Finding Aids: General Information Leaflet 71

General Information Leaflet 71
The National Archives in the Nation's Capital –
Information for Researchers

Table of Contents


Archival Holdings

About Archival Records

National Archives Building

Textual Records

Legislative Records

Microfilm Research Room and Genealogical Research

National Archives at College Park

Textual Records


Electronic Records

Still Pictures

Motion Pictures and Sound and Video Recordings

Cartographic and Architectural Records

Research Support Services

Sources of Information About Our Holdings

Services for Onsite Users–Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to prepare before visiting?

When are research rooms open in the Washington, DC, area?

When is the best time to schedule an initial visit?

Do you charge a user fee?

Do I need to register as a researcher?

How do I get research guidance after I arrive?

What may I bring with me?

Can I get copies of records while visiting?

Self-Service Copies

NARA-Prepared Copies

Vendor-Prepared Copies

Am I allowed to bring my own copying equipment?

Are some records protected by copyright?

Customer Service Center and Research Room Locations

Services for Offsite Users–Frequently Asked Questions

Can I conduct archival research if I am unable to visit NARA?

Can I get copies of records if I cannot visit?

Do you provide forms for me to use to do my research?

Tips for Successful Research

Contacting Us

To Order Publications

Customer Service Center and Research Room Locations

General Information Leaflet 71 – 2001

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