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Record Group 32 - Records of the United States Shipping Board

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    The United States Shipping Board regulated commercial maritime carriers and trade practices, marine insurance, transfers of ship registry, and the rates charged in interstate waterborne commerce. Selected series in this record group pertain to African Americans who owned shipping lines or who were employed by shipping companies.

    Clusters: Military/Maritime, Labor

    Textual Records

    Dockets of the Secretary, 1917-1936

    National Archives Identifier: 654807

    Selected Categories
    • 728.5 K13 - Transfer of the vessel Kanawha to Marcus Garvey's Black Star steamship line
    • 796.2 Or4 - Sale of the Orion
    • 796.2 M71 - Offer to purchase Porto Rico for operation between New York and the African Continent

    Indexed by: Indexes to Minutes and to the Dockets of the Secretary, 1917-1936 (National Archives Identifier 654817).

    General Files [US Shipping Board Bureau], 1917-1936

    National Archives Identifier: 574373
    Indexed by: Index to General Files, 1917–1936 ( National Archives Identifier 574434)

    General Records [Industrial Relations Division of the Construction Organization], 1918-1919

    National Archives Identifier: 1012586

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit
    • File #53818-1

    Investigated Case Files of the Home Office, 1918-1926

    National Archives Identifier: 890236

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit
    • #1494-15 - Marcus Garvey, 1921-1925
    • #3436 - Colored Cooks and Stewards, 1923-1925

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