Special List 29: South Carolina

Special List No. 29

South Carolina

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749. A Map of South Carolina and a Part of Georgia. . . .

     Composed From Surveys taken by The Hon. William Bull, Esq.,

     Lieutenant Governor, Captain Gascoign, Hugh Bryan, Esq., and

     William De Braham, Esqr., Surveyor General of the Southn.

     District of North America, Republished with considerable

     additions, from the Surveys made & collected by John Stuart,

     Esqr., His Majesty's Superintendent [sic] of Indian Affairs,

     By William Faden . . . Charing Cross, 1780.

     1 inch to 5 miles. 2 sections, each 27 x 48. Copy, 4

sections, 25 x 18. Published. Parishes, townships, boroughs,

roads, bridges, plantations, names of some residents, and

physical features. Filed as RG 77: US 8.

750. [Map of] South Carolina. . . . Entered according to Act of

     Congress in the year 1843, by Sidney E. Morse and Samuel

     Breese in the Clerks Office of the Southern District of New


     1 inch to 20 miles. 14 x 17.5. Published. Counties, towns,

roads, canals, and physical features. State shaded yellow. Filed

as Ref. Coll.: South Carolina, 1843.

751. [Map of South Carolina issued by the U.S. Geological Survey,


     1 inch to ca. 16 miles. 16 x 20. Published. County names and

boundaries, towns and cities, steam and electric railroad lines,

and drainage features. Filed as RG 57: Published State Maps,

South Carolina, 1916.

752. [Map of the] State of South Carolina . . . Compiled in the

     U.S. Geological Survey in 1913. . . . Reprinted in 1917.

     1 inch to ca. 8 miles. 32 x 39. Published. County names and

boundaries, settlements, steam and electric railroad lines, and

drainage features. Noted: "Advance sheet. Subject to

corrections." Filed as RG 57: Published State Maps, South

Carolina, 1917.

753. Post Route Map of the State of South Carolina showing post

     offices with the intermediate distances on mail routes in

     operation on the 1st of January, 1917.

     1 inch to 8 miles. 31 x 39. Published. Frequency and types

of mail service, discontinued post offices, counties, towns,

railroads, physical features, and parts of adjoining States. Two

copies. Filed as RG 28: State Maps, South Carolina, 1917.

See also entries 620, 622, 623, 625, 627, 629, and 630.

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