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Prologue | Summer 2007

Vol. 39, No. 2

Excerpt of Reagan's speech at the Berlin Wall, 1982 "Tear Down This Wall"
One of Ronald Reagan's most famous speeches came close to losing its most memorable line—until the deciding vote was cast.
Star from a Betsy Ross flag American Mysteries, Riddles, and Controversies!
When details are lacking, history sometimes leaves the door open to wild and imaginative speculation about what really happened.
Case of Stanley McCormick Rich, Famous, and Questionably Sane
Psychiatric records from a government hospital provide a peek into the private lives of wealthy and prominent families and their squabbles over sanity.

Table of Contents

Prologue in Perspective: Progress toward a Goal of Greater Access
Allen Weinstein

American Mysteries, Riddles, and Controversies!
New Exhibit at the Hoover Presidential Library Challenges Visitors to Ask Better Questions in the Search for Answers

Timothy Walch and Maureen Harding

"Tear Down This Wall": How Top Advisers Opposed Reagan's Challenge to Gorbachev—But Lost
Peter Robinson

The 82nd Airborne's "Jumping JAG": The Incredible Wartime Career of Nicholas E. Allen
Fred L. Borch

"Sweltering with Treason": The Civil War Trials of William Matthew Merrick
Jonathan W. White

Rich, Famous, and Questionably Sane: When a Wealthy Heir's Family Sought Help from a Hospital for the Insane
Miriam Kleiman

Spotlight on NARA: Chasing Technology: The Challenge of Preserving Audiovisual Records
Steve Greene

Genealogy Notes: "Their . . . Bedding is wet Their floors are damp": "Pre-Bureau" Records and Civil War African American Genealogy
Rebecca K. Sharp

Authors on the Record: Lincoln and the Telegraph: A Great Leader Adapts to a New Medium

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: Guadalcanal Record of Events

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