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Prologue | Summer 2004

Summer 2004 Prologue CoverPrologue in Perspective: Providing Customer Service of the Highest Order
John W. Carlin

Cold Mountain's Inman: Fact Versus Fiction
Richard W. Peuser and Trevor K. Plante

LBJ Champions the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Ted Gittinger and Allen Fisher

The Booker T Four's Unlikely Journey from Prison Baseball to the Negro Leagues
Timothy Rives and Robert Rives

The Ordeal of Herbert Hoover
Richard Norton Smith and Timothy Walch

Bridging the Mississippi: The Railroads and Steamboats Clash at the Rock Island Bridge
David A. Pfeiffer

FDR as Architect: Invoking the Image of Old Hickory
Bernice L. Thomas

Spotlight on NARA: Creating the National Archives
Rodney A. Ross

"A New World Is at Hand": Rotunda Exhibit Chronicles Freedom's Journey
Stacey Bredhoff

Genealogy Notes: Researching the Career of a Nineteenth-Century Physician
Claire Prechtel-Kluskens

Authors on the Record: Former President Jimmy Carter discusses his novel about the Revolution in the South

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: Ike's Two D-Day Messages

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