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Record Group 35 - Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps [CCC]

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    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) provided employment and vocational training for unemployed youths and, to a lesser extent, for war veterans and Native Americans, through conservation and natural resources development work, and beginning in May 1940, defense work on military reservations and forest protection. Black youths and some African American veterans participated in the CCC programs. Most were assigned to work in segregated camps.

    Clusters: The New Deal

    Textual Records

    Annual, Special, and Final Reports, 1933-1943

    National Archives Identifier: 627827

    Camp Inspection Reports, 1933-1942

    National Archives Identifier: 565152

    General Correspondence, 1933-1942

    NAID 579920

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit

    Indexed by: Index to General Correspondence, 1933-1940 ( NAID 579942)

    General Correspondence [Division of Selection], 1933-1942

    National Archives Identifier: 1077442

    “Happy Days” Newspapers, May 20, 1933-October 26, 1940

    NAID 1077435
    This series has been digitized and is available online through

    Monthly Reports of Enrollment, 1940-1942

    National Archives Identifier: 1079937

    Station and Strength Reports, 1933-1942

    National Archives Identifier: 1102132

    Photographic Materials

    US Army Corps Area Photographic File of CCC Activities, 1935-1940

    National Archives Identifier: 513417; Local Identifier: 35-GC

    Photographs of African American Enrollees, 1936-1940

    National Archives Identifier: 513432; Local Identifier: 35-N