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Record Group 69 - Records of the Works Progress Administration (WPA)

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The Work Projects Administration (WPA) provided jobs to unemployed workers on public projects sponsored by federal, states, or local agencies. African Americans were involved in many of these work relief projects.

Clusters: New Deal

Textual Records

General Administrative and Operational Correspondence, 1933-1935

National Archives Identifier: 655647

Selected Categories

General Subject Files [Civil Works Administration], 1933-1934

National Archives Identifier: 1692918

Monthly Statistical Reports of Movement of Transient Cases and Individuals, 1933-1934

National Archives Identifier: 1817997

State Files [Education Division], 1933-1935, 1935-1938

National Archives Identifier: 1910368 and National Archives Identifier: 1910372

Subject Files [Federal Emergency Relief Administration], 1933-1936

National Archives Identifier: 1693419

Transient Camp Newsletters, 1934-1935

National Archives Identifier: 1127038

Moving Images

We Work Again, 1937

National Archives Identifier: 12322; Local Identifier: 69.6
This motion picture has been digitized.

Photographic Materials

Federal Theater Project Central Files, 1935-1939

National Archives Identifier: 518797; Local Identifier: 69-TC

Selected Categories
  • Negro Unit - "Plantation Days" Northern California
  • Negro Unit - Actors and Publicity S. California
  • "Black Empire" White and Negor Units Southern California
  • Negro Unit - Emperor Jones Conn.
  • Negro Unit - Porgy Conn.
  • Negro Unit - "Heaven Bound" Atlanta, Georgia
  • Negro Unit - "Macbeth" New York City
  • "Beauty and the Beast" Negro Unit Oklahoma

Federal Theater Project State Files, 1935-1939

National Archives Identifier: 518801; Local Identifier: 69-TS