Finding Aids: Reference Information Paper 78 Part V

Reference Information Paper 78

A Finding Aid to Records Relating to Personal Participation in World War II ("The American Soldier" Surveys)

Table of Contents

Part V: Other Records

V.1 Records in record groups other than Record Groups 160, 165, and 330 contain scattered information related to "The American Soldier in World War II" or publications and productions that were the subject of parts of some of the surveys. In several record groups, the correspondence files at or near the highest administrative level often contain material related to troop morale (decimal 330.11 in the War Department decimal classification scheme) that gives information on the planning or the results of opinion surveys in specific commands, units, or locations. This is true, for example, in:

    1. Record Group 107 - Records of the Office of the Secretary of War

    2. Record Group 225 - Records of the Joint Army and Navy Boards and Committees

    3. Record Group 319 - Records of the Army Staff

    4. Record Group 337 - Records of Headquarters Army Ground Forces

    5. Record Group 338 - Records of U.S. Army Commands

    6. Record Group 407 - Records of the Adjutant General's Office

V.2 Limited numbers of the Army publications "Yank" and "Stars and Stripes" are in Record Group 287 (Records of Publications of the U.S. Government). Part of the latter is available as the National Archives Microfilm Publications:

    1. The Stars and Stripes: Newspaper of the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa, 1942-1964 (M1506, 138 rolls), and

    2. Stars and Stripes: Newspaper of the U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific, 1945-63 (M1624, 166 rolls).

V.3 Army orientation and education films, including the "Why We Fight" series, are in Record Group 111 (Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer). Other films and broadcast productions are to be found in Record Group 107 (Records of the Office of the Secretary of War) and Record Group 208 (Records of the Office of War Information).

Note: Compiled by Ben DeWhitt and Heidi Ziemer. Published by the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, 1991 (Revised, 1997).

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