Finding Aids: Reference Information Paper 90 Index to Publication

Reference Information Paper 90

A Finding Aid to Records Relating to American Prisoners of War and Missing in Action from the Vietnam War Era, 1960-1994

Table of Contents

Index to Publication

Note: This index covers the body of the reference information paper (sections I through VIII) and one appendix, Appendix J: Inventory of the Records of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, 102d Congress (1991-92). All index entries that begin with a Roman numeral (e.g., V.12) refer to paragraphs in the body of the reference information paper. An index entries that begin with the letter "J" (e.g., J.2) refer to one of the numbered series listed in Appendix J.

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ABC, V.12

ABC Radio Collection, V.19

aerial photographs, IV.13, IV.14, IV.17, VI.4

Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group, 3rd, II.55

after action reports, II.12, II.19, II.25, II.31, II.32, II.37, II.38, J.2

Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam (Paris Peace Accords), II.44

Air Force Command, 7th, II.2

Air Force intelligence records, I.16

air operations, II.7, II.57, III.2, III.7-9, III.19, III.20, V.16, V.17

air rescue activities, II.55, IV.10

Airborne Division, 101st, IV.10

  • accident reports, II.43
  • communication with downed, II.55
  • crews, IV.17, V.7, V.15, V.16, VIII.12
  • damage reports, III.10, III.11, III.21
  • films of, V.7, V.15, V.16
  • helicopters, IV.10, IV.13, IV.14
  • loss data, III.7, III.8
  • parts of in Vietnamese museums, VIII.12
  • photos of, IV.3, IV.4, IV.13, IV.14, IV.17, IV.18, VIII.12
  • survivability, II.56, II.66

    Airlift Operations File (ALOREP), III.19, III.20

    allied forces, II.20, II.35

    anti-guerrilla warfare, II.27

    antiwar demonstrations, V.5, V.12, V.14

    Army, U.S. Department of the, II.50, J.11
  • Adjutant General's Office, III.23
  • Board for Correction of Military Records, J.47
  • Central Identification Laboratory, J.43
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (DCINT), I.16
  • manuals, II.48
  • Map Service, VI.3
  • Medical Department, II.37, IV.10
  • news summaries, V.13
  • Office of POW/MIA Affairs, II.41, II.52-54
  • personnel, VII.2, VII.3, VII.6, J.6, J.46
  • Special Forces, II.3, IV.3
  • "Task Force 250," II.52-53

    Army aviation, II.57

    Army Combat Development Command, III.18

    Army Military Returnee Files, VII.2, VII.4

    Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), II.20, II.24, II.28, V.5
  • Military Interrogation Center, II.15
  • photographs of, IV.4, IV.5, IV.13
  • prisoners of war, IV.15, IV.16
  • prisons, IV.4, IV.5

    Army operations, IV.2

    Army posts, photographs of, IV.3, IV.8

    Army Staff, Records of the (RG 319),II.48

    atrocities, V.10

    audio recordings, V.1, V.4, V.9, V.11, V.14, V.19, J.49

    audio-visual materials, II.64, V.1-19
  • Select Committee, J.49-50

    Australia, military forces of, V.5


    Bangkok, Thailand, J.14

    "Baron 52 Tape," J.26

    Bartles, Camilla J., J.29

    beachheads, IV.13, IV.14

    Ben Nape, Vietnam, J.7

    Bien Hoa, Vietnam, II.29, II.44

    blockade against enemy infiltration, III.11

    "Bo Gritz Expose," J.50

    border surveillance, II.27

    Boussarath, Royal Lao General Khan Hou, J.31

    "Bravo Veteran's Forum," J.50

    Bright Light policy, II.25

    Bright Light reports, II.16, II.21, II.25

    Bush, George, I.4, VIII.4, VIII.5


    Cambodia, II.1, II.2, III.13, IV.3, IV.6, V.12, J.13

    camp sites, photographs of, II.31

    Can Tho, Vietnam, II.29, II.44, V.7

    captured documents, II.11-14
  • North Vietnamese, I.9-11, II.11-14
  • Viet Cong, I.10, I.11, II.11-14

    casualties, II.31, II.34, II.42, V.12

    Casualty Information System (TAGCEN), III.23

    casualty reports, I.9, II.21, II.41, II.53, II.54, III.13-15, III.18, III.21, III.23, VII.4, VIII.13, J.37

    Cavalry Division (Airmobile), 1st, II.4

    CBS, V.12, V.18

    CBS News Index, V.18

    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), II.12, VII.4, J.1, J.17, J.25

    Central Intelligence Agency, Records of the (RG 263), V.9

    charitable organizations, J.35

    charts (hydrographic), VI.2

    Chief Signal Officer, Records of the Office of the (RG 111), IV.2-9, V.5-7

    China, II.58, III.13

    civic actions, V.5, V.6, V.8, V.10, V.12, V.16

    Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS), II.22-23

    Civil Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS), II.22-23, II.24

    Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG), II.27, II.28, II.30

    Clark Air Base, V.7

    classified records, I.15, II.41, II.57, II.67, VII.1, VII.2, VIII.4, J.52

    Clifford, Clark, V.14

    Clinton, Bill, I.4, VIII.6

    Cluster Map Study, J.7, J.8, J.34, J.41

    Codinha, William, J.27, J.30

    cold war, II.49, II.62, V.9

    COLIFAN, J.2

    Combat Air Activities File (CACTA), III.8, III.9

    Combat Air Summary and Detail Files (OPREA), III.7-9

    Combat Area Casualties Data Base (Southeast Asia), III.13-15, III.23

    Combat Data Information Center (CDIC), II.56

    combat divisions, II.4

    Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA), III.10

    combat operations, II.56, II.57, III.12, III.16, III.22, IV.3, IV.13, IV.14, V.5, V.6, V.8

    Combat Operations Loss and Expenditure Data Files--Vietnam (COLED-V), III.18

    combat reports, II.45, V.6

    combat rescues, II.55

    combat units, II.19

    Combined Documentation Exploitation Center (CDEC), II.10, II.11-14

    Combined Military Interrogation Center, II.10, II.15-16

    Corps, II.29

    "Correlated and Uncorrelated Information Relating to Missing Americans in Southeast Asia," II.53, VIII.3, VIII.8-10

    counterinsurgency, II.27

    counterintelligence operations, II.10

    covert operations, I.16

    C-SPAN, V.3, J.50

    Cuddy, Nancy, II.49, J.25


    Da Nang, Vietnam, II.29, II.44, II.55, V.8

    "Dateline," V.3

    "DD News Release Summaries," V.7

    deceased personnel
  • data on, III.15
  • identification of, II.25

    Defense, Department of, II.60, II.65, III.1, III.3, VIII.2-4, VIII.12, J.6
  • Central Documentation Office, II.52, VIII.7, J.3, J.44
  • Directorate for Information, Operations and Reports (DIOR), III.13, J.9
  • POW/MIA Office, II.54, VIII.7, VIII.8

    Defense, Records of the Office of the Secretary of (RG 330), II.49, III.13-17, V.12-14

    Defense, Secretaries of, V.14, J.2

    Defense Attache Office, Saigon, II.1

    Defense Information, Directorate of, V.12, V.14

    Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), I.16, VIII.8, J.5, J.7, J.8, J.9, J.34, J.37, J.41, J.45
  • Central Documentation Office, I.16
  • PW/MIA Analysis Center, J.3

    Defense Intelligence Agency, Records of the (RG 373), VI.4

    Defense Logistics Agency, Records of the (RG 361), II.56-57

    Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), II.45-47

    dental records, II.41, VII.3, VII.4

    Depositions, Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, II.64, V.1, V.4, VIII.12, J.22, J.23, J.35, J.38, J.49

    deserters, J.37

    detainees, enemy, I.10, II.48, II.51
  • facilities for, II.48
  • policies regarding, II.48
  • treatment of, II.48

    DeYoung, Debra, J.28

    "DIA PW/MIA Automated File (PMSEA)," J.37

    document analyses, II.60, J.16

    documentary films, V.3, V.5, V.7, V.10, V.11, V.16, V.18, V.19, J.50

    Donahue, Phil, V.3


    electronic records, II.64, III.1-23, J.37, J.41, J.51

    enemy casualties, III.21, III.22

    enemy military operations, III.8, III.10-12

    Engineers, Records of the Office of the Chief of (RG 77), VI.3

    Erickson, John, J.43

    escape techniques, I.9, II.21, V.6, V.16

    evasion techniques, I.9, II.21, V.16

    Executive Order 12356, VIII.5

    Executive Order 12812, I.4, I.5, I.7, I.13, II.52, VIII.5-7, VIII.11


    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), J.47

    Field Force Vietnam I, III.22; II, IV.8

    foreign archives, II.49, VIII.12. See also Russian documents.

    Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), J.18

    foreign broadcast materials, V.9, J.18, J.48

    foreign policy, II.51

    "Fortunate Son," J.50

    Foster, Hilton, J.35, J.36

    Four Party Joint Military Commission, U.S. Delegation to the, II.1, II.5, II.44, II.48, J.2

    Fox (newsreel company), V.18


    Garwood, Robert R., IV.12, J.48

    Gekoski, Steve, J.45

    General Accounting Office (GAO), J.38

    General Support Group, 34th, II.43

    Geneva Conventions of 1949, II.51

    Glomar Java Sea (drill ship), J.2

    grave sightings, II.16

    Green Berets, II.3, II.27-30

    Greenfield, Alex, J.36

    Gritz, Lt. Col. "Bo," J.2, J.50

    ground operations reports, II.57, III.2, III.12

    "Guide to the Vietnam-Era Documentation Collection in Micro- form," VIII.11


    Ha Dong, Vietnam, J.7

    Hai Phong, Vietnam, J.7

    Hamlet Evaluation System (HES) reports, II.23

    Hanoi, Vietnam, V.7, VIII.12, J.7

    "Hearings on Cold War, Korea, WWII POWs," II.49

    Hearst, V.18

    Hendon, Billy, J.50

  • background files, II.44, II.48, II.67, J.2
  • command, II.7-9, II.36-38, II.45, II.57
  • MACV, II.7
  • military components, V.16
  • POW/MIA issues, J.19
  • Special Forces, II.31
  • unit, II.38

    Ho Ngoc Tao, Vietnam, II.29

    Hoa Bin, Vietnam, J.7

    Holstine, Jon D., J.41

    Hon Gai, Vietnam, J.7

    House Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia, II.65-67

    Hue, Vietnam, II.44, V.8

    Hydrographic Office, Records of the (RG 37), VI.2


    ID cards, II.12

    "Index of Army Films, Transparencies, GTA Charts and Recordings," V.6

    "Index of Army Motion Pictures, Filmstrips, Slides, Tapes, and Photo Recordings," V.6

    Infantry Division
  • 4th, III.22
  • 25th, III.22

    International Commission of Control and Supervision (ICCS), II.44

    international law, II.51

    interrogation files, II.10, II.15, II.25, II.38


    James, Brig. Gen. Daniel, Jr., J.2

    Joint Casualty Resolution Center, I.16, V.7, VIII.8, VIII.12, J.5, J.7, J.9, J.13, J.21, J.39

    "Joint Casualty Resolution Center Operations," V.7

    Joint Chiefs of Staff, I.16, II.26, II.50, II.57, III.1, III.7-12, V.14, J.4

    Joint Commands, II.57, III.1, III.21-22

    Joint Commands, Records of (RG 349), III.21-22

    Joint General Staff, II.15

    Joint Personnel Recovery Center (JPRC), I.16

    Joint Services Survival, Evasion, Rescue, Escape Agency (JSSA), I.16, J.10

    Joint Task Force--Full Accounting, I.16, VIII.12

    Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group, Thailand, II.1

  • command daily, II.10, II.20, II.37, II.38
  • MACV advisory team, II.25
  • special forces, II.31-33


    Kerry, John, J.29, J.30, J.47

    Kissinger, Henry, J.20, J.38

    Korea, III.9, IV.3, V.5

    Korean War, II.49, II.51, II.62, IV.8, V.9, J.44

    Kravitz, Neal E., J.30, J.38

    Kustigian, Michael John, J.26


    Labor, U.S. Department of, J.21

    Laird, Melvin, V.14

    Lang, Tom, J.39

    Laos, I.16, II.6, II.55, II.65, II.66, III.9, III.13, J.13, J.14, J.17

    LeGro, William E., J.44

    Library of Congress, J.20
  • automated data base, I.5, VIII.8-10
  • Federal Research Division, VIII.6, VIII.8
  • microfilm publications, I.5, I.13, II.41, II.52, II.53, VIII.3, VIII.6, VIII.8-14

    Loa Cai, Vietnam, J.7

    Longbeach, USS, J.26

    loss and damage reports, III.7-11, III.16-18, III.22


    McCain, John, VIII.2

    McCain Bill, I.2, I.4, I.5, I.7, I.13, II.52, VIII.2-3, VIII.5, VIII.7, VIII.8

    McNamara, Robert, III.1, V.14

    "MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour," V.3, V.18, J.50

    Mahaxai, Vietnam, J.7

    maps, II.38, II.41, II.42, VI.3
  • Cluster Map Study, J.7, J.8, J.34
  • of POW camps, II.8

    Marine Amphibious Force, 3rd, II.2

    Marine Division, 1st, III.21

    Medal of Honor recipients, II.42

    medical activities, V.6, V.8, V.10, V.16

    medical evacuations, IV.10, V.17

    Medical facilities, IV.10

    medical records, II.12, II.39, II.41, VII.3, VII.4

    microfiche publications, II.45-47, II.57

    microfilmed records, I.13, II.14, II.23, II.52, II.53, II.57, VIII.3, VIII.6-14

    Military Airlift Command, II.55, III.20

    Military Airlift Command Airlift Operations Files (MACAL), III.20

    Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG), Cambodia, II.2, II.6

    Military Assistance Advisory Group, Indochina, II.6

    Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), II.1-4, II.6-34, II.45, II.48, II.57, III.7, III.11, III.12
  • Adjutant General's Office, II.21
  • advisory teams, II.24-25
  • Air Reconnaissance Division, II.10
  • Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, II.3, II.4, II.10, II.11; Command Center, II.10; Exploitation Division, II.10; Intelligence Division, II.10
  • Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, II.3, II.4, II.17-20; Command and Control Division, II.20; Evaluation and Analysis Division, II.18-19
  • Historical Branch, II.7
  • Studies and Observations Groups (MACV-SOG), II.26 Documentation Study, I.16, II.26, J.37

    Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG), Vietnam, II.2, II.6

    Military Assistance Command, Thailand, II.2

    military awards, II.34, II.42, V.5, V.10, V.15, V.17, VII.4

    military ceremonies, IV.3, IV.13, IV.14, V.5, V.7, V.10, V.15, V.17

    Military Equipment Delivery Team, Cambodia, II.1

    military exercises, IV.3

    military intelligence activities, II.7, II.10, II.11, II.20

    Military Intelligence Group, 525th, II.39

    military intelligence reports, II.7, II.11, II.14, II.25, II.31-33, II.38, II.53, II.57, III.11, III.16, III.21, VII.4, VIII.8, VIII.13, J.5

    military operations, II.7, II.17-20, II.31, II.32, II.56, II.57, III.1, III.7-12, III.16-17, III.18, III.21, III.22, V.5, V.6

    military personnel
  • audio tapes of, V.14
  • debriefing reports, II.45, II.46
  • exit interviews, II.37
  • films of, V.7
  • oral history interviews, II.38
  • photographs of, II.31
  • records, VII.1-8

    "Missing in Action," J.50

    Montagnard tribes, II.27, V.8

    motion pictures, V.1-19

    Muong Khoua, Vietnam, J.7

    Muong Ngoy, Vietnam, J.7

    Muong Sai, Vietnam, J.7

    My Lai massacre, II.48

    My Tho, Vietnam, II.44


    National Archives and Records Administration
  • Cartographic and Architectural Branch, VI.1-4
  • Center for Electronic Records, III.1-23
  • Center for Legislative Archives, I.5, II.54, II.62-67, III.5-6, VIII.13-14
  • Federal Records Centers, VII.1, VII.7, J.25; National Personnel Records Center, VII.1-5; Washington National Records Center, J.15
  • Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branch, V.1-19
  • Still Picture Branch, IV.1-18;

    National Defense Authorization Act for 1992 and 1993. See McCain Bill. National League of Families of American POW/MIA in Southeast Asia, VIII.8, J.2, J.35

    National Military Command Center, II.57

    National Military Command System Information Processing System 360 Formatted File System (NIPS), III.3

    National Public Radio (NPR) Collection, V.19

    National Security Agency Correlation Study, J.26

    Naval Historical Center, I.16

    naval intelligence records, I.16, III.11

    naval operations, II.7, II.57, III.2, III.10, III.11, IV.18, V.16, V.17

    Naval Operations Special Assistant for
  • POW/MIA Affairs, Chief of, I.16
  • naval personnel, IV.18

    Naval Surveillance Activities File (NAVSA), III.11

    Navy, General Records of the Department of the, 1947- (RG 428), IV.18, V.16-17

    NBC, V.12

    "Network Evening News Summaries," V.13

    news programs, V.11-13, V.19, J.50

    newspaper clippings, II.42, II.60, VII.4, J.2, J.16, J.19, J.24, J.35, J.36, J.47, J.48

    newsreels, V.7, V.10, V.18

    Nha Trang, Vietnam, II.27, II.29

    Nha Trang Commando Center, II.27

    Nho Quan, Vietnam, J.7

    Nicklas, Harold H., J.42

    "Nightline," V.3, J.50

    North Vietnam, II.6
  • captured documents, I.9, I.11, II.11-14
  • films, V.10
  • personnel missing in, III.13
  • rescues from, II.55

    Noug Het, Vietnam, J.7


    Operation Big Switch, II.62

    "Operation Choo Choo, Da Nang, 1969," V.8

    "Operation Dagger Thrust, Vung Mu Peninsula," V.8

    Operation Homecoming, I.16, II.8, II.53, II.62, IV.13, IV.14, IV.18, V.8, V.12, V.15, J.2, J.6, J.26

    Operations Analysis System (OPSANAL), III.16, III.17

    operations reports/lessons learned (ORLL), II.18, II.19, II.25, II.31-33, II.37, II.38, II.45, II.46

    oral history interviews, II.38, J.26


    Pacific Command, I.16, II.57, III.19

    Pacific Command, Commander in Chief of the (CINCPAC), II.6, II.20, II.48, II.57, III.8, III.17

    pacification program, II.7, II.22-24, II.24, II.57, III.1, V.5

    Paris, France, J.15

    Paris Agreement. See Paris Peace Accords.

    Paris Peace Accords, II.5, II.44, II.60, J.13, J.14, J.15, J.20, J.38

    Pentagon Papers, V.12

    People's Revolutionary Government, II.44

    Perot, Ross, J.25

    personal diaries, II.12

    Personnel, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for (DCSPER), II.48

    Phan Thiet, Vietnam, II.44

    photographs, II.8, II.12, II.29, II.31, II.38, IV.1-18, VII.4, VIII.12

    Pleiku, Vietnam, II.29, II.44, J.7

    policy statements, II.12, II.67, J.2, J.4, J.10, J.19, J.24, J.31, J.37

    Posthumous Award recipients, II.42

    "POW Choir," V.7

    "POW/MIA," J.50

    POW/MIA Daily Reports, J.2

    "POW/MIA Memoranda Listing Indexes to all Congressional Testimony on POW/MIA since 1971," J.19

    POW/MIA Task Group, J.2

    Presidential Decision Directive NSC-8, I.4, VIII.6

    press conferences, V.5, V.8, V.10, V.11, V.14, V.15, V.19, J.28

    prisoner of war camps, II.16, II.51, J.34
  • files, VIII.8, VIII.12
  • photographs of, IV.4, IV.5, IV.13, IV.15-17
  • sightings, J.5, J.34

    Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee Information Center, U.S. Army 22d, II.50, II.51

    Prisoner of War Committee, J.35

    Prisoner of War Matters, Deputy Secretary of State for, J.16

    prisoners of war
  • enemy, I.10, II.8, II.48, II.51, V.17
  • facilities for, II.48, II.51, IV.4
  • photographs of, IV.4, IV.5, IV.7, IV.17
  • policies regarding, II.48, II.50
  • treatment of, II.48, II.51

    Prisoner-of-War/Missing-In-Action (PWMIA) Database, VIII.8-10

    prisoners of war/missing in action
  • activist organizations, J.35
  • allied, II.8, IV.18
  • camps, see prisoner of war camps
  • circumstances of loss, II.42, II.56, III.2, III.7, III.8, III.10, III.12, III.13, III.15
  • cold war, II.49, II.62, V.9
  • debriefings of, J.6, J.38
  • delivery of mail to, J.16
  • exchange of, II.8, II.48, II.62, IV.5
  • films of, V.5, V.15, V.17
  • hoaxes on families of, II.66, J.35
  • Korean War, II.49, II.51, II.62, V.9, J.44
  • lists of, II.39, II.58, II.60, J.9, J.16, J.26, J.37, J.41
  • living conditions, II.8, II.16, II.51, IV.4, IV.15, IV.17
  • messages from, V.9
  • military service records, VII.2, VII.6
  • negotiations regarding, II.8, II.44, II.48, II.51, J.20
  • newsletters, J.35
  • numbers of, II.8
  • personal data on, II.39, II.58, III.14, VII.3, VII.4, J.37
  • photographs of, IV.3, IV.4, IV.7-9, IV.12-18, VIII.12
  • policies regarding, II.8, II.48, II.51, J.37
  • recovery of, II.8, II.16
  • rescues of, IV.10
  • return of, II.5, II.62, III.13, III.14, IV.8, IV.13, IV.14, V.8, J.6, J.20, see also Operation Homecoming
  • return of remains of, J.18
  • sightings, see sightings
  • South Vietnamese, IV.15, IV.16
  • status of, II.16, II.39, II.41
  • travel of family members, J.16
  • treatment of, II.8, II.51, IV.15, IV.16
  • World War II, II.49, II.51, II.62, J.44

    Privacy restrictions, I.15, II.41, II.67, III.23, VII.1, VII.2, VII.5, VIII.4, VIII.5

    propaganda, II.12, III.12, IV.17, V.9, V.10, VII.4, J.16, J.48

    Provost Marshal General, Office of the, II.50

    psychological warfare, II.7, V.5, V.15

    PW/MIA Weekly Report, J.3


    Quang Tri, Vietnam, IV.4


    radio programs, V.1, V.9, J.48

    Rand Corporation, II.23, II.45

    "R&R China Beach, 1967," V.8

    records declassification, I.4, I.5, I.13, I.16, II.9, II.45-47, II.50, II.57, II.59, II.60, II.64, VIII.1-14, J.3, J.7, J.10, J.14, J.20, J.21, J.24, J.25, J.31, J.37, J.38, J.48

    refugees, IV.18, V.5, V.17

    remains, identification of, J.38, J.43

    Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (RVNAF), II.6, II.15, II.24, II.45, II.48 e Air Force, II.24, III.8, III.9
  • Navy, II.24
  • Special Forces, II.27, II.28

    rescue activities, II.55, IV.10

    Return to Military Control documents, VII.4

    Richardson, Elliot, V.14

    river operations, II.57, V.17

    Robertson, Pat, V.3

    Russiandocuments, II.49, J.25


    Saigon, Vietnam, II.12, II.13

    Sam Neua, Vietnam, J.7

    sea operations reports, II.57

    search and rescue
  • film coverage, V.15, V.17
  • operations, II.55
  • policies, II.21
  • reports, I.16

    Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, I.3, I.7, II.26, II.49, II.52, II.59, II.60, II.62-64, III.2, III.5, III.6, V.3-4, VIII.4, VIII.12, J.1-52
  • debate, V.3, J.50
  • depositions, I.3, II.64, V.1, V.4, VIII.12, J.22, J.23, J.25, J.35, J.38, J.49
  • electronic records, III.2, III.5 III.6
  • hearings, II.49, II.64, V.3, J.23, J.24, J.25, J.27, J.31, J.38, J.46, J.49, J.50
  • investigative case files, J.35-48
  • report, I.16, J.33
  • tape recordings of, V.1, V.4
  • testimony, I.3, J.19, J.23, J.31, J.39
  • trip to Vietnam, J.25, J.50
  • videotapes, V.3, J.28, J.50
  • witnesses, J.27, J.32, J.38

    ships, III.10, III.11
  • photographs of, IV.4, IV.18
  • films of, V.7
  • survivability, II.56

    Sieverts, Frank A., II.60, J.16

    sightings, II.54, J.17
  • analysis of, J.7, J.8, J.34, J.41
  • camp, J.5
  • crashes, VIII.8, J.5
  • graves, II.16, VIII.8, J.5
  • live, II.16, II.31, II.39, VIII.8, J.5, J.7, J.8, J.18, J.34, J.41
  • parachute, II.55

    Signal Corps, IV.3

    Situation Report Army File (SITRA), III.12

    situation reports, II.12, II.38, II.57, III.12

    Smith, Mark, J.31

    Smith, Richard, J.26

    Smith/MacIntyre/Gregson videotapes, J.2

    Sonla, Vietnam, J.7

    South Vietnam, Republic of, I.10, II.6, II.27
  • films, V.10
  • pacification program, II.22-24
  • personnel missing in, III.12
  • prisoners, V.10, V.17
  • rescues in, II.55

    Southeast Asia Data Base (SEADAB), III.8, III.9

    Special Forces, 1st, II.27

    Special Forces Group (Airborne), 5th, II.4, II.27-34
  • Adjutant General, II.34
  • Assistant Chiefs of Staff, II.32, II.33
  • companies, II.33
  • detachments, II.30, II.31

    special operations, histories of, I.16

    speeches, II.60, V.7, V.9-12, V.14, V.15, V.19, J.2, J.13, J.19

    State, Records of the U.S. Department of (RG 59), II.58-60

    State, Secretary of, J.14

    State, U.S. Department of, I.9, I.16, J.13, J.14, J.15, J.16
  • Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, II.58
  • press releases, J.2

    State attorneys general, J.35

    statistical information, II.8, II.67, III.1, III.12, J.2, J.44, J.48

    Surgeon General (Army), Records of the Office of the (RG 112), IV.10

    Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center (SURVIAC), II.56, II.57

    survival techniques, II.21, II.66, V.16


    Tactical Information Deposit and Retrieval System (TINDERS), III.21

    Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam, II.55

    Task Force Russia, II.49, J.25, J.44

    Task Force 250, II.52, II.53

    Taylor, Bob, J.46

    Tehepohe, Vietnam, J.7

    Television News Index and Abstract, V.13, V.18

    television programs, V.3, V.12, J.50

  • by Secretaries of Defense, V.14
  • Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, J.19, J.23, J.31, J.39

    Tet offensive, V.12

    Thailand, II.1, II.55, III.13, IV.3, IV.6, V.5, J.14

    Tighe Task Force to Review the Defense Intelligence Agency's PW/MIA Analysis Center, J.3

    "Today," J.50

    Toll, Barry A., J.46

    Tourison, Sedgewick, II.26, J.2, J.37

    training, II.43
  • CIDG forces, II.27, II.30
  • counterinsurgency, II.27
  • films, V.5, V.6, V.16
  • military, V.5, V.6, V.8, V.16
  • of South Vietnamese troops, II.24

    Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, II.55


    Udorn, Thailand, II.55

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, II.49

    unit rosters, II.12, J.2

    U.S. Air Force, I.16, II.26, II.55, IV.9, J.10
  • Headquarters (Air Staff), III.19-20
  • personnel, IV.17, VII.2, VII.3, VII.6, J.6

    U.S. Air Force (Air Staff), Records of Headquarters (RG 341), III.19-20

    U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations (RG 342), II.55, IV.17, V.15

    "U.S. Air Force Tests Pilot Airborne Recovery Device," V.7

    U.S. Army, Vietnam (USARV), II.2, II.3, II.4, II.28, II.35-43, II.57
  • Adjutant General, II.4, II.40
  • Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, II.36, II.39 Aviation Section, II.43 Awards Branch, II.42 Casualty Branch, II.41 Counterintelligence Branch, II.39
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans and Security, II.39

    [U.S. Army] Adjutant General's Office, Records of the (RG 407), III.23

    U.S. Army Commands, Records of (RG 338), II.50-54, III.18

    U.S. Army Support Command, Vietnam, II.35

    U.S. Army Vietnam/Military Assistance Command Vietnam Sup- port Command (USARV/MACVSUPCOM), II.35

    U.S. Coast Guard, VII.2, VII.3

    U.S. Embassy, Paris, France, J.15

    U.S. Forces in Southeast Asia, Records of the (RG 472), II.1-47

    U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs, J.43

    U.S. House of Representatives, Records of the (RG 233), II.65-67

    U.S. Information Agency, Records of the (RG 306), IV.15-16, V.10-11, J.21

    U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Records of the (RG 218), III.7-12

    U.S. Marine Corps, I.16, II.26, IV.9, IV.11-14, V.8, VII.2, VII.3, VII.6, J.6, J.12

    U.S. Marine Corps, Records of the (RG 127), IV.11-14, V.8

    U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam, II.2, III.11

    U.S. Navy, I.16, II.26, IV.9, IV.18, VII.2, VII.3, VII.6, J.6, J.12

    U.S.-Russian Joint Commission on POW/MIAs, II.49, J.44

    United States Senate
  • Office of the Chief Clerk, J.23, J.25, J.26
  • Office of Security, J.7, J.25, J.52
  • Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, see Senate Select Commit- tee on POW/MIA Affairs

    United States Senate, Records of the (RG 46), II.62-64, III.5-6, V.3-4

    U.S. Total Army Personnel Command, II.52

    Universal, V.18

    "Unsolved Mysteries," V.3

    Usry, Tracy, J.19, J.31


    Valentine, Barry, J.30, J.40

    Vanderbilt Television News Archives, V.13, V.18

    Veterans Administration, VII.1, VII.7, VII.8

    veterans organizations, V.3

    videotapes, V.3, V.10, V.16, J.28, J.50

    Vientiane, Laos, J.14

    Viet Cong, I.10, II.44, IV.8
  • atrocities, V.10
  • captured documents, I.11, II.11-14
  • destruction of infrastructure of, II.22
  • prison camps, IV.13, J.5
  • prisoners, V.17

    Viet Cong-Initiated Incident File (VCIIA), III.16

    Vietnam, Republic of, II.44, IV.3

    Vietnam Combat Operational Data Set, II.57

    "Vietnam Crisis: Khe Sahn," V.8

    Vietnam Data Base (VNDBA), III.16, III.17

    Vietnam-Era Archives Index, VIII.13-14

    "Vietnam-Era Documentation Collection in Microform," II.53, II.54, VIII.6, VIII.11-14

    "Vietnam Revisited," V.3, J.50

    Vietnam Veterans of America, J.35

    Vietnam War Crimes Working Group, II.48

    Vietnamese archives and museums, VIII.12

    Vietnamese Armed Forces Training Medal, II.42

    Vietnamese Special Forces Training Center, II.27

    Vietnamization activities, V.5

    Voice of America, V.11

    Volkogonov, General Dimitri, II.49, J.25


    war crimes, II.48

    welcome home ceremonies, IV.9, IV.13, IV.14

    Whipkey, Carl, J.47

    Whipkey, Paul B., J.47

    World War II, II.49, II.51, II.62, IV.3, IV.8, J.44


    Zwenig, Frances A., J.24, J.25, J.30

    Note: Compiled by Charles E. Schamel. Published by the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, 1996 .

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