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Record Group 14 - Records of the United States Railroad Administration (USRA)

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The United States Railroad Administration (USRA) operated railroads, coastwise steamship lines, inland waterways, and telephone and telegraph companies that were seized by the government in the interest of national defense. Selected series in this record group pertain to African American railroad employees and passengers.

Cluster: Labor

Textual Records

General Files of the General Counsel, 1918–1937

National Archives Identifier: 7348223

Selected Categories
  • Colored Porters
  • Jim Crow Laws

Indexed by: Index to the General Files of the General Counsel, 1918-1937 (National Archives Identifier 7348229).

General Subject Files of the Women's Service Section, 1918-1920

National Archives Identifier: 7383955
Indexed by: Index to General Subject Files of the Women's Service Section (National Archives Identifier 7384377).

Subject Classified General Files [Director General of Railroads], 1918–1927

National Archives Identifier: 7347193

Selected Categories
  • Pay of Black trainmen, firemen, and switchmen (File E38-30)

Indexed by: Index to Subject Classified General Files, 1918-1927 (National Archives Identifier 7347195).

Subject-Classified General Files [Division of Labor], 1918-1922

National Archives Identifier: 7368183

Selected Categories