Multimedia (DVDs and CDs)

DVDs and CDs

bullet War and Conflict: Selected Images from the National Archives, 1765-1970 (over 1,500 National Archives images related to American military involvement, 1765-1970), 3-CD boxed set.

bullet World War II DVD Collection, 6-DVD boxed sets.

  • WWII: The War in Europe, 12 films, 8+ hours
  • WWII: The War in the Pacific, 15 films, 6+ hours
  • WWII: Air War, 11 films, 5+ hours
  • WWII: War on the Homefront, 29 films, 5+ hours
  • WWII: Why We Fight, 7 films, 7+ hours

bullet Filmed Histories Collection, 24-DVD boxed sets

  • WWII: A Filmed History (compiled from the National Archives' WWII 6-DVD Collector Sets; contains War in Europe, War in the Pacific, War on the Homefront, and Why We Fight), 63 films, 25+ hours
  • Aviation: A Filmed History from the National Archives (combines National Archives sets Classic Aviation and WWII: Air War with three aviation titles from Topics Entertainment), 29 films, 23+ hours

bullet WWII Single DVD Collection

  • WWII: In Color (contains a collection of documentary films), 140 minutes
  • WWII Bloodiest Battles (historical newsreel footage of some important and destructive conflicts of WWII), 5 films, 105 minutes
  • WWII: Air War (the most intense and important air battles), 5 films, 120 minutes

bullet Other DVD Titles:

  • Classic Aviation (from the first flights to the launch into space), 6-DVD set; 6 films, 7 hours.
  • NASA: A Retrospective (film footage, still photographs, and information commentary on U.S. space exploration from Project Mercury to the space shuttle Columbia), 4-DVD boxed set; 9 films, 5 hours.
  • Vietnam: A Retrospective (on the frontlines of a conflict that spanned five presidencies), 6-DVD boxed set; 24-films, 12 hours.
  • Natural Disasters (chronicles some of the world's most devastating earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, and volcanoes), 6-DVD boxed set; 24 films, 8.5 hours.

bullet WWII: Theaters of War (culled from the National Archives' WWII DVD collection, the films cover the European and Pacific Theaters, as well as the Battle of Britain), 4-DVD "ecotin"; 10 films; 4+ hours.

bullet A Century of War (contains a mix of new and previously packaged films and features conflicts from WWI through Vietnam), 24-DVD boxed set; 87 films, 39 hours.

bullet Audio Archives CD Collection: The Greatest Radio Broadcasts and Interviews, 4 hours each.

  • Events That Changed the World (greatest discoveries and tragedies of the last century).
  • Presidential Moments (from Herbert Hoover to Ronald Reagan).
  • War and Conflict (sound recordings from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm).
  • Civil Rights (speeches, interviews, and firsthand accounts).