Finding Aids: Reference Information Paper 78 Appendix A

Reference Information Paper 78

A Finding Aid to Records Relating to Personal Participation in World War II ("The American Soldier" Surveys)

Appendix A: List of Electronic Records Files from the surveys "The American Soldier in World War II," Record Group 330

[For more information about these electronic records files, or to obtain copies of them, contact the Center for Electronic Records, National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740. Telephone: 301- 713-6645 Email:]

A.1 These 84 studies comprise 275 electronic records files (137 of electronic documentation and 138 of survey data). They are presented in order by original survey number (which is approximately chronological according to when they were conducted). In the table, some geographic areas are represented by codes as follows:

    1. centPac for Central Pacific
    2. ETO for European Theater of Operations
    3. IB for India-Burma
    4. soPAc for Southern Pacific
    5. swPac for Southwest Pacific
    6. US for United States
See paragraphs III.1-III.4 above for further information on these records.

A.2 The survey topics listed are not invariably those by which each particular study originally was known in ARB, but are modified in some cases to convey more information about content than did the original title. In any case the survey number is the key to matching information in the electronic records with the corresponding information on the survey in the published record, the reports, or the documentation in record groups other than RG 330.

Survey Topic: No.Geog.
No. of
Data Sets
Attitudes toward medical care: PS IV(1) US Oct. 42 3001 2
Attitudes toward civilians: PS V(2) A/B US Dec. 42 3497 4
Attitudes of and toward blacks: PS-32(3) US Mar. 43 12245 3
Leisure-time activities: PS-35 US Jan. 43 4296 2
Officer study (attitudes of enlisted men and officers): PS-40(4) E,O US Apr. 43 5293 4
Attitudes toward branch of service: S-44(5) T,X,I US Apr. 43 5765 6
Attitudes of AWOLs and others, compared: S-47 US Apr. 43 1286 2
Special services study (omnibus study of attitudes): S-63(6) A/Gof attitudes): S-63(6) A/G US July-
Sept. 43
13692 14
Trend study (omnibus study of attitudes): S-64(6) US July-
Sept. 43
4392 2
Utilization of civilian skills in Army jobs: S-68(7) US July 43 6242 2
Attitudes toward USO clubs: S-72 US July 43 8425 2
Neurotic screening test (psychiatric patients and AWOLs): S-74 US Sept. 43 737 2
Attitudes of noncommissioned officers toward discipline: S-76 US Sept. 43 669 2
Attitudes of hospital patients: S-77(8) A/B US Oct.-
Nov. 43
3578 4
Attitudes of men in staging areas: S-79 US Oct. 43 1777 2
Attitudes of ASF officers toward assignment: S-83 US Jan. 44 785 2
Officers orientation study (attitudes of officers and enlisted men compared): S-85(9) US Nov.-
Dec. 43
1048 2
Officers miscellaneous study (officers and enlisted men compared: S-86(9) US Nov.-
Dec. 43
1059 2
Enlisted men miscellaneous study (officers and enlisted men compared): S-87(9) US Nov.-
Dec. 43
2043 2
Combat veteran attitudes: S-91 ETO Nov. 43 506 2
ETO cross-section survey (attitudes toward Army life): S-92 ETO Nov. 43 2997 2
SW Pacific cross-section survey (attitudes toward service in the tropics): S-93 swPac Nov. 43 3223 2
Attitudes of combat infantrymen (and survey of enlisted men overseas): S-100(10) A/G ETO; Italy;
IB; soPac
Apr. 43
8266 14
Attitudes of combat infantry officers: S-101(11) B/F ETO;
Apr. 44
1272 10
Postwar job plans of white officers and (black and white) enlisted men: S-106 OE, OH,OU,EU,EH,EE US; ETO;
June 44 24196 12
Military Police study (attitudes of officers and enlisted men): S-107 O,E US Mar. 44 4451 4
Neuropsychiatric study (psychoneurotic screening): S-108(12) US Mar. 44 958 2
ETO Study--5th Division Infantry (attitudes in field forces): S-112 ETO Dec. 43 2369 2
Attitudes in the Fighter Command (planning survey): S-113 ETO Dec. 43-
Mar. 44
2985 2
Cross-section omnibus survey (attitudes in the Caribbean): S-115 A/C Panama Jan.-
Feb. 44
4022 6
Planning survey #18 (attitudes toward assignments): S-116 ETO Jan. 44 2780 2
Attitude survey #20 (includes attitudes toward the British): S-122 ETO Apr. 44 3261 2
Central Pacific area cross-section survey: S-125 centPac Feb.-
Apr. 44
5798 2
Psychoneurotic study: S-126 ETO Apr.-
May 44
454 2
Cross-section omnibus survey (attitudes in China- Burma-India: S-127(13) IB Feb.-
Mar. 44
1181 2
Cross-section omnibus survey (attitudes in China- Burma-India): S-131(13) IB Feb.-
Mar. 44
1172 2
Rotation study (troops on rotation from overseas): S-132(14) A/C US June-
July 44
2769 6
Attitudes of troops in Alaska: S-133(15)A/B Alaska Apr.-
May 44
4038 4
Field forces survey #26 (attitudes of airborne troops): S-134 ETO May 44 1033 2
Bomber Command survey #28: 101st Airborne (attitudes of officers and enlisted men in 8th and 9th Air Force): S-135(16) A/B ETO May-
June 44
3126 4
Personnel survey #29 (attitudes of officers and enlisted men in 8th and 9th Air Force): S-136(16) ETO May-
June 44
2186 2
Attitudes of enlisted men in Air Transport Command: S-141 US; Iceland;
July 44 2441 2
8th Air Force survey #31 (attitudes of officers and enlisted men in 8th and 9th Air Force): S-142(16) ETO May-
June 44
654 2
Postwar plans of black soldiers: S-144 US Aug. 44 4678 2
Attitudes toward demobilization: US; S-145(17) ETO;
Aug. 44 6205 2
Survey of attitudes toward venereal disease and malaria: S-146 IB July 44 570 2
Bomber crews, survey #35 (attitudes of enlisted men and officers in 8th and 9th Air Force): S-150(16) ETO May-
June 44
8874 2
Reassignment study
(attitudes of officers and
enlisted returnees): S-157(18) E,O
US Nov. 44 8874 4
Soldiers' knowledge of GI Bill of Rights and postwar education plans: S-159 US Oct. 44 2050 2
Experience with equipment and supplies: S-160(19) A/B ETO Sept. 44 805 4
Trend study on attitudes in India-Burma Theater: S-170 IB Oct.-
Nov. 44
1469 2
Returnee study of redistribution station and attitudes toward allies and returnee gripes study: S-172(20) US Nov.-
Dec. 44
4680 2
Central Pacific Base Command (survey of Negro quartermaster troops): S-174 centPac Sept.-
Oct. 44
981 2
Central Pacific Base Command: VI Air Service Area Command (chemical warfare training): S-175 centPac Oct. 44 648 2
Psychoneurotic study: S-177 Italy Nov.-
Dec. 44
2536 2
Moral indices study (attitudes and objective indices of adjustment): S-181 US Dec. 44 4223 2
Pre-V-E Day study of attitudes toward military service after V-E Day (experimental study of radio programs as propaganda): S-186(22) B US Mar. 45 2522 2
Radio study (reaction to radio and "Stars and Stripes"): S-189 ETO Jan. 45 1477 2
Attitudes of Army nurses: S-192(22) A/B US;
Jan. 45 844 4
Survey of hospital patients: S-193 centPac Jan. 45 1280 2
Attitudes of enlisted WACs: S-194 US Feb. 45 6658 2
Methodological study of the measurement of intensity: S-195(23)A/C US Jan. 45 884 6
Port Battalion Survey (white and black port battalions): S-196(24) ETO Jan. 45 3115 2
Postwar plans survey (attitudes of officers, enlisted men, and reserves compared): S-198 E,O,RO US Feb. 45 8668 6
Winter clothing preferences among front line soldiers: S-199 ETO Jan. 45 1128 2
Attitudes toward "Stars and Stripes," "Warweek," and "Army Talks": S-203(25) A/B ETO Feb. 45 2420 4
Attitudes of men in reinforcement depots: S-204(26) ETO Feb. 45 278 2
Demobilization and redeployment: pretest to S-218, 219, 220 (includes attitudes toward officers): S-205(27) I,E,U,C S-205(27) I,E,U,C US; ETO;
May 45 13570 8
Morale in a Heavy Bombardment Group (B-29 officers and enlisted men): S-207 F,G US May 45 3288 4
India-Burma Theater cross-section survey (trends in attitudes): S-210 IB Mar.-
Apr. 45
887 2
Returnees' reaction to the enemy and further duty: S-211 A/B US June 45 4127 4
Attitudes toward the war, our enemies and the postwar world (attitudes toward the war and further duty): S-212 US May 45 2520 2
General morale indices (omnibus attitude survey): S-213 US May 45 4966 2
Omnibus attitude survey (attitudes toward athletes and entertainers in uniform): S-214 US May 45 628 2
Methodological study of intensity measurement: S-215 US June 45 1757 2
Redeployment, phase II (attitudes toward redeployment and demobili- zation, enlisted men): S-218(27) U,I,C IB; ETO;
July 45 6036 6
Officers' attitudes toward the Score Card Plan (attitudes toward redeployment and demobilization, officers): S-219(28) A/C IB; ETO;
July 45 2419 6
Attitudes of hospital patients toward medical care: S-224 ETO June 45 1313 2
Attitudes toward radio: S-227 ETO July 45 766 2
Re-survey, VI Air Service Area Command (orientation problems): S-230 Pacific Apr. 45 991 2
Survey of medical care and soldier savings: S-232 Pacific July-
Aug. 45
2412 2
Attitudes of white and black troops toward venereal disease: S-233 Italy Aug. 45 2685 2
Attitudes of officers and enlisted men toward Army life: S-234(29) AO,AE,BO,BE US Nov. 45 2712 8
Attitudes toward the Germans, home front, redeployment (attitudes toward post hostilities problems): S-235(30) ETO Aug. 45 1824 2

Note: Compiled by Ben DeWhitt and Heidi Ziemer. Published by the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, 1991 (Revised, 1997).

Web version prepared 1999. Additions and changes incorporated in the Web version are between brackets [] and in italics.