Management Division, National Archives and Records Administration

Procuring a Design by Frank C. Quigley, General Engineer, Space and Security Management Division, National Archives and Records Administration

The Owner Perspective by William A. Harris, Director of Physical Infrastructure and Collection Support, Office of Presidential Libraries, National Archives and Records Administration

Weighing Alternative Solutions for Long-Term Preservation of Military / Civilian Records by Linda Blaser, National Preservation Program Officer and Bryan K. McGraw, Assistant Director for Archival Programs at the National Personnel Records Center, National Archives and Records Administration

Energy Savings Performance Contracts by Ronald C. Noll, Real Property Management Branch Chief, and Gary Simmons, Space and Security Management Division, National Archives and Records Administration

Additional Considerations: Underground, High Bay, and Remote Storage Facilities by Ann Seibert, Preservation Projects Officer, National Archives and Records Administration

Designing the "Circle of Care" at the National Museum of the American Indian by Gail Joice, Collections Manager and Emily Kaplan, Conservator, National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC

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