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Record Group 4 - Records of the US Food Administration (USFA)

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    The U.S. Food Administration (USFA) regulated the supply, distribution, and conservation of foods. Selected series in this record group pertain to the USFA’s interest in African American eating habits.

    Clusters: Health & Human Services, Culture

    People of interest:

    E. T. Atwell and Arthur Ulysses Craig were heads of the Negro Press Section in the Education Division of the USFA. Through their efforts and far reaching correspondence, the Food Administration collected data about various African American cultural institutions in the early twentieth century, including churches, theaters, schools, and fraternal organizations.

    Textual Records

    Correspondence of the State Director of Negro Workers, 1918–1918

    National Archives Identifier: 5336597

    General Correspondence [Education Division], 1917-1919

    National Archives Identifier: 1756387
    Indexed by: Indexes to General Correspondence, 1917-1919 (National Archives Identifier 1756451).

    General Records [Farm Journal Section], 1917-1919

    National Archives Identifier: 1762388

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit
    • 12HF-B2 Press Releases for Farm Journals Issued by the Farm Journals Section ( NAID 2342661)

    General Records [Negro Press Section], 1917-1918

    National Archives Identifier: 1801215

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit
    • 12HN-A1 General Correspondence, File of A. U. Craig ( 2342788, 2342789)
    • 12HN-A2 General Correspondence, File of E.T. Atwell ( 2342790)
    • 12HN-C2 Lists of Colored Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopal, and the Colored Baptist Ministers ( 2342802)
    • 12HN-A4 Correspondence Regarding Negro Theaters, Negro Fairs, and other publicity ( 2342793)