Special List 29: Tennessee

Special List No. 29


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761. A Map of the Tennessee [sic] Government, formerly part of

     North Carolina taken chiefly from Surveys by Genel. [sic] D.

     South & others. John Madert, Del. Engraved for Imlay's

     American Topography. June 1st, 1795.

     1 inch to ca. 35 miles. 13 x 18½. Blueprint manuscript on

tracing cloth. Roads, towns, Indian towns, and "Indian

boundaries." Also a blueprint copy. Filed as RG 75: Central Map

File, 1237.

762. Map of Tennessee Constructed from the Surveys of the late

     John Strothers and other Documents, by John Melish.

     [Published by John Melish, 1819.]

     1 inch to ca. 18 miles. 21 x 29. Published. Counties (in

color), settlements, roads, and Indian lands. Also shows parts of

adjoining States and Territories. Filed as RG 77: US 30.

763. Map of the State of Tennessee, Drawn from the Best

     Authorities by F. Lucas, Jr., Drawn & Published by F. Lucas,

     Jr. . . . Entered according to Act of Congress the 21st day

     of June, 1823. . . . Engraved by B. T. Welch & Co.

     1 inch to ca. 15 miles. 25 x 36. Annotated published. County

names and boundaries, towns, colleges, roads, physical features,

and parts of adjoining States. Also shows land districts and land

surveys. Roads shown include part of the "Government road from

Natchez to Nashville." Map is annotated to show segments of

certain roads marked off. Table lists population of Tennessee by

county, 1800-1820. Also included is a "View of the Chickasaw

Bluff on the Mississippi River . . ." drawn by Lewis Brantz.

Filed as RG 77: US 49.

764. Colton's Tennessee, Published J. H. Colton . . . New York.


     1 inch to 25 miles. 14 x 25½. Published. Counties (in

color), parts of adjoining States, towns, roads, railroads, and

physical features. Illustration of State House. Filed as RG 77: T


765. Map of Tennessee Representing Rail-Ways, Population, and

     Agricultural Productions. Prepared at the Census Office

     Under the Direction of Jos. C. G. Kennedy, Superintendent.

     [ca. 1861-65.]

     Scale not indicated. 3 sections, each 20 x 17.

Photoprocessed. Population for white, free-colored, and slaves.

Filed as RG 77: T 215.

766. [Map of Tennessee issued by the U.S. Geological Survey, 


     1 inch to ca. 16 miles. 11 x 34. Published. County names and

boundaries, towns and cities, steam and electric railroad lines,

and drainage features. Also a copy of this map reprinted in 1918.

Filed as RG 57: Published State Maps, Tennessee, 1916.

See also entries 325, 327, 328, 331, 334, 337-339 in Kentucky.

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