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Record Group 28 - Records of the Post Office Department

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    The Office of the Postmaster General provided mail processing and delivery services to individuals and businesses within the United States. Selected series in this record group pertain to black postal carriers and the distribution of African American literature.

    Clusters: Genealogical

    Textual Records

    Journal of the Surveyor of Post Roads and Post Offices [Hugh Finlay], ca. 1880–ca. 1909

    National Archives Identifier: 2642431
    This series has been reproduced on microfilm - T268 - Journal of Hugh Finlay, Surveyor of Post Roads and Post Offices, 1773-1774; and Accounts of the General Post Office in Philadelphia and of Various Deputy Postmasters - "The Ledger of Benjamin Franklin" - Jan 1775-Jan 1780.

    Letters Sent, 1789–1952

    National Archives Identifier: 2635734

    Selected Items
    Letters dated:
    • Jan 30, 1800
    • Feb 10, 1802
    • Mar 23, 1802
    • Apr 14, 1802
    • Dec 10, 1828

    This series has been reproduced on microfilm - M601 - Letters Sent by the Postmaster General, 1789-1836.

    Records of Appointments of Postmasters, 1832–1971

    National Archives Identifier: 596306
    Partially indexed by: Index to Records of Appointments of Postmasters, 1840-1908 ( NAID 1602047).
    This series has been reproduced on microfilm - M841 - Record of Appointments of Postmasters, 1832-Sept. 30, 1971.

    Records Relating to the Espionage Act [World War I], 1917–1921

    National Archives Identifier: 2658378

    Selected Categories
    • B-123 - Crisis
    • B-210 - Negro propaganda
    • B-349 - The Chicago Defender
    • B-397 - The Veteran
    • B-398 - The Messenger

    Records Relating to Espionage Act [World War II], 1942–1945

    National Archives Identifier: 2658530

    Selected Categories
    • E-178 - National Negro Council
    • E-208 - New Negro World
    • E-280 - Black Dispatch
    • E-419 - Philadelphia Afro-American

    Scrapbook of Circulars, Notices, Instructions, Regulations and Newspaper Clippings, 1823–1871

    National Archives Identifier: 2643394