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Communications Office Transition Interviews

This office is one of seven White House offices identified by the White House Transition Project. These oral history interviews explore the organization and activities of these offices within the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton administrations. They also describe the transition experiences of each office.

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Thomas Griscom (1949 - )
Assistant to the President, Office of Communications, 1987-1988, Reagan Administration.

Robert T. Hartmann (1917 - 2008)
Counselor to the President; Director, White House Editorial and Speechwriting Staff; Liaison between the executive office and Republican Party organizations, Ford Administration (1974-1977).

Barry Jagoda (1944 - )
Media adviser, Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign Committee, 1976; Special Assistant to the President for Media and Public Affairs, 1977-79, Carter Administration.

Ann F. Lewis (1937 - )
Deputy Campaign Manager for the Clinton/Gore Re-Election Campaign, 1995-1996; Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Communications, 1997; Assistant to the President and Director of Communications, 1997-1999; Counselor to the President, 1999-2001, Clinton Administration.

Gerald Rafshoon (1934 - )
Media Director, Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign Committee, 1975-1976; Assistant to the President for Communications, 1978-1979, Carter Administration.

Gerald L. Warren (1930 - )
Deputy Press Secretary, 1969-1974, Nixon Administration.

Margita White (1937 - 2002)
Assistant to Herbert G. Klein, Director of the White House Office of Communications, 1969-1973; Assistant Director for Public Information, United States Information Agency, 1973-1975, Nixon Administration. Director of the Office of Communications and Assistant Press Secretary to President Ford, 1975; Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission, 1976; Ford Administration.