Posters and Facsimiles: World War I

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World War I

If You Want to Fight! by ChristyIf You Want to Fight! (Christy)



Let's Go, U.S. MarinesLet's Go!



Keep Him FreeKeep Him Free



That Liberty Shall Not PerishThat Liberty Shall Not Perish



Eat More Corn, Oats and RyeEat More Corn, Oats and Rye



Prestito Della LiberazionePrestito Della Liberazione



I Wish I Were A Man by ChristyGee, I Wish I Were a Man (Christy)



Eat more fishEat more fish



You Buy a Liberty BondYou Buy a Liberty Bond



Joan of ArcJoan of Arc



Feminine Patriotism

He is keeping the World safeHe is keeping the World safe