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Prologue | Summer 2009

Vol. 41, no. 2


Restoration of the Declaration of Independence Our Story
On June 19, 1934 the National Archives was born. 75 years later it has grown into the nation's recordkeeper. Learn about its colorful past here, from OSS spies to independence.

An image of a postrider from the colonial era In the King's Service
Hugh Finlay had some big shoes to fill after George III fired fired the nation's first postmaster, Benjamin Franklin.

A health inspector reviews a new inmate at Angel Island When the "Enemy" Landed at Angel Island
The story of hostile aliens and deported resident radicals interned at San Francisco’s Angel Island during World War I.

Table of Contents

Prologue in Perspective: Becoming World Class
Adrienne C. Thomas

In the King's Service: Hugh Finlay and the Postal System in Colonial America
Alison M. Gavin

Our Story: How the National Archives Evolved over 75 Years of Change and Challenges
James Worsham

Archives through the Decades
By Benjamin Guterman

When the "Enemy" Landed at Angel Island
Maria Sakovich

Sitting in Judgment: Myron C. Cramer's Experiences in the Trials of German Saboteurs and Japanese War Leaders
Fred L. Borch

The First Nixon Library
Paul Musgrave

Spotlight on NARA: The NHPRC: Extending the Archives’ Reach
Kathleen Williams

Genealogy Notes: Lead the Way: Researching U.S. Army Indian Scouts
Trevor K. Plante

Authors on the Record: Marbury. Madison. Marshall. Mayhem. How to Make a Supreme Court

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: A Temple to History

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