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A Finding Aid to Records Relating to Personal Participation in World War II ("The American Soldier" Surveys)

World War II cadets
Aviation cadets await hops in ready room at Kingston Field, NATC, Corpus Christi, Texas. November 1942. Lt. Comdr. Charles Fenno Jacobs (Navy). (Photo No. 734 in War and Conflict; Negative No. 080-G-475184, Still Picture Unit, National Archives and Records Administration).



  • Preface

  • Part I: Introduction

  • Part II: The Creation of the Records

  • Part III: The Electronic Records

  • Part IV: The Textual Records
    • RG 330 - Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense
    • RG 160 - Records of Headquarters Army Service Forces
    • RG 165 - Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs

  • Part V: Other Records

  • Appendix A: List of Electronic Records Files from the surveys "The American Soldier in World War II," Record Group 330

  • Appendix B: Microfilm copies of answers to selected "Free Comment" questions in surveys of "The American Soldier in World War II," A List of Roll, Survey, and Question Numbers, Record Group 165


Note: Compiled by Ben DeWhitt and Heidi Ziemer. Published by the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, 1991 (Revised, 1997).

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