Records Managers

Unauthorized Disposition of Federal Records

Under 44 USC 3106 and 36 CFR Part 1230, "Unlawful or Accidental Removal, Defacing, Alteration, or Destruction of Records," Federal agencies are required to "notify the Archivist of any actual, impending, or threatened unlawful removal, defacing, alteration, corruption, deletion, erasure, or other destruction of records in the custody of the agency." NARA also receives notifications from other sources such as the news media and private citizens. NARA establishes unauthorized disposition case files to track each allegation and any communications with the agency until the issue is resolved.

The Records Management Oversight and Reporting Program is responsible for handling all unauthorized disposition cases. For more information or to report a case of unauthorized disposition, please contact us via email at

The table below lists all open and closed cases for the current fiscal year and includes the open and close letters (when available or permissible) for each case from NARA to the agency. The unauthorized disposition case file contains more information including the communications between NARA and the agency. If you would like more information on a case, please contact the NARA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office to file a FOIA request for the case information. Please use the Case ID indicated on the below table in your FOIA request. 

The table is updated monthly. At the end of the fiscal year, the closed cases will be removed from the table and saved on the Unauthorized Dispositions Closed Cases web page. For information on any cases that closed prior to the end of Fiscal Year 2017, please refer to NARA's Annual Performance and Accountability Reports. Please note Performance and Accountability Reports prior to the 2008 report do not contain information on unauthorized disposition cases.

Current Fiscal Year

Agency Secondary Agency Case Open Date Case Close Date Records Status Case ID Case Letters
Agency for International Development   7/18/2016   OIG records including employee travel files, performance evaluations, audit report, prior strategic plans, prior semiannual reports to Congress, prior versions (1998) of the Guidelines for Financial Audits Contracted by Foreign Recipients Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2016-0017 Open
Agriculture Forest Service 8/7/2017   10,385 Softcopy/Tiff files between 2003-2007 and PDF and TIFF vintages between 2010-2013 topographic maps, were not archived were overwritten with each update. Volume and dates are unknown. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0028 Open
American Battle Monuments Commission   7/11/2017   Erroneous disposal and removal of various AMBC records and uncaptured emails of AMBC commissioners. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0025 Open
Commerce U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 2/10/2016   The potential unauthorized disposition of records related to the sale of patent documents to the owner of Riverby Books in Washington, DC. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2016-0005


Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 7/10/2017   NOAA might illegally be destroying records (electronic messages through Skype and Google Chat) of a recent meeting discussing new regulations against the fishing industry. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0023


Defense   6/23/2015   Former and current DoD IG employees Lynne Halbooks and Henry Shelley are subjects of court investigation that they allegedly destroyed documents in DoD IG's investigation of former NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake. In March 2016, the Office of Special Counsel referred the case to the DOJ where it remains under review. Ongoing investigation UD-2015-0003


Environmental Protection Agency   2/16/2017   Use of encryption messaging application, Signal, to achieve specific goals circumventing the governments ability to monitor communication related to government business and to covertly avoid federal records requirements Ongoing investigation UD-2017-0017 Open
Homeland Security   2/21/2017   Email using private ( account for  Secretary Jeh Johnson,  Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas,  Chief of Staff Christian Marrone, &  General Counsel Steven Bunnell.  All emails dating from December 23, 2013 through the present. Pending NARA review UD-2017-0018 Open
Homeland Security Customs and Border Patrol 11/13/2017   Several boxes of paper records were destroyed due to Hurricane Harvey. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2018-0001 Open
Interior Bureau of Land Management 2/16/2017   Fire damaged/destroyed the Bureau of Land Management Challis, ID field office. Majority of records destroyed/damaged include realty records, rights-of-way, recreation records, unauthorized use, grazing permits, allotment files, and mining claim surface management files. Contractor was hired to evaluate the records that were damaged/destroyed as a result of the fire. Agency is estimating that a final report from the contractor that will include an estimate of records destroyed and recovery efforts for those that can be salvaged will be received in July/August time frame. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0016 Open
Interior   2/2/2018   Temporary contract documents, past their disposal date. Ongoing Investigation UD-2018-0004 Open
Interior United States Fish and Wildlife Service 7/12/2017   Documents from US Fish and Wild Service (FWS) political appointee records were not captured. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0024 Open
Interior United States Fish and Wildlife Service 2/5/2018   Fish and Wildlife Service records regarding the Highway 79 Construction Project Ongoing Investigation UD-2018-0005 Open
Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation 2/18/2014   FBI Case Files:  Case files were identified as missing through the normal course of conducting business, through updating the FBI's records disposition tracking systems, and through the FBI's efforts to inventory its entire records collection. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2014-0001 No letter available
Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation 1/23/2018   Text messages and emails from government and personal devices and accounts pertaining to FBI business. Ongoing Investigation UD-2018-0003 Open
Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms & Explosives 9/5/2017   Laboratory Case files generated between 1976 and 1991 Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0032 Open
Office of Special Counsel   3/6/2018   The potential unauthorized deletion of electronic files maintained in an electronic folder of an official in the Human Capital Office as well as the removal of boxes of unknown content by an employee. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2018-0008 Open
Navy   7/15/2013   The Naval History and Heritage Command reported records offered for sale on eBay as possibly being alienated. These include blueprints, ship plans, and general plan booklets for Navy vessels during the period 1934-1991. Pending NARA review UD-2013-0001 Open
Navy   10/29/2014   Records related to the manufacture and purchase of automatic-rifle silencers. Navy security officers allegedly destroyed records of the Navy Directorate for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration that were the subject of an ongoing federal investigation. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2015-0004 Open
Securities and Exchange Commission   1/19/2017   Unauthorized destruction and improper handling and maintenance of whistleblower files & SEC government employees are inappropriately using personal email accounts to conduct agency business Ongoing investigation UD-2017-0013 Open
State   3/3/2015   Alienation of Federal email records created or received by Sec. Clinton (2009-2013) from the State's official recordkeeping system. Potential alienation of email records created or received by former Secretaries of State dating back to Sec. Albright. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2015-0005 Open
State   9/4/2015   Alienation of Federal email records created or received by senior embassy staff including Amb. Caroline Kennedy, and overall management of records at Embassy Tokyo, Japan. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2015-0006 Open
State   8/8/2016   Possible emergency destruction of Central African Republic embassy records; Amb. Lewis Lukens' e-mails that he deleted; U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem Michael Ratney's e-mails that he deleted; Alleged destruction of Sec. Clinton's schedules. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2016-0022 Open
Treasury Bureau of Engraving Printing 8/24/2017   Preliminary product design records (for currency, etc.) disposed of without an approved schedule. Pending agency review/follow-up UD-2017-0031 Open
Agriculture Forest Service 2/21/2018 2/26/2018 Suspected unauthorized disposition of Federal records donated to Black Hills State University, in FY2005, by Black Hills National Forest. Allegation not founded UD-2018-0007 Open/Close
Agriculture Forest Service 1/9/2018 1/9/2018 Accidental loss of FY 2016 procurement records. A Southern Region Forest Service employee inadvertently left a briefcase containing the records in an airport waiting area on March 24, 2017. Allegation founded-corrective action taken UD-2018-0002 Open/Close
Defense National Guard Bureau 8/9/2016 1/17/2018 FOIA requester denied request to Kentucky Air National Guard records. Alleges high ranking personnel ordered records to be deleted. Allegation not founded UD-2016-0023 Open/Close
Executive Office of the President Council on Environmental Quality 8/31/2017 1/17/2018 On May 19, 2017, the Council on Environmental Quality self-reported on the unauthorized destruction of a box of records that were inadvertently disposed of during an office move. Allegation founded-corrective action taken UD-2017-0030 Open/Close
Navy United States Marine Corps 8/2/2016 4/2/2018

Potential alienation of records resulting from the alleged donation of 16,000 reels of 16mm and 35mm films to the University of South. Carolina.

Allegation founded-corrective action taken UD-2016-0021 Open/Close
Peace Corps   1/6/2017 3/15/2018

Peace Corps Capstone approach implemented a system that performed routine 90-day destruction of emails after and employee leaves the Peace Corps.

Allegation founded-corrective action taken UD-2017-0011 Open/Close
State   7/18/2016 12/15/2017 E-mail records of former State Department employee Bryan Pagliano during Secretary Clinton's tenure. Allegation founded-corrective action taken UD-2016-0018 Open/Close
Treasury Internal Revenue Service 3/27/2018 3/27/2018 A single IRS tax document as part of the annual Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) “Pull to Save” project for Ogden List Year 10. The document DLN 29-141-235-117-51-0 could not be located upon request. Allegation founded-corrective action taken UD-2018-0006 Open/Close