Special List 29: Connecticut

Special List No. 29


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154. Post Route Map. Supposed Date A.D. 1746. New England, New

     York, New Jersey and Pensilvania [sic]. By H. Moll,


     1 inch to ca. 40 miles. 15 x 19. Published. Shows only small

parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Settlements and post route

from Philadelphia to Piscataway, New Hampshire. Brief written

description of route. Filed as Ref. Coll.: Northeast U.S., 1746.

155. A Map of the most Inhabited part of New England, containing

     the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, with

     the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, Divided into

     Counties and Townships: . . . Published 12 May, 1794, by

     Laurie & Whittle. 

     1 inch to 7 miles. 2 sections, each 42 x 19½. Published.

English and Indian habitations, township meetinghouses, forts,

and ponds. Inset plans of Boston and Boston Harbor. Filed as RG

77: US 54 (SF).

156. Connecticut, From Actual Survey, Made in 1811; By, and under

     the Direction of, Moses Warren and George Gillet; And by

     them Compiled. Published under the Authority of the General

     Assembly, by Hudson and Goodwin. Engraved by Abner Reed,

     East Windsor. To His Excellency Roger Griswold, Esq., and to

     the Honourable Legislature of the State of Connecticut, This

     Map is Respectfully Inscribed By the Publishers. Hartford,

     February 1812. Entered according to Act of Congress, the

     29th day of May, 1813--By Hudson & Goodwin, of 

     the State of Connecticut.

     1 inch to 2½ miles. 2 sections, each 22 x 37½. Published.

Churches, courthouses, manufacturing establishments (woolens,

cotton, guns, cutlery, clock, button, wire, distillery, glass,

iron), mills (grist, saw, paper, powder), roads, townships,

counties. County boundaries shown in color. List of Governors of

Connecticut since the Charter of 1655, with dates of accession

and termination of office. Filed as RG 77: US 20 (SF).

157. A Map of the New England States . . . With the adjacent

     parts of New York & Lower Canada. Compiled and Published by

     Nathan Hale . . . 1826. Engraved by J.V.N. Throop.

     1 inch to 8 miles. 2 sections, each 23 x 40½. Published.

Counties (in color), settlements, civil townships, churches, and

roads. Inset map "Northern & Eastern Part of Maine and Part of

Lower Canada and New Brunswick." Filed as RG 77: US 58.

158. An Improved Reference Map of the Valley of the Connecticut

     and Western Section of New England. Published by Justin

     Pierce. Engraved by N. & S. S. Jocelyn, New Haven. Entered

     according to Act of Congress, Dec. 6th, 1828. 

     1 inch to ca. 7 miles. 2 sections, each 25½ x 24. Annotated

published. Towns, townships, counties, roads, turnpikes,

churches. Counties shown in color. Includes Vermont,

Massachusetts west of Worcester, and adjoining parts of New

Hampshire and New York. Portion of Vermont is missing. Some roads

are colored red without explanation. Table lists towns and their

distances from Washington, D.C., and the State capital. Filed as

RG 77: K 22.

159. [Map of] Connecticut [ca. 1840]

     1 inch to 8 miles. 14 x 18. Published. County names and

boundaries, towns, names and boundaries of civil townships,

roads, canals, and railroad lines. Filed as Ref. Coll.:

Connecticut, 1840.

160. Railroad Map of New England & Eastern New York, Compiled

     from the most authentic sources. By J. H. Goldthwait. 1849.

     Scale not indicated. 30 x 23. Published. Only southern tip

of Maine appears. County names, names and boundaries of

townships, railroad stations, and railroad lines completed and

projected. Filed as Ref. Coll.: New England, 1849.

161. Clark and Tackabury's New Topographical Map of the State of

     Connecticut. Compiled From New and accurate Surveys of each

     County, and the United States trigonometric Surveys of Long

     Island Sound by G. M. Hopkins, Jr., C. E. Published By

     Richard Clark and Robt. M. & Geo. N. Tackabury. 307 Wharton

     St., Philadelphia. 1860. Engraved By Friend & Aub.

     1 inch to 1½ miles. 4 sections, each 27 x 34. Published.

Grist mills, sawmills, churches, schools, post offices, roads,

railroads. Townships are shown in color. Table lists 1860 census

population by township and county. Filed as Ref. Coll.:

Connecticut, 1860.

162. Map of Connecticut Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in

     Co-operation with the State of Connecticut . . . Published .

     . . 1893.

     1 inch to ca. 2 miles. 8 sections, each 21 x 18. Published.

Settlements, roads, and railroad lines. Drainage in blue;

contours in brown. Wooded areas in green. Also a copy of this map

reprinted in July 1912. Wooded areas are not shown. Filed as RG

57: Published State Maps, Connecticut, 1893.

See also entries 373, 390, and 557.

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