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Prologue | Spring 2003


Spring 2003 Prologue Cover

Prologue in Perspective: Construction Projects Now Under Way Will Protect Records of the Past . . . And of the Future
John W. Carlin

Harry Truman, Poker Player
Raymond H. Geselbracht

"Incited by the Love of Liberty": The Amistad Captives and the Federal Courts
Bruce A. Ragsdale

Historic Murals Conservation at the National Archives
Richard Blondo

Jefferson Buys Louisiana Territory, and the Nation Moves Westward
Wayne T. De Cesar and Susan Page

Lining Up to Serve: Wounded and Sick Union Officers Join Veteran Reserve Corps during Civil War, Reconstruction
Paul A. Cimbala

Spotlight on NARA: AAD: A New Tool to Search NARA Databases
David R. Kepley

Genealogy Notes: Honoring Our War Dead: The Evolution of the Government Policy on Headstones for Fallen Soldiers and Sailors
Mark C. Mollan

Authors on the Record: Letters from America: Citizens Respond to FDR's Fireside Chats

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: The Treaty of Alliance with France

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