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The Management of Archives

T.R. Schellenberg

    "In this book Dr. Schellenberg successfully undertakes to define the archival methodology that heretofore has been available only in isolated books and journals. . .An indispensable manual, which anticipates and answers most questions that arise in the handling of nonpublic records."

    --The American Archivist

Since it was first published more than 25 years ago, The Management of Archives has become a classic volume in the literature of American archival administration.

Today the book is used as the standard text in dozens of college courses and training workshops held around the country each year. One of the most widely recognized members of the American archival profession, Theodore R. Schellenberg developed his ideas on archival practice during his long career at the National Archives and Records Service; at the time of his retirement in 1963, he was Assistant Archivist of the United States.

his first paperback edition includes a substantive foreword by Jane F. Smith, former Director of the Civil Archives Division, National Archives and Records Service, that sets Schellenberg's life and work in historical and archival context.

6" x 9", 420 pages
Columbia University Press, 1965
Reprinted by the National Archives and Records Administration, 1988

#200054 Softcover $15
ISBN 0-911333-72-X

A Modern Archives Reader coverA Modern Archives Reader:
Basic Readings on Archival Theory and Practice

Edited by Maygene F. Daniels and Timothy Walch

    "Of great benefit to students and practicing archivists. . .One should welcome this volume, use it, and look forward to others like it in the near future."
    --The Public Historian

    "This volume will be welcomed by instructors and students alike and will have a place on every archivist's book shelf. . .[A] well organized and attractively produced collection."

A Modern Archives Reader brings together, in a single volume, classic essays of archival literature that outline and define the basic theories of archives administration and recent articles that reexamine basic concepts and demonstrate the practical application of archival principles.

Included are essays on subject guides and archival terminology, reprints of several hard-to-obtain staff information papers from NARA, a glossary of archival terms, and suggestions for further reading.

The Reader is both a valuable reference tool for the working archivist and a textbook for students of archival administration.

6" x 9", 357 pages, 14 illustrations
National Archives and Records Administration, 1984

#200017 Softcover $15
ISBN 0-911333-12-6