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Record Group 49 - Records of the Bureau of Land Management

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) classifies, manages, and disposes of public lands and their resources according to principles of multiple-use management. There are public land records for African Americans, but to find them it is necessary to know the name of the individual, the county and state in which the land was located, and the full legal description of the land in terms of fractional section, township, range, and principal meridian.

Clusters: Genealogical

Textual Records

Canceled Homestead Files [Kirwin (Kansas) Land Office], 1872–1894

National Archives Identifier: 5634881

Cash Files [Grand Island (Nebraska) Land Office], 1869–1893

National Archives Identifier: 7820295

Cash Files [Kirwin (Kansas) Land Office], 1872–1894

National Archives Identifier: 5634876

Selected Categories
  • 4851 - Kirwin, Kansas - Nicodemus

Cash Files [Wakeeney (Kansas) Land Office], 1875–1905

National Archives Identifier: 5635231

Level of Description Selected Records
File Unit
  • 9431 - George W. Carver
  • Affidavit Required of Claimant George W. Carver ( 1656519)