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Malcolm X

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska. In his early years, Malcolm experienced extreme racism, spent years in the foster system and served a sentence in jail for larceny and breaking and entering. While in jail Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam and after his release, he became the public face of the organization. He led countless demonstrations and spoke publicly, both nationally and internationally with a focus on empowering the African-American race. Records at the National Archives related to Malcolm X includes Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case files and recordings of his speeches and debates.

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Record Group 65: Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Classification 44 (Civil Rights)  Headquarters Case Files National Archives Identifier 2329984

44-16520, New York (1960) Malcolm X (NAID 7622162)

44-12831, Section 11 Serials 436-454, Alabama (1965) Selma, Malcolm X (NAID 7618282)

44-12831, Section 9 Serials 342-434, Alabama (1965) Selma, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Edmund Pettus Bridge (NAID 7618280)

Classification 157 (Civil Unrest)  Headquarters Case Files National Archives Identifier 4795307

157-HQ-7782 v. 1 Rabble Rouser Index (NAID 6740971digitized

157-HQ-1624 v. 1 Medgar Evers Rifle Club (NAID 6704600digitized

Record Group 306: US Information Agency (USIA)

Moving Images Relating to US Domestic and International Activities, 1982-1999 National Archives Identifier 46890

Selected Records
The Time Has Come ( NAID 53804)

Research Memoranda, 1963 - 1999 National Archives Identifier 4778251

Selected Records
M-480-1964 [Malcolm X Makes Bid for African Ties at Cairo Conference] ( NAID 7706208)

Record Group 490: Peace Corps

Moving Images Relating to International Volunteer Activities, 1982-1995 National Archives Identifier 88527

Selected Records
The Negro and the American Promise: With Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and Minister Malcolm X ( NAID 88587)

HICK: John R. Hickman Audio Collection

Sound Recordings of Historical Radio Broadcasts, World War II Government Documentaries, and Popular Radio Shows, 1906 - 1993 National Archives Identifier 1487762

Selected Records
Speech by Malcolm X ( NAID 2838827)
Malcolm X: A Retrospective ( NAID 2843584)