African American Heritage

American Slavery, Civil Records

The following is information found in the records of the National Archives and Records Administration. It identifies the record group and series, with brief descriptions and locations. It does not provide actual documents. Some of the records are microfilmed, and have been noted.

For further insight, see Walter B. Hill Jr.'s Prologue article on this topic.

RG 29 Records of the Bureau of the Census (crop schedules)

RG 36 Records of the United States Customs Service, 1745 - 1982

Congress created the Custom Service on July 31, 1789 and made it a part of the Department of Treasury (September 1789). The service assisted other agencies in the enforcement of the slave trading laws that were passed between 1794 to 1820. In particular, the 1807 law prohibited the transportation of slaves after 1808, and section 9 required that all vessels of 40 tons or more carrying slaves in the coastwise trade file duplicate manifests (ports of origin and destination) showing name, age and description of each slave, the name and residence of exporter and consignee, and pledge that the slave had not been imported after 1807. Manifest records exist for four ports.

  1. Records of Customhouses
  2. Records are arranged chronologically by date of arrival and thereunder by name of vessel. They show name, tonnage, and nationality of vessel; date of arrival; name of master, name (usually Christian only), age, sex of slave; name and address of consignee; and name of owner.
    • Philadelphia, 1790 - 1840 (1/4 in.)
    • New Orleans, 1819 - 52 and 1860 - 61 (15 ft.)
    • Mobile, 1822 - 1860 (4 ft.)
    • Savannah, 1801 - 60 (6 ft.)
RG 48 Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior

By an act of Congress, March 3, 1849, the Department of Interior consolidated in one department the General Land Office (under the Secretary of Treasury), Commissioner of Indian Affairs and Office of the Commissioner of Pensions (under the Secretary of War), Patent Office (under the Secretary of State), Commissioner of Public buildings, and assumed the jurisdiction over census taking, marshals and court officers, charitable and penal institutions in the District of Columbia.

Records Relating to the Suppression of the African Slave Trade and to Negro Colonization, 1854-72

Several laws were passed in the 19th century for the suppression of the African slave trade and for support of the colonization of recaptured and free Africans. In 1861, the Interior Department assumed responsibility of administering the anti-slave trade laws and those providing for the colonization of recaptured and free Africans in Liberia and other countries. The Secretary of Interior accumulated much correspondence related to a variety of issues and subjects surrounding the suppression of the trade from the President, Congress, various executive departments, 1858-72, and from U.S. agents for liberated Africans in Liberia, 1860-65.

  • Register of Letters Received, 1858-1872.
    LOC: 150/7/16/05, 1 vol. ent 375

  • Letters Received and Other Records, 1854-1872.
    LOC: 150/7/16/06, bxes 1-5, ent. 376

  • Letters Sent, 1856 - 1872, vol. 1
    LOC: 150/7/16/06, ent. 377

  • Press Copies of letters sent, 1861 - 1869, box 1
    LOC: 150/7/16/06, ent. 378

  • Weekly Returns USS Atlanta, 1858-1859, vol. 1
    LOC: 150/7/16/06, ent. 379

RG 55, Records of the Government of the Virgin Islands

These records were established in the Department of the Navy, effective upon the formal transfer of sovereignty over the Danish West Indies from Denmark to the United States, March 28, 1917, under authority of an act of March 3, 1917 (39 Stat. 1132). The United States purchased the islands from Denmark by treaty signed August 14, 1916, ratified by the Senate, September 7, 1916. The islands had originally been administered by the Danish West India and Guinea Company, 1672-1754, succeeded by the Danish Crown, 1754-1917, except for periods of British occupation in 1801 and 1807-1815.

Records Relating Directly to Slavery and Emancipation

Reports Received from the Governor's Committee Appointed to Sound Out the Planters Concerning the Ceding of a Free Day Off to the Laborers, 1840. 1 inch, Box 124, entry 60.
Papers concerning the Plan for the Organization of the Free Colored, 1830-1831. 1 inch, Box 133, entry 71.
Letters Received by the Governor in which the Planters Express Their Views on Gradual Emancipation, 1840. 1 inch, Box 133, entry 72.
Free Coloreds on St. Croix, 1848. Box 304, entry 82.
List of Slaves Involved in 1848 Rebellion. Box 310, entry 82.
Plantation Inventories; Slave Emancipation Claims, 1853. Box 317, entry 82.
Papers relating to Free Persons of Color, 1801-43. Box 319, entry 82.
Slave Lists, 1835, 1847. Box 322, entry 82.
Freedom Charters: A Register of the Free Colored and the Documents Proving their Status. 2 vol., 2 inches, entry 171.
Registers of Free Coloreds, 1803, 1831-32. Boxes 583-586, 12 vols., entries 214-215.
Proceedings [investigating the riots of 1848]. Box 586, 1 vol., entry 226.
Records of the Compensation Commissions, 1853-62. Boxes 587-589, plus 3 vols., entries 227-230.
Power of Attorney to Receive Payments from Compensation Bonds Issued as a Result of the 1848 Emancipation of the Slaves, 1854-56. Box 732, ¼ inch, entry 334 [MISSING].
Case Papers Concerning Contested Slave Ownership, 1803. Box 755, ¼ inch, entry 383.
Register of Colored Communicants..., 1819-1835. Box 880, 1 vol., entry 478.
Lists of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of the Colored Inhabitants, 1820-1841. Box 880, ¼ inch, entry 479.
List of Slave Owners and Former Slaves, 1853-54. Box 1904, 1 vol., ½ inch, entry 723.
Records of Court Martial Following the Revolt of 1848. Box 2024, 1 vol., entry 854.
Annual Reports Concerning the Increase or Decrease in Number of Royal Negroes, 1765-73. Box 2377, ½ inch, entry 1062.
Records Concerning Negro Loans, 1793-1805. Box 2461, 4 vols., entries 1133- 1136.
The Oldest Records: Basic Documents From the Founding Era
Announcements, Ordinances, Orders, Resolutions, etc., 1672-1840. Boxes 568- 577, plus 19 vols., entries 187-197.
Announcements, etc., 1688-1727. Box 923, 2 vols., entries 520-522.
Records of High Level Decision-Making
Privy Council Proceedings, 1745-55. Box 1, 1 inch, entry 1.
Records of the Office of the Governor and Government Secretary 1770-1848. Boxes 1-5, including 8 vols., entries 2-9.
Records of the Governor and Government Secretary, 1830-1917. Boxes 924-934, 936-941, 39 vols., entries 523, 525-531, 534-538.
Unidentified and Unarranged Records Awaiting Fuller Description
Records of the Colonial Councils, 1780-1947. 62 Boxes, entries 1161-1163.
RG 59, General Records of the Department of State

By an act of Congress, July 27, 1789, ( 1Stat.28), the President approved establishing the first executive department of the Federal Government. Designated the Department of Foreign Affairs, (an Act of September 1789 changed the name to the Department of State), the new Department was established to help the President carry out his constitutional responsibility for conducting the U.S. relations with foreign governments. Domestic functions were assigned to the Department, but with the expansion of the Government most of these were passed to other agencies.

  1. Records Relating to the Territories
    • Kansas Territory, 1854-1861, Conflict between proslavery and antislavery factions. Publication: M218, DP.
    • Orleans Territory, 1764-1823, The importation of slaves from West Indies, fugitive slaves seeking refuge in Texas. Publication: T260
  2. Special Series of Domestic and Miscellaneous Letters
    • Correspondence With the President and Congress Miscellaneous Letters from Congressional Committees. 1830-1861, Censuses of slaves. entry 144
    • Miscellaneous Petitions and Memorials Proclamations Addressed to President Lincoln by Antislavery Societies. 1862- 1864. entry 160

Index to United States Documents Relating to Foreign Affairs 1828-1861

Part I: A to H

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  • Abbot Devereux, Slaver (Myers), p7
  • Aberdeen, Lord (George Hamiliton Gordon), p9
  • Abreo (Antonio Rodrigo), Slave Dealer, p9
  • Adams (John Quincy), of Mass., pp11-14
  • Adams Gray, Amer. Slaver Brigantine, p15
  • Addington (Henry Unwin), p16
  • Advance, Amer. Slaver Schr., p17
  • Albert, Amer. Slaver Brig (Woodberry), p21
  • Alecto, H.B.M. Sloop (Hunt), p23
  • Alicia, Slaver, p24
  • Alienage, Citizenship, Naturalization, p31
  • Amistad, Spanish Schr., pp49-51
  • Anaconda, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Knight), p52
  • Anderson (John), Fugitive Slave, p53
  • Anderson (W.E.), Witness Against Slave Dealers, p54
  • Andover (Mass.) Citizens, p54
  • Appleton (John), of Me., p58
  • Archer (William S.) of Va., p62
  • Ardennes, Amer. Slaver Bank (Marsh), p64
  • Argaiz (Pedro Alcantara), p65
  • Armstrong (Mass.) Citizens, p71
  • Arteta (Domingo), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Rebecca; see Rebecca
  • Asp, Amer. Schr. (Weems), pp73-74
  • Augusta Religious Anti-Slavery Conv., p76
  • Bacon (J.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Mary Anne Cassard; see Mary Anne Cassard
  • Bacon (John F.) of N.Y., p80
  • Bagley (Arthur P.), of Ala., p81
  • Baptiste (Manuel), Deponent in Case of Slaver Bark Fame; see Fame
  • Barclay (Anthony), of Nova Scotia, p90
  • Barksdale (William), Repr. From Miss., p90
  • Bayard (James A. Jr.), Sen. From Del., p99
  • Beaver Co. (Pa.) Citizens, p102
  • Bedinger (Daniel), p102
  • Bell (Charles H.), of N.Y., p104
  • Bell (John), p105
  • Benjamin (Judah Peter), p107
  • Bentinotti (Miguel), Slave Dealer, p108
  • Benton (Thomas H.), pp108-109
  • Berrien (John McPherson), p110
  • Berry (James), Master Slaver Bark Pons; see Pons
  • Beverly (Mass.) Citizens, p112
  • Birch (Thomas F.), Comdr. H.B.M. Brig Wizard, p116
  • Black (Jeremiah S.), of Penn., p117
  • Blythe (Andrew K.), of Miss., p122
  • Bonham (Milledge L.), Repr. From S.C., p126
  • Boxer, U.S. Brig, p132
  • Bradford (Mass.) Citizens, p133
  • Bradford Co. (Penn.) Citizens, p134
  • Branch (John), Secy. Navy, U.S.A., p135
  • Branch (Lawrence O'B.), Repr. From N.C., p135
  • Brand, Mater Amer. Slaver Brig Peerless; see Peerless
  • Braxton Co. (Va.) Citizens, p136
  • Brazil, Slaver Brig (Bevans, Faulkner), p143
  • Bremen, Amer. Slaver Brigantine (Forest), p144
  • Bright (Jesse D.), Sen. From Ind., p147
  • Brookfield (Ut.) Citizens, p150
  • Brown (Albert Gallatin), p152
  • Brown (James), of La., p152
  • Bruce (Henry W.), Rear-Admiral, H.B.M. Navy, p155
  • Buchanan (James), of Penn., P161-163
  • Buckingham Co. (Va.) Citizens, p163
  • Bucks Co. (Pa.) Citizens, p164
  • Bulwer (Sir Henry Lytton), p166
  • Burbank, Master Slaver Brig Chatsworth; see Chatsworth
  • Burges (Tristam), Repr. From R.I., p167
  • Burnett (Henry C.), Repr. From Ky., p168
  • Butler (Andrew Pickens), Sen. From S.C., p170
  • Byfield (Mass.) Citizens, p175

  • Caballero, Amer. Slaver Brig (Huffington), p175
  • Cabarga (Antonio), Slave Dealer, p175
  • Cabo Verde, Port. Schr., p175
  • Cacique, Amer. Slaver Str., p176
  • Caire (F.C. Paul), p176
  • Calderon de la Barca (Angel), p176-178
  • Calhoun (John Caldwell), of S.C., pp179-180, 182
  • Calhoun, Amer. Slaver (Gordon), p187
  • Calhoun, Amer. Ship (Fales), p182
  • Camargo, Amer. Slaver (Gordon), p187
  • Camden (N.Y.) Citizens, p188
  • Camilla, Amer. Slaver Schr., p188
  • Campbell (A.), H.B.M. Consul at Lagos, p188
  • Camperdown, Slaver, p191
  • Canal (Francisco), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Delores; see Delores
  • Canning (Stratford), p202
  • Capture, etc., of Property: Cases, pp204-205
  • Carlos Sp. Slaver, p208
  • Carmen, Braz. Schr., Slaver, p208
  • Carnahan (A.M.), et al., p208
  • Case (Charles), Repr. From Indiana, p212
  • Cass (Lewis), of Mich., pp216-218, 220-224
  • Castlereagh (Viscount), Robert Henry Stewart, Afterwards 2nd Marquess of Loudonderry, p227-228
  • Catherine, Amer. Slaver Bark (Stodder), p228
  • Catherine, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Peterson), p228
  • Ceres, Slaver, p294
  • Chancellor, Slave Ship (Freeman), p296
  • Charles, Amer. Slaver Bark, of Baltimore, p298
  • Charles C. Perkins, Amer. Slaver Brig (Brown), p299
  • Charleston Colonization Society, p299
  • Charlotte, Amer. Slaver Brig (Lockhail), p300
  • Chase (John, Jr.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. William Ridgway; see William Ridgway
  • Chase (Salmon P.) Sen. From O., p301
  • Chatsworth, Amer. Slaver Brigantine (Burbank), p302
  • Chauncey (Mark) and William Winn, p302
  • Chesapeake Claims, p304
  • Chester (Vt.) Citizens, p304
  • Christiansburg (O.) Citizens, p363
  • Cincinnati (O.) Citizens, p364
  • City of Norfolk, Slaver, p364
  • Clapp (J.), Master Amer. Slaver Bark Panther; see Panther
  • Clara, Amer. Slaver (Hooker), p365
  • Clara, French Gov't. Contract Slaver-Bark, p365
  • Clara, Slaver, p365
  • Clara B. Williams, Amer. Slaver Bark, pp365-366
  • Clay (Henry), of Ky., pp370, 373-375
  • Clay (James Brown), of Ky., p375
  • Clayton (John Middleton), of Del., pp382-384
  • Clingman (Thomas L.) of N.C., pp387-388
  • Cobb (Howell), of Ga., p289
  • Cochrane (Clarke B.), Repr. From N.Y., p390
  • Cockburn (Sir Francis), Gov. of Bahamas, p390
  • Coke (Richard, Jr.), Repr. From Va., P391
  • Collamer (Jacob), p392
  • Colonization Society of Fredericksburg, O., p396
  • Comet, Encomium, Enterprise, pp398-400
  • Concha (Jose Guttierrez de la:, Capt. Gen. of Cuba, p401
  • Conhocton (N.Y.) Citizens, p402
  • Conover (Thomas A.), of N.J., p404
  • Constitucao, Portuguese Slaver Schr. (Roberto), p406
  • Constitution, Amer. Schr. (Johnson), p406
  • Convention for Formation of Anti-Slavery Society of Pa., p411
  • Cooper (James), Sen. From Penn., p417
  • Cortez, Amer. Schr. (Durand), p422
  • Corthell (Loring), p422
  • Costa Lima Biana (Jose de), Slave Dealer, p424
  • Courtenay (R. W.), p425
  • Cowper (H. Augustus), H.B.M. Cons. At Pernambuco, p425
  • Cowperthwait (Josesph), of Phila., p425
  • Craig (Robert), Repr. From Va., p427
  • Crampton (John Fiennes Twisleton), p428
  • Cranotick (Vincent D.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Mary E. Smith; see Mary E. Smith
  • Craven (Thomas T.), of N.Y., p431
  • Crawford (Joseph T.), H.B.M. Cons. Gen. for Cuba, p431
  • Crawford (Martin J.), Repr. From Ga., p431
  • Creole, Amer. Brig (Ensor), p432-433
  • Crimean, Slaver Schr., p434
  • Crittenden (John Jordan), of Ky., p438
  • Crowninshield (Benjamin Williams), p440
  • Cunha Reis (Manuel Basilia) Da, Slave Dealer, pp457-458
  • Curtin (W.), Amer. Vice-Cons. at Jamaica, p459
  • Cushing (Caleb), of Mass., p460
  • Cyclops, H.B.M. Str. (Hastings), p466

  • Dale, U.S. Sloop, pp472-473
  • Dallas (George Mifflin), of Penn., pp474-475
  • Dalrymple (C.J.), H.B.M. Comr. At Havana Under Mixed Commission for Suppression of Slavetrade; see Slavetrade. Cuban Waters
  • Danville (Ky.) Citizens, p477
  • Darke Co. (O.) Citizens, p477
  • Dauphin Co. (Pa.) Citizens, p478
  • Davis (Jefferson), of Miss., pp481-482
  • Davis (John), of Mass., p483
  • Dayton (William Lewis), of N.J., p485
  • De Kalb Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p488
  • Delaware Co. (O.) Citizens, p490
  • Delicia, Slaver Brig, p491
  • Dickinson (Daniel S.), Sen. From N.Y., p502
  • Dickson (John), Repr. From N.Y., p503
  • Diligente, Portuguese Brig, p504
  • Dix (John A.), Sen. From N.Y., p506
  • Dolcinea, Port. Slaver Schr. (Da Luz Cavalho), p509
  • Dolores, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Canal), p509
  • Dolores, Br. Slaver Schr., p510
  • Dolphin, H.B.M. Brig (Holland), p510
  • Dolphin, U.S. Brig,, p510
  • Doolittle (James R.), Senator From Wisconsin, p513
  • Dorset, Amer. Slaver Schr., p513
  • Douglas (Stephen Arnold), pp515-516
  • Douglas, Amer. Brig (Baker), p517
  • Douglass (George H.), Mastr Amer. Slaver Brig Kentucky; see Kentucky
  • Dowdll (James F.), Repr. From Ala., p518
  • Driscoll (Cornelius F.), Master Amer. Slaver Brig Hope, p520
  • Duer (John K.), p522
  • Durkee, Master Amer. Slaver Brig Two Friends, p525

  • Eagle, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Littig), p526
  • East Lyme (Conn.) Citizens, p528
  • Easton (Pa.) Citizens, p528
  • Echavarria (Jose Ignacio de), Gov. of Havana, p529
  • Echo, Slaver Brig, p529
  • Edwin, Amer. Brig (Dayley), p531
  • Egea (Jose), Slave Trader, p531
  • El Dorado, U.S. Mail Str., p532
  • Eleanor, Amer. Bark, p533
  • Electra, H.B.M. Str. (Morris), p533
  • Eliza Jane, Amer. Slaver, p534
  • Elliot (George), Comdr. H.B.M. Sloop Columbine, p535
  • Elliott (Jesse D.), of Penn., p535
  • Ellsworth (Henry L.), Officer of Amer. Colonization Soc'y, p539
  • Emanuel, Amer. Slaver Schr., p539
  • Emma Lincoln Slaver, p540
  • Enterprise, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Robinson), p544
  • Enterprise, U.S. Brig, p544
  • Erie, Amer. Slaver (Gordon), p544
  • Erie Co. (O.) Citizens, p545
  • Erving (George W.), of Mass., p546
  • Esperanza, Amer. Slaver Schr., Formerly The Mary Reed; see Chauncey (M.) and Winn (W.)
  • Espiegle, H.B.M. Sloop (Hancock), p547
  • Essex Co. Anti-Slavery Society, Mass., p548
  • Euphrates, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Molan), p548
  • Evans (George R.), of Me., p550
  • Evansville (Ind.) Citizens, p550
  • Everett (Alexander Hill), of Mass, pp551-552, 555-556
  • Ewing (Andrew), Representative From Tenn., p559
  • Excellent, Brigantine Slaver, p559
  • "Expedition for Africa", p560
  • Extradition, pp563-566

  • Fairy, Amer. Slaver Sloop, p571
  • Falcon, H.B.M. Ship (Fitz Roy), p571
  • Falmouth (Mass.) Citizens, p572
  • Fame, Amer. Slaver Bark (Marks), p573
  • Fenix, Span. Slaver Schr., p578
  • Fernandez, Slave Dealer, p579
  • Ferroz Africano, Port. Slaver; see Diligente
  • Fessenden (William Pitt), p580
  • Figaniere E Morao (Joaquinn Cesar de), p581
  • Fish (Samuel), p586
  • Fitzgerald (Charles), Comdg. H.B.M. Brigantine Buzzard, p587
  • Flournoy (J.J.), p529
  • Flying Eagle, Slaver, p592
  • Fonseca (Manuel Pinto) de, Slave Dealer, p593
  • Foote (Henry Stuart), pp594-595
  • Foote (John), Comdr. H.B.M. Sqdn. W. Coast of Africa, p595
  • Ford (Richard), Master Amer. Slaver Brig William D. Miller; see William D. Miller
  • Forest (Tom), Master Amer. Slaver Bremen; see Bremen
  • Forester, H.B.M. Brig (Norcock), p597
  • Formosa, Slaver Schr., p598
  • Forsythe (John), of Ga., pp599-601, 605, 608
  • Fox (Henry Stephen), pp610-611
  • Framingham (Mass.) Citizens, p612
  • Frances Ann, Amer. Slaver Schr., p640
  • Fraser (Daniel), Colored Br. Subject, p642
  • Freedmen; see Negroes, Colonization of; Liberia
  • Freeman, Master Slaver Ship Chancellor; see Chancellor
  • Friends, Society of, p646
  • Fronte (Raimond), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Sarah Anne; see Sarah Anne

  • Gabriel (Edmund), H.B.M. Comr. Mixed Commission for Suppression of Slavetrade, Loanda; see Slavetrade, Loanda; see Slavetrade. African Coast
  • Gabriel, Slaver Brig; see Two Friends
  • Gallatin (Albert), of Penn, p651
  • Gantois and Pailhet, p652
  • Garcia (Carlos), p652
  • Geeren (John H.), Settler of Key Biscayne, Fla., p657
  • General de Kalb, Amer. Slave Vessel, p662
  • General Pickney, Slaver (Pierce), p663
  • Genesee Co. (N.Y.) Citizens, p664
  • George William Jones, Amer. Slaver Brig, p665
  • Georgetown (D.C.) Mayor, Aldermen, and Council, p665
  • Georgetown (Mass.) Citizens, p665
  • Georgia, p665
  • Germantown, U.S. Sloop, p666
  • Gertrudes, Sp. Slaver, p666
  • Gettysburg (Pa.) Citizens, p666
  • Gibbs (Howard), Amer. Cons. Agt. Nuevitas, p667
  • Giddings (Joshua R.) of Ohio, p669
  • Gillmer (John S.), of Md., p670
  • Gilpin (H. D.), Atty. Gen. U.S.A., p671
  • Glamorgan, Amer. Slaver Brig, p671
  • Gloucester (Mass.) Citizens, p672
  • Gooch (Daniel W.) Repr. From Mass., p675
  • Goodrich, Master Amer. Slaver Brig Yankee; see Yankee
  • Goodrich (Edmund) [sic], H.B.M. Comr. Brit. and Portuguese Mixed Commission for Suppression of Slavetrade Under Treaty of 1842; see Slavetrade. African
  • Gordon (Nathaniel), Master Amer. Slaver Camargo; see Camargo
  • Gordon (Nathaniel), Master Amer. Slaver Erie; see Erie
  • Graham (John), Master Barque Pons; see Pons
  • Graham (William A.), of N.C., p680
  • Grampus, U.S. Schr., p681
  • Great Britain, pp684, 687-689
  • Green (James S.), of Missouri, p693
  • Greene Co. (O.) Citizens, p693
  • Gregory XVI, p694
  • Grey (Frederick W.), p695
  • Grey Eagle, Amer. Slaver Brig, p695
  • Groesbeck (William S.), of Ohio, p697
  • Grundy (Felix), of Tenn., p698
  • Guadaloupe, Slaver, p698
  • Guerediaga (Ramon De), Slave Dealer, p713
  • Guerrero, Span. Slaver Brig, p713
  • Guimaraes (Isidoro Francisco), Gov. of Macao, p714
  • Guimaraes (Manuel Antonio); Involved in Case of Slaver Herald; see Herald
  • Gurley (R.R.), Secy. Amer. Colonization Society, p714
  • Gwin (W.M.), Sen. From Calif., p717

  • Hackley (William R.), U.S. Atty. So. Distr. Fla., p718
  • Hagan (John), et al., p718
  • Haidee, Slaver, p718
  • Haiti, p720
  • Hale (John Parker), pp722-723
  • Hale (Matthew), Master Amer. Slaver Brig Sophia; see Sophia
  • Hall (Christopher J.), Master Amer. Brig Kremlin. Deposition; see Fenix, Span. Slaver
  • Hall (James), p724
  • Hallett (Benjamin F.), U.S. Distr. Atty., Mass., p725
  • Hamilton (Hamilton), H.B.M.E.E. and M.P., p726
  • Hamilton Co. (O.) Citizens, p727
  • Hamlin (Edward S.), Repr. From O., p727
  • Hamlin (Hannibal), of Me., pp727-728
  • Hammond (James H.), Sen. From S.C., p729
  • Hanna, Master Amer. Slaver Bark Orion; see Orion
  • Hantsman (Henry), Master Span. Slaver Schr. Laura; see Laura
  • Hardesty (Samuel), p734
  • Harlan (James), Sen. From Iowa, p735
  • Harlequin, H.B.M. Sloop Russell), p735
  • Harriet, Amer. Slaver, p736
  • Harris (Isham G.), Repr. From M.D., p736
  • Hastings (George F.), Senior Officer So. Div. H.B.M. Forces S.W. Coast of Africa, p741
  • Haverhill (Mass.) Citizens, p743
  • Hayne (Robert Y.), Sen. From S.C., p747
  • Hecate, H.B.M. Ship (Burgess), p749
  • Helm (Charles J.), of Ky., p750
  • Hemphill (John), Sen. From Texas, p751
  • Henley (John D.), of Md., p751
  • Henry Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p752
  • Herald, Amer. Slaver (Barker), pp752-753
  • Hermosa, Amer. Schr. (Chattin); Claim vs. Gr. Br., p753
  • Hero, Amer. Schr. (O'Connell), p735
  • Hesketh (Robert), British Consul at Rio de Janeiro, p755
  • Highland Co. (O.) Citizens, p758
  • Hill, Master Amer. Slaver Brig Pilgrim; see Pilgrim
  • Hill (Joshua), of Ga., p758
  • Hill (Stephen J.), Gov. of Sierra Leone, p758
  • Hillsboroug (Ind.) Citizens, p759
  • Hillyer (Junius), p759
  • Himmaleh, Amer. Slaver Brig, p760
  • Hodges (Benjamin), Claimant, p762
  • Holabird (W.S.), U.S. Atty. Dist. Conn., P765
  • Holland (Wm. T.), Clerk to Amer. Cons. at Rio de Janeiro, p766
  • Honore, Slave, p770
  • Hook (L.), p770
  • Hooker (Samuel B.), Master Amer. Slaver Clara; see Clara
  • Hoover (Frederick), p770
  • Hope, Amer. Slaver Brig (Driscoll), p770
  • Horatio, Slaver Brig, pp771-772
  • Hound, Amer. Slaver Schr., p772
  • Hubbard (Henry), Repr. From N.H., p778
  • Hudson, Amer. Slaver Brig, p779
  • Huffington, Master Amer. Slaver Brig Caballero; see Caballero
  • Hunt (James), Comdr. H.B.M. Sloop Alecto, p786
  • Hunt (Thomas W.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Shakespeare; see Shakespeare
  • Hunter (Robert M.T.), pp787-788
  • Hunter (William), of R.I., p789
  • Hunter (William, Jr.) of R.I., p789
  • Huntington (E.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Ontario; see Ontario
  • Huron Co. (O.) Citizens, p791
  • Hyde de Neuville (Jean Guillaume), p793

Part II: I to Q
I   J   K    L   M   N   O   P   Q

  • Iago, Amer. Schr. (Dupony), p795
  • Illonois, p795
  • Illinois, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Swift), p796
  • Imogene, Amer. Bark, p796
  • Indiana, pp799-800
  • Ingersoll (Charles J.), pp800-801
  • Ingersoll (Ralph I.), of Conn., p803
  • Inman (William), of N.J., pp804-805
  • Intervention and Mediation, p809
  • Iowa, p809
  • Iris, H.B.M. Ship (Tucker); see Illinois, Amer. Slaver Schr.
  • Isturiz (Franciso Javier), p811
  • Iverson, p812

  • J. Harris, Slaver, p813
  • J.J. Cobb, Amer. Bark (Vent), p813
  • Jackson (George) and Gabriel (Edmund), p815
  • Jackson Co. (O.) Citizens, p816
  • James Buchanan, Slaver Schr., p817
  • Jamestown, Slaver Brig, p818
  • Janet, Slaver, p819
  • Jasper, Amer. Slaver Bark (Young), pp820-821
  • Jefferson, Master Slaver schr. H.N. Gambril; see H.N. Gambril
  • Jefferson (Thomas), of Va., p822
  • Jenifer (Daniel), of Md., p823
  • Jiro (Manuel Francisco), Deponent; see Senator, Amer. Slaver Brig
  • John Adams, Slaver Brigantine, p829
  • John Adams U.S. Sloop, p829
  • Johnson (Reverdy), p831
  • Johnson (William), Judge Supreme Court of S.C., p833
  • Johnstown (N.Y.) Citizens, p833
  • Jones (George W.), Repr. From Tenn., p835
  • Jones (John J.), Repr. From Ga., p836
  • Jones (Hohn W.), p836
  • Jones (William), Sr. Officer Br. Forces W. Coast of Africa, p838
  • Joseph H. Record, Slaver, p840
  • Josephine, Slaver Brig, p840
  • Julia Dean, Amer. Bark, p840
  • Juliana, Amer. Slaver Brig, p840
  • Juliet, Amer. Slaver Brig, p840
  • Jupiter, Amer. Slaver Schr., p841

  • Keitt (Lawrence M.), Repr. From S.C., p846
  • Kellett (Arthur), Lieut. Comdg. H.B.M Brig Brisk, p846
  • Kelly (John), Master Slaver Brig Senator; see Senator
  • Kendall (Amos), Fourth Auditor U.S. Treasury Dept., p847
  • Kennedy (J.), Br. Comr. at Havana Under Mixed Commission for Suppression of Slave Trade; see Slave Trade. Cuban Waters.
  • Kennedy (John P.) of Md., p848
  • Kent (Edward), p849
  • Kentucky, p849
  • Kentucky, Amer. Slaver Brig (Douglass), p850
  • Kerr (John L.) Repr. From Md., p851
  • King (William), Master Slaver Schr. Anaconda, p859
  • Koeler (George C.), Deponent in Case of Slaver Senator; see Senator
  • Kremlin, Amer. Brig; see Fenix, Span. Slaver
  • Kroomen, p866

  • Lafayette (Ind.) Citizens, p869
  • Lake (John, Jr.), Master Slaver Bark Louisa; see Louisa
  • Laporte Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p873
  • Lara (Jose), p873
  • Lark, Span. Slaver Schr. (Solomon), p873
  • Larkin, Master Slaver Schr. Merchant; see Merchant
  • Lasher (Nicholas), Master Amer. Slaver Brig Solon; see Solon
  • Latrobe (John H. B.), p875
  • Laura, Span. Slaver Schr. (Hantsman), p875
  • Laura Anna, Slaver, p875
  • Laurens, Amer. Slaver Bark, p876
  • Laurenson (William); Deponent in Case of Slaver Brig Senator; see Senator
  • Lawrence (Abbott), of Mass., p878
  • Lawrence, Amer. Brig; Claim vs. Gr. Br., p880
  • Leach (De Witt C.), Repr. From Mich., p880
  • Leake (Shelton Farrar), Repr. From Va., p880
  • Leal, Port. Brig, Slaver, p880
  • Leda, Amer. Schr. (Pearce ), p881
  • Leeds (Mark H.); Deponent in Case of Slaver Brig Sooy; see Sooy
  • Legare (Hugh Swinton), of S.C., pp882-883
  • Letcher (John), Repr. From Va., p888
  • Letcher (Rober P.), of Ky., p888
  • Levin Lank, Amer. Schr.; Claim vs. Gr. Br., p889
  • Lewis (Addin), U.S. Customs Collector, Port of Mobile, p891
  • Lewis (I. N.), p891
  • Lewis (Israel) and Cresup (Thomas), Agrs. for Free People of Color in O., p891
  • Lewis (Walter W.), Br. Comr. at Sierra Leone Under Mixed Commission for Suppression of Slave Trade; see Slave Trade. African, etc.
  • Liberia, pp892-898
  • Lima (Joao Jose Claudio de), Claim for Loss of Slave; see Pantheon, Amer. Barque
  • Lind (Mather), Master Slaver Brig Ellen; see Ellen
  • Lindsay (Robert), Admx. of, Claimant, p900
  • Lis (Manuel Beltran) de, p901
  • Littlefield (James), Deponent in Case of Pons; see Pons
  • Livingston (Taliaferro), p907
  • Loanda, p908
  • Lockhail (I.), Master Slaver Brig Charlotte; see Charlotte
  • Lockport (N.Y.) Citizens, p908
  • Locomotora, Port. Slaver Schr. (Souza), p909
  • London (England), p910
  • Lorain Co. (O.) Citizens, p911
  • Louis, French Slaver, p912
  • Louis McLane, Amer. Slaver, p912
  • Lovett, Master Slaver Brig Malaga; see Malaga
  • Lucas, Slave Dealer, p917
  • Lucy Ann, Amer. Brig, p918
  • Lucy Penniman, Amer. Slaver, p918
  • Lydia Gibbs, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Watson), p919
  • Lyme (Conn.) Citizens. Memorials; see Slave Trade
  • Lyme (O.) Citizens, p919
  • Lynx, U.S. Schr., p919
  • Lyons (Richard Bickerton Pemell), Lord, p920
  • Lyra, Slaver Bark (Dickey), p921
  • Macaulay (H.W.), Br. Comr. at Sierra Leone Under Mixed Commission for Suppression of Slave Trade; see Slave Trade. African
  • Macaulay (Zachary), p922
  • McBlair (William) of Md., p922
  • MacCauley (Daniel Smith), of Penn., p925
  • McIntosh (James McKay), of Ga., p933
  • McKeever (Isaac), of Penn., p935
  • McKeon (John), of N.Y., p935
  • McRae (J. J.), Repr. From Miss., p945
  • Madden (R. R.), Br. Comr. at Havana Under Mixed Commission for Suppression of the Slave Trade; see Slave Trade. Cuban Waters. Commission, etc.
  • Madison Co. (Ill.) Citizens, p946
  • Maffit (John N.), of Ga., p947
  • Magoun, Amer. Ship (Russell), p947
  • Mahoning Co. (O.) Citizens, p948
  • Malaga, Amer. Slaver Brig (Lovett), p950
  • Mallory (Stephen R.), of Fla., pp951-952
  • Malmesbury (James Harris), Third Earl of, pp952-953
  • Maloney (Walter C.) U.S. Marshal, So. Distr. Fla., p954
  • Mann (Ambrose Dudley), of Ohio, p956
  • Manning (Cornelius), Claimant, p957
  • Marcolino (Joze), Master Port. Slaver Schr. Violante; see Violante
  • Marcy (William Larned), of NY., pp960-962, 966, 968
  • Maria Primeira, Port. Slaver, p969
  • Mariana, Amer. Slaver, p970
  • Marion, U.S. Sloop, p970
  • Marsden (George), Citizen of U.S., p972
  • Marsh (Thomas), Master amer. Bark Ardennes; p975
  • Martha, Slaver Ship, p979
  • Martin (Hugh), of Del., p979
  • Marvin (William H.), U.S. Judge, So. Distr. Fla., p982
  • Mary Cushing, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Reynolds), p984
  • Mary E. Smith, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Cranotick), p984
  • Mary Elizabeth, Amer. Brig (Henry), p984
  • Mary Hooper, Amer. Schr. (Bergstiand), p985
  • Mary Jane Peck, Amer. Slaver Schr., p985
  • Maryland Citizens, p985
  • Maryland Colonization Society; see Negroes (Colonization)
  • Mason (James M.), of Va., pp986-988, 991-994
  • Mason (John Y.), of Va., pp995-996
  • Massachusetts, p997-998
  • Matson (H. J), Lieut. Comdg. Br. Brig Waterwitch, p1000
  • Mayo (Isaac), of Md., p1002
  • Meade (Hugh K.), p1002
  • Medina Co. (O.) Citizens, p1009
  • Mello (Francisco Cordova de), Slave Dealer, p1010
  • Mercer (C. F.), Repr. From Va., p1012
  • Meriwether (James A.), p1013
  • Merritt (William Hamilton), p1013
  • Metcalfe (Thomas), Repr. From Ky., p1014
  • Methodist Episcopal Church, U.S.A., p1014
  • Methuen (Mass.) Citizens, p1014
  • Mexico, p1051, 1067
  • Michel (Colin), Execr. Of D. Nagle and Antonio de Frias, Subjects of King of Spain, p1084
  • Milanden, Amer. Slaver Bark, p1087
  • Miles (William Porcher), of S.C., p1087
  • Miller, Master Slaver Brig Wizard; see Wizard, p1087
  • Miller (B.) Slave Dealer p1088Miller (Jacob W.), Sen. From N.J., p1088
  • Millson (John S.), Repr. From Va., p1089
  • Minot, Me., Citizens, p1090
  • Miranda (Joao Antonio de), Slave Dealer; see Pons, Amer. Bark
  • Mississippi, p1091
  • Missouri, p1092
  • Mixed Commissions, p1093
  • Mohawk, U.S. Str., p1093
  • Monroe (James), of Va., p1098
  • Monroe Co. (N.Y.), p1099
  • Monte Christo, Slaver, p1101
  • Montes (Pedro), Arrest of; see Amistad, Sp. Schr., p1101
  • Montevideo, Amer. Slaver Brig (Pendleton), p1101
  • Moore (Laban T.), Repr. From Ky., p1105
  • Morae (Ignacio Jose), Brazilian Consul at Loanda, p1106
  • Moreno (Fernando J.), U.S. Marshal, so. Distr. Of Florida, p1107
  • Morgan (Thomas), Master Amer. Slaver Bark Orion; see Orion
  • Morgan (Thos.), Chief Officer Amer. Bark Orion, p1108
  • Morse (Freeman H.), p1112
  • Motta (Joaquin Gaspar de), Slave Dealer, p1113
  • Mougham (Matthias), p1113
  • Moulatto, Slaver, p1113
  • Mowry (Sylvester), Lieut. Comdg. Fort Yuma, p1114
  • Murphy (William S.), of O., p1117
  • Myers (Thomas) Master Amer. Slaver Abbot Devereux; see Abbot Devereux

  • N. Hand, Amer. Slaver Brigantine (Stevenson), p1119
  • Nancy, Amer. Slaver Brig, p1119
  • Nancy, Amer. Slaver Brig, p1119
  • Nancy, Amer. Brig (Williams), p1120
  • Napier (Francis) Lord, pp1121-1122
  • Natchez, U.S. Sloop, p1124
  • Neat (George); Deponent in Case of Slaver bark Pons; see Pons
  • Negroes, p1126
  • Nelson (John), of Md., p1127
  • Neptune, Br. Slaver Brig, p1128
  • Nesbitt (C.R.), Colonial Secy. At Nassau, N.P., Bermudas, p1128
  • New Albany (Ind.) Citizens, p1139
  • New Jersey, p1142
  • New Orleans (La.), p1142
  • New York City, p1144
  • New York State, p1147
  • New York State Colonization Socy., p1149
  • Newcomb (W.E.), Deponent in Case of Brig Sophia; see Sophia
  • Niagara, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Disney), p1151
  • Nichols (Matthias H.) Repr. From O., p1152
  • Nicholson (John), Claimant; Admr. Of A.L. Duncan, p1152
  • Nicholson (John), U.S. Marshal, New Orleans, p1152
  • Nile, Amer. Schr., p1153
  • Niles (John Milton), of Conn., p1153
  • Noble Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p1155
  • Norway (N.Y.) Citizens, p1199
  • Nueva Constitution, Sp. Slaver, p1199
  • Nueva Paz, Amer. and Br. Brig, Slaver, p1199

  • Oake (J.), Comdr. H.B.M. Sloop Ferret, p1200
  • Ogilby (William), H.B.M. Cons., S.C., p1204
  • Ohio, pp1204-1206
  • Ohio Co. (Va.) Citizens, p1207
  • Olds (Edson B.), Repr. From Ohio, p1207
  • Olinda, Braz. Brig-of-War, p1207
  • Oneida Co. (N.Y.) Citizens, p1208
  • Onis (Luis de), p1208
  • On-Ka-Hy-E, U.S. Schr. (Purchased), p1209
  • Ontario, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Martinez; Huntingdon), p1209
  • Onward, Amer. Slaver Brig, p1209
  • Oregon Territory, p1210
  • Oregon, Amer. Slaver Schr., p1211
  • Orion, Amer. Slaver Bark (Hanna), pp1211-1212
  • Ormond (James), Claimant, p1212
  • Oswego Co. (N.Y.) Citizens, p1215
  • Paine (John Stone), of Me., p1220
  • Palmella, Conde, Later duque de, p1221
  • Palmesrston (Henry John Temple), Third Viscount, pp1223-1226
  • Pamelia, Amer. Slaver Brig (Pratt), p1226
  • Pamphilia, Amer. Slaver, p1226
  • Panchita, Amer. Bark (Sladden), p1227
  • Pantheon, Amer. Slaver Bark p1227
  • Panther, Amer. Slaver Bark (Clapp), p1227
  • Paqueta de la Boverde, Port. Brig; see Diligente
  • Parks Gorham, p1245
  • Parks (Harvey C.), Seaman, Deponent in Case of Bark Jasper; see Jasper
  • Patterson (William), Deponent in Case of Brig Kentucky; see Kentucky
  • Patuxent, Slaver, p1248
  • Paulding (James K.), of N.Y., p1249
  • Paulo Rodriguez (Joao Antonio de), Slave Dealer, p1250
  • Paz, Amer. Slaver, p1250
  • Peerless, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Brand), p1253
  • Pelican, H.B.M. Sloop (Popham), p1253
  • Pendleton, Master Amer. Slaver Brig Montivideo; see Montivideo
  • Pennsylvania, pp1258-1260
  • Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, p1260
  • Pennsylvania Socy. for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, p1260
  • Perry (Matthew Calbraith), of R.I., pp1263-1265
  • Perry, U.S. Brig, p1270
  • Perry Spencer, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Monroe), p1270
  • Persian, H.B.M. Ship (Quin), p1270
  • Petrel, Amer. Slaver Bark p1276
  • Petrie (Peter), Master Br. Vessel Marmion, p1276
  • Pezuela (Juan Manuel), Capt. Gen. of Cuba, p1278
  • Phelps (John Smith), Repr. From Mo., p1279
  • Phelps (Samuel Shethar), p1279
  • Philadelphia (Penn.), p1281
  • Phillips (Philip), p1282
  • Phillips (William M.), Master Amer. Slaver Venus; see Venus
  • Philomel, H.B.M. Ship (Skene), p1282
  • Phipp (Elias), Deponent in Case of Amer. Ship Herald; see Herald
  • Picao, Brazilian Slaver (Joaquin), p1283
  • Pickens (Francis W.), p1283
  • Pierce (Franklin), of N.H., p1285
  • Pike (John W.), Lieut. Comdg. H.B.M.S. Antelope, p1286
  • Pike (Nicolas), of N.Y., p1286
  • Pike Co. (O.) Citizens, p1287
  • Pilgrim, Amer. Slaver Brig (Hill), p1287
  • Piracy, pp1289-1290
  • Pizarro, Span. Man-of-War, p1290
  • Pleasants (B.F.), Actg. Solicitor Treasury, U.S., p1291
  • Pluto, H.B.M. Str. (Simpson); see Amer. Bark Orion
  • Polk (James Knox), of Tenn., pp1297-1298
  • Polk (Trusten), p1299
  • Pons, Amer. Slaver Bark (Graham; Berry), p1301
  • Pontifical States, p1302
  • Porpoise, Amer. Brig (Libby), p1303
  • Porpoise, U.S. Schr., p1304
  • Porter (Augustus S.), Sen. From Mich., p1306
  • Porter (Edward), H.B.M. Consul at Bahia, p1307
  • Porter (James M.), p1307
  • Porter (John), Lieut. Comdg. U.S. Brig Boxer, p1307
  • Powell (Lazarus W.), Sen. From Ky., p1313
  • Powell (Levin M.), of Va., p1313
  • Pratt, Master Amer. Slaver Brig Pamelia; see Pamelia
  • Pratt (Thomas G.), of Md., p1314
  • Preston (William Campbell), of S.C., p1320
  • Privateering, p1323
  • Prometheus, H.B.M. Sloop (Hope), p1326
  • Prometheus, U.S. Brig, p1326
  • Prova, Port. Slaver Schr. (Dias), p1326
  • Providence (R.I.) Citizens, p1326
  • Pryor (Roger A.), Repr. From Va., p1327
  • Pugh (George E.), Sen. From O., p1328
  • Purvis (J.B.), Comdr. H.B.M. Ship Alfred, p1328
  • Putnam (Ind.) Citizens, p1329
  • Pylades, H.B.M. Schr. (Castle), p1329

  • Quintuple Treaty, p1331

Part III: R to Z
R   S   T   U   V   W   Y   Z   

  • Racer, H.B.M. Brig (Reed), p1333
  • Rachel P. Brown, Amer. Slaver Schr., p1333
  • Ramos (Jose Peres), and Costales (I. Manuel), Deponents in Case of Jasper; see Jasper
  • Ramsay (William W.), of Va., p1336
  • Randolph Co. (Ill.) Citizens, p1337
  • Randolph Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p1338
  • Ranger (Francis), Master Amer. Slaver William Clarke; see William Clarke
  • Raritan, U.S. Frigate, p1338
  • Rauch (Charles), Master Amer. Slaver Brig Uncas; see Uncas, p1338
  • Reagan (John H.), Repr. From Texas, p1339
  • Rebecca, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Watson, Arteta), p1340
  • Rebecca, Amer. Ship (Carter), p1340
  • Recognition, p1383
  • Redfield (Hemon J.), Collector of Customs, New York City, p1384
  • Reed (Archibald), Comdr. H.B.M. Ship Racer, p1384
  • Reeve (John), Comdr. H.B.M. Sloop Lily, p1388
  • Reform Convention, Annapolis, p1389
  • Rego (Jose Ricardo de Sa), p1389
  • Rendall (John), H.B.M. Consul at Boa Vista, Cape Verde, p1391
  • Reynolds (John H.), Repr. From N.Y., p1394
  • Rezende (Manoel Jose de), Slave Dealer, p1394
  • Rhode Island, p1395
  • Rhoderick Dhu, Amer. Bark (Sims), p1396
  • Richard Cobden, Amer. Ship (Black), p1399
  • Rives (William Cabell), of Va., p1408
  • Roach, Master Slaver Uncas; see Uncas
  • Roarer, Amer. Slaver, p1409
  • Robert McClelland, U.S. Revenue Cutter (Morrison), p1410
  • Robert Wilson, Slaver Schr., p1410
  • Roberts (J.J.), p1411
  • Robertson (Joseph W.), p1413
  • Robertson (William H.), of La., pp1413-1415
  • Robinson (Ann), Claimant, p1416
  • Robinson (C.W.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Enterprise; see Enterprise
  • Roderick, Master Slaver Brig Nancy; see Nancy
  • Rodeur, Fr. Slaver, p1419
  • Rosa, Slaver, p1423
  • Ross, Co. (O.) Citizens, p1424
  • Rudd (Edward), Claimant, pp1425-1426
  • Rufus Soule, Amer. Brigantine (Anderson; Davis), pp1426-1427
  • Rush (Richard), of Penn, p1428
  • Rush Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p1428
  • Rusk (Thomas Jefferson), of Texas, p1429
  • Russell (John) Lord, p1431
  • Russwurm (John B.), Agt. Md. State Colonization Society, p1433
  • Ruverosa Y Urgellis (Francisco), p1434
  • Ryan (Albert F.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Swift; see Swift

  • Sa (Bernardino da), Slave Dealer, p1434
  • St. Andrews, Amer. Slaver Brigantine, p1435
  • St. Joseph's Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p1436
  • Salisbury (Mass.) Citizens, p1440
  • San Antonio, Port. Slaver Brig, p1442
  • San Joseph, Spanish Slaver, p1443
  • Sandy Bay (Mass.) Citizens, p1447
  • Sappho, H.B.M. Sloop (Moresby); see Moresby (F.); see also Panchita, Amer. Bark; Charles Slaver
  • Sarah Anne, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Fronte), p1450
  • Sartiges (Etienne Gilbert Eugene), p1453
  • Saucy Jack, Amer. Privateer, Slaver, p1453
  • Savage (Thomas), pp1455-1456
  • Sawyer (William), Repr. From O., p1457
  • Schenck (Robert C.), of O., p1458
  • Schrnley (Edward W.H.), p1459
  • Sea Eagle, Amer. Brig (Smith), p1464
  • Seddon (James A.), Repr. From Va., p1466
  • Sedgwick (Thomas), Counsel for Africans On Board Amistad; see Amistad
  • Semmes (Benedict I.), Repr. From Md., p1467
  • Senator, Amer. Slaver Brig (Kelly), p1468
  • Seneca Co. (N.Y.) Citizens, p1468
  • Serrano (Francisco), Capt. Gen. of Cuba, p1469
  • Sete de Avril, Port. Schr. Martinho), p1469
  • Sevier (Ambrose H.), of Ark., P1471
  • Seward (James L.), Repr. From Ga., pp1471, 1473-1474
  • Seys (John), U.S. Agt. For Liberated Africans, p1475
  • Shakspeare, Amer. Slaver Schr. (Hunt), p1476
  • Sharkey (W.L.), of Miss., p1477
  • Sharpshooter, H.B.M. Str., p1477
  • Shelby Co. (Ind.) Citizens, p1478
  • Sheldon (Daniel, Jr.), of Conn., p1478
  • Sherman (John) of O., p1480
  • Sierra de Pillar, Por. Brig of War (Rodoralho), p1486
  • Silenus, Amer. Slaver Brig, p1487
  • Silva, Don, Slave Dealer, p1487
  • Silva Paranhos (Jose Maria da), Visconde do Rio Branco, p1487
  • Simmons (James F.), Sen. From R.I., p1488
  • Simonds (Lewis E.), of Mass., p1488
  • Singleton (Otho R.), of Miss., p1490
  • Skene (John D.), Comdr. H.B.M. Ship Philomel, p1490
  • Slacum (George W.), of D.C., p1490
  • Slave Dealers, p1493
  • Slave Trade, pp1493-1519
  • Slidell (John), of La., pp1519, 1521
  • Smith (Benjamin Everett), of Md., p1524
  • Smith (William), of Va., p1531
  • Soares (Joao), Slave Dealer, 1533
  • Solomon (T.M.), Master Span. Slaver Schr. Lark; see Lark
  • Solon, Amer. Slaver Brig (Lasher), p1534
  • Sooy, Amer. Slaver Brig (Leeds), p1535
  • Sophia, Amer. Slaver Brig (Hale), p1535
  • Soule (Pierre), of La., pp1536-1537
  • South Carolina, p1541
  • Southern (Henry), H.B.M.E.E. and M.P. in Brazil, p1542
  • Sovereignty, p1543
  • Spain, pp1554-1556
  • Spaulding (Eldridge G.), of N.Y., p1558
  • Speight (Jesse), p1559
  • Spencer (William A.), of N.Y., p1559
  • Spitfire, Slaver Schr., p1560
  • Splendid (Or, Velha Annita), Slaver Bark (Rich), p1561
  • Spy, H.B.M. Brigantine (Raymond), p1526
  • Stanly (Edward), of N.C., p1565
  • Stanton (Frederick P.), of Tenn., p1567
  • Staples (S.P.), Counsel for Africans On Board Amistad; see Amistad, p1567
  • Star, H.B.M. Brig, p1567
  • Stevens (A.H.), p1570
  • Stevens (Lucius), Deponent in Case of Brig Creole; see Creole
  • Stevenson (Andrew), of Va., pp1571-1572
  • Stevenson (Michael) Master Slaver Schr. N. Hand; see N. Hand
  • Stewart (James A.), Repr. From Md., p1574
  • Storm King, Amer. Slaver Brigantine, p1577
  • Stowe (Vt.) Citizens, p1578
  • Strange (Robert), Sen. From N.C., p1578
  • Suiters (Joseph), p1581
  • Sumner (G.W.); see Sophia, Amer. Brig, p1582
  • Susan, Amer. Brig (Wilford), pp1583-1584
  • Susquehannah Co. (Penn.) Citizens, p1585
  • Swift (Benjamin), Sen. From Vt., p1587
  • Swift (J.), Master Amer. Slaver Schr. Illinois; see Illinois
  • Swift, Amer. Slaver Schr., Late Conchita (Ryan), p1587

  • Taney (Roger Brooke), p1590
  • Taylor (Miles), p1593
  • Taylor (Zachary), p1594
  • Tazewell (Littleton Walker), of Va., p1594
  • Teazer, H.B.M. Str. (Grubbe), p1595
  • Tejedor (Gregorio), Slave Dealer, p1595
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  • Zenobia, Amer. Slaver Schr., p1980
  • Zephyr, Amer. Slaver, p1980

RG 60 General Records of the Department of Justice

Legal Opinions of the Attorney General, 1817-70

William Wirt, Attorney General, Nov. 13, 1817- Mar. 3, 1829

Volume 1
  • No. 26 Negroes, Introduction of into the U.S.; seizure under the laws of the U.S. and Georgia, March 31, 1818.
  • No. 29 When vessels having Negroes on board may be lawfully seized under act of 2nd March 1807, April 16,1819.
  • No. 53 Run-away slaves, conveyance of, one State to another by captain of a vessel, August 29, 1819.
  • No. 57 Introduction of Slaves into States in violation of act of 20 April 1818, Sept. 8, 1819.
  • No. 64 Bond from foreign vessels clearing out of US for Africa under Act of 22 March 1794, Oct. 8, 1819.
  • No. 68 Slave Laws of the U.S.A , King's Case
  • No. 70 Officer's share of a forfeiture under the Slave Laws of the U.S., Archibald Clark's case, Dec.16, 1819.
  • No. 76 Manner of disposing of Negroes unlawfully brought into the United States prior to the act of March 3, 1819, Feb. 2, 1820.
  • No. 77 Right of Officers to monies of forfeiture under the slave laws - Act 1807, Case of the "Carmelita," Feb. 5, 1820.
  • No. 105 Seizure of a vessel suspected of being equipped for the slave trade, Case of the Camelion, May 19, 1820.
  • No. 146 Examination of the charges against General Mitchell of having unlawfully introduced Slaves into the U.S.A., Jan. 20, 1821.
  • No. 166 Joseph F. Smith's application for pardon for breech of Slave-laws, Apr. 25, 1821.
Volume 2
  • No. 183 Servants of Color introduced into U.S.A. by Passengers of Brig Cannon, August 16, 1821.
  • No.192 Case of William J. Rogers. Transportation of Negroes Coastwise, October 11, 1821.
  • No 198 Servants taken from U.S by Persons going to travel in foreign countries not within the Act 0f 1818, Nov. 5, 1821.
  • No. 200 Case of the "La Jeune Eugenie" (captured slaver), Nov. 7, 1821.
  • No. 201 Case of the Schooner "Farmer's Fancy" Nov. 7, 1821
  • No. 203 Case of Joseph F.Smith convicted of violations of the Slaves' Laws, Nov. 7, 1821.
  • No. 204 Cases of the "St.Stephens" and the "Susan"(carrying slaves coastwise), November 7, 1821.
  • No. 205 Are Free persons of Color in Virginia, citizens of the U.S. States within the meaning of the acts of Congress regulating the trade of the U.S.A., (can free blacks command vessels), Nov. 7, 1821
  • No. 218 Application by French Minister of France for restoration of a French vessel having Africans on board, Case of "La Pensee", Jan. 22, 1822.
  • No. 234 Georgia claims, questions of Interest, June 11, 1822. (see also No.240.)
  • No. 245 A slave, the property of a Danish subject, brought to the port of New York from St. Croix by Thomas Disney, Master of the American Ship, "Elias Burger." Have we the power or we under any obligation to restore said slave on the demand of the Danish Government? Sept.27, 1822.
  • No. 265 Construction of several acts of Congress, as to the intention of Congress, to incorporate Negroes and people of colour within the army of the United States, March 27, 1823
  • No. 285 Claims of the Marshall of the state of Georgia for the support of Negroes constituting the cargo of the Spanish vessel, Ramirez, Dec.30, 1823.
  • No. 299 Free Negroes and persons of colour - Construction of the Legislative Acts of South Carolina, December 20, 1820, -touching their seizure, and confinement when brought in said State, May 8,1824.
Volume 3
  • P. 48 Georgia Claims, Creek Nation treaty with USA. Slave property involved, July 28, 1828.
  • P. 86 Negroes claimed under Spanish Treaty, D. Nagles Case, March 31, 1829.
  • P. 248 Free Negroes carried into South Carolina, March 25, 1829.

Roger B. Taney, Attorney General, July 20, 1831- September 24, 1833
Benjamin F. Butler, Atty., General, Nov. 15, 1833 - Sept. 1, 1838
Felix Grundy, Atty.General, July 5, 1838 - Dec 1, 1839
Henry D.Gilpin, Atty. General, Jan. 11, 1840 - Mar. 4, 1841
John J. Crittenden, Atty. General, Mar. 5, 1841 - Sept. 13, 1841

Volume 4
  • P. 2 Pardon Petition for slave Donnelly, March 1, 1832.
  • P. 165 Murder, Negroes slaves of white men, in Indian country, not triable in an Indian court, but must be tried in United States court, December 26, 1834.
  • P. 243 Ms.Thornton case, for pardon of her slave accused of attempted murder, February 25, 1836.
Volume 5
  • P. 200 The President has no Constitutional authority to direct apprehension of slaves in the Indian Country, August 30, 1838.
  • P. 280 Case of the "Amistad" and African Negroes, November, 1839.
  • P. 296 Case of the "Amistad", April 11, 1840.
  • P. 298 Transportation of slaves on the coastlines April 16, 1840.
  • P. 297 Slaves killed by Indians, April 15, 1840.
  • P. 347 Transportation of slaves on the coastline, July 29, 1840.
  • P. 366 Case of the "Amistad", December 14, 1840.
  • P. 491 Case of the "Amistad", April 6, 1842.

Hugh S. Legare, Atty. General, Sept. 13, 1841 - June 20, 1843
John Nelson, Atty. General, July 1, 1843 - Mar. 3, 184
John Y. Mason, Atty. General, Mar. 6, 1845 - Sept. 9, 1846
Nathan Clifford, Atty. General, Oct. 17, 1846 - Mar. 17, 1848

Volume 6
  • P. 57 Colonization Society and reception of transported Africans, December 24, 1842.
  • P. 62 Free people of colour entitled to benefit of preemption Act of 1841, March 15, 1843.
  • P.121 Case of Jenkins, a Negro, distinction between slave and free, August 25,1843.
  • P. 124* Slave Trade Acts: Exposition of terms, and of the rights and responsibilities of ship owners selling vessels deliverable on the Coast of Africa, August 29, 1843. 1) March 22, 1794; 2) May 10, 1800; 3) Feb.28, 1803; 4) May 2, 1807; 5) Apr. 20, 1818, ch 18; 6) Mar 3, 1819, ch 224; 7) May 15, 1820. (March 2, 1807, 2 Stat 426), Congress prohibited the importation of slaves into the U.S. of America after January 1, 1808)
  • P. 144 Complaint of Portugese Minister over the abduction of slave by American vessel from the Cape Verde islands, November 2, 1843.
Issac Toucey, Atty. General, June 21, 1848 - Mar.3, 1849

Volume 7

Volume lacked an index.

Reverdy Johnson, Atty. General, Mar. 3, 1849 - July 20, 1850

Volume 8
Index indicated no citations.
Caleb Cushing, Atty. General, Mar. 7, 1853 - Mar. 3, 1857

Volume 9
Index indicated no citations

Registers of Letters Received, 1809-1863, 3 volumes
see Letters Received, 1809-70, for documents (entry 9)
LOC: 230/01/30/01, entry 6

Volume A: State Department
208Oct 27, 1817Slave from Barbadoes
405May 16, 1826Slave trade prosecution
705Nov. 23, 1831African captives commandeered British slaver
731 June 7, 1832 Execution of slave Donelly, Mobile, Alabama
741 May 19, 1832 South Carolina laws regulating free blacks
1568 July 22, 1833Construction slave trade acts
1594Oct. 25, 1833Slave taken from Verde Island
2335 Nov. 22, 1850Fugitives slaves: case of the Crafts
2469Nov. 1851Questions re: slave trade

War Department
393July 22, 1825Indian Spring Treaty and Negroes
1002Feb. 11, 1836Slaves fleeing to Indian country
(There is a good chance that much of the correspondence discussing matters with Indian nations would have also concerned slaves)

Treasury Department
110 March 21, 1818Negroes concerned w/ Mitchell case
463 Dec. 6, 1827Indemnification for slaves relative to the Treaty of Ghent
1208April 15, 1840Manifest of slaves transported coastwise
1263 July 28, 1840 Transportation of slaves between Mobile and New Orleans
1303 Dec. 8, 1840 Opinion asked relative to purchase of Spanish schooner, "Amistad"
1498Dec. 14, 1842Opinion asked relative to free colored person and the Pre-emption Act

Navy Department
117April 15, 1818Orders to cruisers against the introduction of slaves
172March 24, 1819Seizure of vessels with slaves trading under another flag
204 Sept. 21, 1819Case stated in a letter from President of colonization society
418Dec. 29, 1826Negroes of the "Ramerez"
460Nov. 9, 1827Capture of the "Antelope" and "Ramerez" - claim of Capt. Jackson for bounty
490 Apr. 10, 1828Case of the "Antelope" and "Ramerez" slavers
578Sept. 19, 1829Purchase of arms for defense of colony in Liberia
617May 21, 1830 Transporting Africans on the Washington barge
634Aug 16, 1830Capture of slaver "Phoenix" by the "Grampus"
768July 10, 1832Case of Africans illegally introduced
1202March 27, 1840Expenses of negroes taken on board "Amistad"
1207April 11, 1840Negro Evidence before a Court Martial
1212 April 20, 1840Court martial of Florida slave, G. Mason
1358Jan. 13, 1842Salvage money of the "Amistad"
2100April 14, 1849 American vessel suspected of being in the slave trade

Interior Department
35April 30, 1860Sends copy of his paper containing evidence of the late fugitive slave case

Attorney General
80 July 6, 1816 Opinion case hazard and half of the "Nancy"
193 Aug. 20, 1819Affidavit relative to female slave brought from Savannah, Georgia
125Aug. 3, 1822Case of James Barry a fugitive slave belonging to a Danish subject
268Jan. 22, 1822Africans found aboard "La Pense"
353June 12, 1824 Supreme Court mandate relative to the "Emily", and "Caroline" (slave ships)
2334Nov. 18, 1850Case of the fugitive slaves, W. & E. Craft from Georgia against C. Devens, Jr. U.S. Atty., Mass.

205 Oct. 13, 1819 Colonization of African slaves
2315 Sept. 18, 1850Opinion asked relative to fugitive slave bill

Alphabetical Listing of Sender: Correspondence Arranged by State. Register identifies state.
1306Dec. 10, 1840Asks an interview relative to the "Amistad"
1307 Dec. 10, 1840Establishing meeting time for the "Amistad" interview
6Dec. 31, 1811 Cargoes of the "Penobscot" and the "Nancy"
2269March 3, 1850 J.D. Lewis, of Virginia complaints of loss of slaves
192 Aug. 21, 1819Female slave arrived from Savannah on board the "General Jackson"
271Feb 22, 1822The "Caroline" and "Mite" slaving vessels
307Feb. 13, 1823South Carolina law as to colored mariners, referred by Secy. of State
119 Apr. 21, 1824Constitutionality of slave law
2333Nov. 1, 1850As to fugitive slaves William & Ellen Croft (Craft) case against C. Devens, Jr. U.S. Atty, Mass.
2393Jan 24, 1851 Letter from A. Mathes, relative to arresting slaves in Indian territory (see 2391)
15Mar. 3, 1813Capture of the "Ariadne" and "S. Carolina"
68Nov. 6, 1817 Case of the American brig, "Nancy", Deposition of
925Sept. 7, 1834 A kidnapped slave brought from Jamaica
1211Apr 20, 1840 Liability of the U.S. for slaves killed in Florida
730Mar. 31, 1832Case of Donelly slave condemned for murder of white man, applicant for pardon, Report of case enclosed
270 Feb. 5, 1822Case of C. Muloy and 150 Africans of the cargo of the "Ramerez"
390June 28, 1825 Relative to the brig "Grampus" Enclosing decree in Circuit Court
392 July 20, 1825Galpin's claim for negroes, case falling under the Indian Spring Treaty referred Secy. of War
1178 Feb. 3, 1840Asks documents relative to slaves set free in Bermuda, case of the "Amistad"
1186Feb. 20, 1840Relative to proceedings against a fugitive from justice
1193Mar. 9, 1840Relative to slaves on board the "Amistad" being Spanish property
1310Dec. 14, 1840Case of the schooner, "Amistad"
378Feb. 3, 1825Request for defer of the slave trade question
1277Aug. 31, 1840 Asks return of the argument, case of the "Amistad"
1294Nov. 18, 1840Record case of the U.S. vs the "Amistad"
304Feb. 3, 1822African slave case
311 1830Relative to imprisonment of D. Frazer, colored mariner. Referred by C.J. Steedman, Sheriff of Charleston
9871836Asks copies of opinion of Attys. Genl Wirt and Berrien relative to colored people entering the United States
2402Feb. 22, 1851As to scruples of jurors relative to fugitive slaves
2392Jan. 23, 1850As to power to arrest fugitive slaves in Indian territory (see 2393)
70Nov. 18, 1817Case of the brig, "Nancy." Ill treatment of negroes by the owner and mate, Hazzard and Haff
309Dec. 15, 1830Imprisonment of D. Frazer, colored mariner
10 Oct. 8, 1812 Merchants in Rhode Island engaged in the slave trade
11Oct. 13, 1812 Merchants in RI in the slave trade
1202March 27, 1840Expenses of negroes taken on board the "Amistad"
1096July 30, 1836Opinion asked relative to hostile negroes in the Seminole Nation
310 Dec. 16, 1830 Relative to the imprisonment of D. Frazer, colored mariner. Referred by British Consul, W. Ogilby (see 309)
313Feb. 27, 1823Certain vessels and slaves captured on the coast of Florida
1073 June 14, 1836Relative to pardon of her servant boy, letter to Judge Taney within
1292Nov. 11, 1840 Asks copies of record in case of the "Amistad"
1315Dec. 30, 1840 Asking when the case of the "Amistad" will be reached
308 Dec. 26, 1830Case of D. Frazer, a free colored man. Referred by Secy. of State Van Buren (see 309, 310)
658Jan. 15, 1831 Release of D. Frazer, colored mariner. Letter from Consul at Charleston enclosed. Referred by Secy. of State (see 308, 309, 310)

Volume B

Attorney General
2788Jul. 22, 1856Relative to the "Amelia"
3103Aug. 8, 1856That the Sec. Of State has determined to apply to Congress for appropriations to pay the expenses incurred in securing the cargo of the Bark, "Amelia"
3194Jan. 31, 1859Relative to the African "slave trade"
3209 Mar. 31, 1859Relating to the "Echo" case
3224Mar. 31, 1859Relative to suppressing slave trade
3237Jun. 7, 1857As to violation of "fugitive slave law" in case of "Add White"
3415Jul. 24, 1857Rel. to the Dep. Mar.'s account in the fugitive slave law, Boston
4062Jan. 10, 1859Relative tot he case of the "Wanderer"
4077Jan. 31, 1859Rel. to the importation of African negroes by the "Wanderer"
4078Feb. 1, 1859Rel. to the importation of Africans by the "Wanderer"
4166Apr. 13, 1859Rel. to an account of $1500 in favor of J.W. Mayne for services in the prosecution of the crew of the Brig, "Echo"
State Department
4228 Jun. 13, 1859Foreign ships flying American flag ( practice of slavers)
Treasury Department
3576Dec. 22, 1857As to violation of the Act of Congress for suppression of slave trade
3479Dec. 23, 1857As to whether application has been received for pardon of Andie and of David, the slave one Brown
4644Sept. 26, 1860Bargue "William" condemned as slaver
4113Mar. 5, 1859Relative to "Wanderer" and two negroes
3921Aug. 27, 1858As to whether under the Act of March 2, 1857, negroes slaves can be lawfully be paid for services in the War of 1812
Interior Department
3477Sept. 7, 1857Can master of slave obtain patent invented by slave
3583Dec. 27, 1857Is master entitled to patent invented by slave
4115Mar. 11, 1859U.S. Marshal, South Carolina, seeks compensation for expenses incurred while detaining Africans from the brig "Echo."
4449Jan. 4, 1860Rel. to account for services of A.R. Allen in taking Capt. Farnham of the "Wanderer" to Savannah

Alphabetical Listing of Sender: Correspondence Arranged by State
4056Jan. 5, 1859 Rel. to suit of John F. Mason, (colored) v. Joseph C. and David Gamble
4107Feb 26, 1859Prosecuting under Fugitive Slave Act
3304 Apr. 3, 1857 Request for return of fugitive slave
3962Nov. 13, 1858Wants copies of the President's message and reports from State and Navy Depts. in reference to the "slave trade" which were transmitted to Senate April 21, 1858
4466Jan. 17, 1860 Ask that the military force at Ft. Leavenworth be placed at his disposal to aid in the arrest persons concerned in the violation of the Fugitive Slave Act
4360Sept. 18, 1859About Mr. Swaynet's bill for service in Fugitive Slave case
4456Jan. 9, 1860Wants to employ Mr. Arrington as "counsel" in a "fugitive slave " case with a fee of $1000
4515Apr. 5, 1860Rel. to Mr. Arrington's bill for service in the Chicago "Fugitive slave rescue" case
4579Jul. 23, 1860 Reporting the arrival of the schooner Clotilde with African slaves on board
4709 Apr 18, 1860 Ask about the bill of Mr. Arrington for legal services in the fugitive slave case in Chicago
2886 Jul 8, 1854Rel. to the fugutive slave law and revenue laws. Conflict of State and U.S. authorities
3978Dec. 3, 1858Desires to know what compensation he is entitled to for custody of the captured African of the Brig "Echo."
3175 Apr. 20, 1859 With regards to the rescue of a runaway slave
3184 Apr. 25, 1859 Rel. to the violation of the fugitive slave law
4606 Jul. 28, 1860 Writ of habeus corpus issued for the seizure of negroes imported into Alabama
2901Oct. 31, 1854Rel. to one James Smith engaged in the "slave trade"
3590May 30, 1857 As to resistance to the execution of the slave law in southern Ohio, in the case of Add White
4529 Apr. 24, 1860Rel. to slave rescue case. Wishes sanction Atty. General
4094Feb. 17, 1859 Relative to the Barque "Wanderer"
2706May 25, 1853 Relative to the schooner Machet P. Brown captured on the West Coast of Africa
2850Jun. 9, 1854 States that an unusual number of criminal prosecutions, including several fugitive slave rescue cases are to be tried at the July term Dist. Court
4593 Jul. 18, 1860 Rel. to recent importation of negroes into Alabama
4600 Jul. 24, 1860Rel. to the schooner "Clotilde" and Africans introduced by her
4502 Mar. 20, 1860 Respecting the right of Congress to pass the slave trade laws
4540May 26, 1860Reporting arrival of U.S. Steamer, "Mohawk," at Key West with the Barque, "Wildfire" with 350 Africans on board
4542May 15, 1860 Reporting the arrival of the U.S. Steamer, Wyandott" at Key West with Barque, "William" as a prize with 550 negroes
4547May 23, 1860Sending an opinion of Judge Jonas on slave trade laws
2687Oct. 3, 1853 As to recapture of runaway negroes. Rel. to case of John B. Davis
4512Mar. 29, 1860Is Captain Martin of the "Wanderer" to be demanded under the Extradition Treaty with England

Volume C

4726Jan. 2, 1861Rel. to D. H. Steward arresting and transporting Africans as marshal of Georgia
6224Sept. 24, 1862Ask an opinion regarding colored free citizens

Alphabetical Listing of Sender: Correspondence Arranged by State
62830ct. 25, 1862Relative to action under the Confiscation Act of July 17, 1862
6532 Mar. 9, 1863Seizure of property under the Confiscation Act of July 1862
5963 May 9, 1862 Maryland fugitives slaves entering District of Columbia - application of Law of 1850
6181Aug. 30, 1862Complaints that his negroes have been taken away
6182Aug. 30, 1862Wants a copy of the Confiscation Act sent
5446Sept. 19, 1861Relative to Confiscation Act of Aug. 6, 1861
6401Dec. 31, 1862Asks instructions as to proceedings under the Confiscation Act
6412Jan. 7, 1863Relative to a question arising under the Confiscation Act
6433Jan. 16, 1863Ask instruction under the Confiscation Act
6467Feb. 2, 1863Asks as to proceedings under the Confiscation Act
5651Dec. 5, 1861Cannot Negroes in Washington Jail be released
5220Jul. 11, 1861Does the Govt. with the slave laws execute
5429Sept. 13, 1861Does the Confiscation Act extends to stocks and money on deposit
5742Jan. 25, 1862Encloses copy of an act to suppress the African Slave Trade and asks your opinion and suggestions
5375Sept. 5, 1861Confiscation Act and proclamation prohibiting transportation of property to and from the revolted states
5409Sept. 10, 1861Asks instruction as to Confiscation cases
6542Mar. 14, 1863 Ask for instructions under the Confiscation Act
5332Aug. 22, 1861Rel. to seizure of goods declared forfeit by "force" and confiscation act
5448Sept. 19, 1861Can real estate or the rents there of be seized confiscated under the acts of 1st Session of the 37th Congress
6289Oct. 29, 1862Has secured conviction of slaver Albert Horn
6295 Oct. 2, 1862 Relative to an act to confiscate the property of Rebels
5463 Sept. 21, 1861Wants advice as to the construction of the Confiscation Act
5395Sept. 7, 1861Construction of the Act of Aug. 6, 1861 - Confiscation Act
5498Oct. 9, 1861Construction of the Confiscation Act
5513Oct. 14, 1861 Rel. to construction of the Confiscation Act, money of Rebels on deposit subject to draft
6264Oct. 14, 1861An inquiry to the Confiscation Act

Supreme Court Case Papers, 1809 - 1870

Papers relating to cases before the U.S. Supreme Court of which the United States was a party or had an interest.
LOC: 230/1/33/2

Box 1
  • United States v. Africans of the Antelope
  • U.S. v. Brig Mary Ann
Box 2
  • U.S. v. Brig Emily, February, 1824
  • U.S. v. Brig Caroline, February, 1824
  • U.S. v. Schooner Catherine, December, 1839
Box 3
  • U.S. v. Schooner Elmira Cornelius, December 1865
  • U.S. v. Schooners Merino, Constitution, Louisa, and African Slaves, 1818
  • U.S. v. Cornelius Coolidge, 1816
  • Lewis Cruger, Administrator of Charlles Murray, v. Wm. C. Daniel, Bill of Complaint
  • Bill of Complaint of Lewis Cruger, In Chancery.
  • U.S. v. the cargo of the "Brig Diana", 1814
Box 4
  • U.S. v. Schooner Fenix, Sept. 1831
Box 5
  • U.S. v. Ship Gavoune, 1836
  • U.S. v. John Gooding, 1826
Box 6
  • U.S. v. Antonio Huertas, 1834
Box 7
  • U.S. v. Bark Kate, 1864
Box 8
  • U.S. v. Schooner L'Epine, 1816
  • The Life and Fire Insurance Company of New York v. The Heirs of Nicholas Wilson, in the State of Louisiana, 1834
  • The Brig Mary Anne v. U.S, 1818
Box 9
  • U.S. v. Mulvey (Africans of the "Ramirez), 1825
  • U.S. v. brig, Nancy
  • U.S. v. The "Panther," 1845
Box 11
  • U.S. v. Schooner St. Jago de Cuba, 1820
  • U.S. v. Brig Josepa Segunde, 1807
  • U.S. v. Francis Sorrell ("Antelope" and "Ramirez"), 1822
Box 13
  • U.S. v. The Barque "Weathergage," 1860

RG 69 Records of the Work Projects Administration

The Works Projects Administration, established May 6, 1935, was responsible for the Governments work relief program. It succeeded both the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Civil Works Administration, which were established in 1933. The WPA was officially abolished June 30, 1943 These records are located at Archives II in College Park, Maryland

Records of the Federal Theater Project Living Newspaper Research Materials Relating to Specific Topics, 1936-39
Loc: 530/69/10/5

Box 558
  • Negro Living Newspaper Play. Entry 965
  • Leonard E. Strong, Negroes in Wars. Brief account of African-Americans in Revolutionary War, Civil War, and WWI
  • (4 copies). Oct. 1936.
  • Robert Whittington, Negro Troops in Civil War. List of battles in which African-Americans fought with a listing of Negro soldiers who received medals for their actions in the Civil War. Oct. 1938.
  • Robert Whittington, Negro Troops in the Civil War List of battles in which African-Americans fought with date of battle accompanied by the number of troops used and killed. Oct. 1938.
  • H. Radin, Benjamin Franklin and Slavery. Cop of November 9, 1978 "An Address to the Public from the Pennslvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes, Unlawfully Held in Bondage" by Benjamin Franklin. Oct 1938.
  • Arthur Ambrose, Negro Soldiers in the Civil War - Their Bravery and Skill - Pertinent Quotes. Excerpts from The Negro in the War of the Rebellion and History of the Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 by George Washington Williams. Oct. 1938.
  • Arthur Ambrose, Negro Soldiery and Valor in Civil War. Instances of Negro valor found in History of Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 by George W. Williams. Oct. 1938.
  • H. Radin, Benjamin Franklin and Slavery. Benjamin Franklin's plans for improving the condition of free African- Americans. Oct. 1938.
  • Charles Mulligan, Reactions to Assassination of Lincoln. Quotes from Myths After Lincoln by Lloyd Lewis concerning feelings about the severity of Reconstruction. Oct. 1938.
  • Charles Mulligan, Lincoln Assassination V. Union Labor Reaction. Excerpts from Social History of America by Herman Schluter concerning addresses sent to America by the International Workingmen's Association. Oct. 1938.
  • Charles L. Mulligan, Lincoln Assassination I: The South. Excerpts from various books concerning reactions to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Oct 1938.
  • Charles L. Mulligan, Lincoln's Assassination II: The Case Against Jeff Davis. Excerpts and summaries of sections from Why Was Lincoln Murdered? By Louis Eisenschiml. Oct. 1938.
  • Chas. L. Mulligan, Lincoln Assassination III: The Case Against Andrew Johnson. Excerpts and summaries of sections from Why Was Lincoln Murdered? By Louis Eisenschiml. Oct. 1938.
  • Chas. L. Mulligan, Lincoln Assassination IV: Stanton. Excerpts and summaries of sections from Why Was Lincoln Murdered? by Louis Eisenschiml concerning the possible involvement of Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Oct. 1938.
  • Robert Whittington, Ku Klux Klan Testimony. Testimony by Joint Select Committee into affairs in the late insurrectionary states concerning the testimony of a Mr. Samuel White forced by the Klan to renounce his political faith in the Republican party. May 1938.
  • Catherine A. Durkin, Newspaper Comments During Reconstruction. Description of a plot in Canada by a man from Mississippi to infect Union occupying forces through clothes. Oct. 1938.
  • Catherine A. Durkin, Newspaper Comments During Reconstruction. Newspaper articles concerning Negro suffrage, remembrances of Lincoln, and President Johnson's terms of pardon for the rebels. Oct. 1938.
  • Mathieu Smith, Character Sketch of Thaddeus Stevens. July 1938.
  • Cooper, No Title. Discussion of effect of slavery on economic prosperity based on Notes on Political Economy by N. Ware. N.d.

RG 76 Records of Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitration

Following arbitration by the Emperor of Russia in 1822, a mixed claims commission was provided for in a convention signed to settle U.S. claims against Great Britain concerning slaves and property lost during the War of 1812. Because of difficulties faced by the commission, a new convention was signed in 1826 in which Great Britain agreed to pay a sum in satisfaction of all claims awarded under the arbitration of the Emperor. A domestic claims commission was established by an act in 1827 to handle the disbursement of awards. In 1853, another mixed claims commission was established to settle claims presented to either government since December 24, 1814.

There are several series that pertain to the business of the mixed claims commissions and the domestic claims commission. These records are located at Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

  1. Records of the Mixed Claims Commission (established by convention of 1822)
    • Minutes of the Mixed Commission. Aug. 25, 1823-Mar. 26, 1827, 1 vol., entry 181.
    • Docket of 1822 Commission. Ca. 1825-26, 1 vol. entry 183
    • Index to Miscellaneous Records, N.d. 3 in., entry 184
    • Miscellaneous Records. Ca. 1814-28, 7 vols., entry 185
    • Records Relating to Detained American Vessels. Ca. 1812-19, 17 ft., entry 186
  2. Records of the Domestic Claims Commission
    • Minutes of the Domestic Claims Commission. July 10, 1827-Aug. 31, 1828, 3 vols., entry 187.
    • List (Docket) of Claims. 1826, 1 vol., entry 188.
    • Index to Claimants. N.d. 16 in., entry 189.
    • Case Files. Ca. 1814-28, 3.5 ft., entry 190.
    • List of Awards. Ca. 1827-28, 1 vol., entry 191.
    • Definitive List of Slaves and Property. N.d. 1 vol., entry 192.
    • Slave Lists. N.d. 2 vols., entry 193.
  3. Records of the Mixed Claims Commission (established by convention of 1853)
    • Minutes of the Commission. Sept. 15, 1853-Jan. 15, 1855, 1 vol., entry 195.
    • Index to Case Files of American and British Claims. N.d. 9 in., entry 196.
  4. Miscellaneous Claims, ca. 1797-1863
    • Index to Miscellaneous Claims. N.d. 4 in., entry 200.
    • Miscellaneous Claims. Ca. 1797-1853, 6 in., entry 201.
    • The Case of the Vessel "Jehossee." Ca. 1860, 1 in., entry 203.

RG 206 Records of the Solicitor of the Treasury

Letters received by the Solicitor of the Treasury from U.S. district attorneys, marshals, and clerk of court, 1801-1898 The Office of the Solicitor of the Treasury (1830-1934) was created in the Department of the Treasury to supervise all legal proceedings involving the collection of debts due the United States. This record group includes letters relative to suits for the forfeiture of vessels involved in the slave trade. These records are located at Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

Index to Letters Received, September 1, 1865 - January 9, 1911

Volume 1
entry 2

December 8, 1865 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposition to compromise judgement against H.M. Bearnes and G.H. Blanchard on bond slaver barge "Weathergage."
December 8, 1865 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposition to compromise judgment against H.M. Bearnes and G.H. Blanchard on bond slaver barge "Weathergage."
March 12, 1866 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposition to settle case of barge "Weathergage."
December 1, 1865 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Enclosing letter from Messrs. Beebe, Dean, and Donahue proposing compromise of liability of Henry M. Bearnes as surety on bond ship "Weathergage."
December 8, 1865 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposal to compromise judgment against H.M. Bearnes and G.H. Blanchard on bond slaver barge "Weathergage."
December 8, 1865 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposal to compromise judgment against H.M. Bearnes and G.H. Blanchard on bond slaver barge "Weathergage."
March 12, 1866 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposition to settle case of barge "Weathergage."
April 23, 1866 From the Collector of Customs. Sandusky. Reporting Seizure of sloop "Jago."
March 16, 1866 From Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, D.C. U.S. v. Sureties on Bond for Barge "Weathergage" accepts offer.

Volume 2
entry 2

July 9, 1866 From the United States Attorney. New York, South District. Relative to proposition made by Beebe, Dean, and Donahue in matter of "Weathergage."
July 21, 1866 Waddell, W. C. H. New York. Relative to the "Weathergage."

RG 217 Records of the United States General Accounting

Established within the Department of Treasury by an act of 1817 that authorized four additional auditors and an comptroller. The 1789 Act that established the Treasury provided for a comptroller to superintend the adjustment and preservation of the public accounts and auditor to supervise disbursements.

There are several series that account for the Department of Treasury involvement with the African slave trade. These records are located at Archives l in Washington, D.C.

Settled Accounts of Claimants and Disbursing Officers of the First Auditor. 1790-1894.

Claims case files include: African shipping;the bounty on Blacks illegally imported;the support of captured Africans illegally entering the United States; bounty for the capture of illegal slave ships; expenditures of the American Colonization Society in support of persons of African descent.

Abstract of Accounts for Bounty for the capture of ships in the Slave Trade. 1857-60, 1 vol.

Gives name of the claimant, name of captured and capturing ships, and name of the payee. There is a list of vessels captured for engaging in the slave trade, 1857-60, date of seizure, names of vessels making seizure, the squadron, and the locality of the capture.

Records of the Board of Commissioners for the Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-63

An act of April 12, 1862 (12 Stat.376) abolished slavery in the District of Columbia. The President was authorized to appoint a board of commissioners to examine petitions for compensation from former owners of freed slaves in the District. Petitions disclosed name of petitioner, slaves, and value of slaves claimed in the petition. Bound volumes also show summary of action taken, number of the petition, amount awarded, and signature of the claimant. These records are microfilmed under Microfilm Number 520. There are 6 rolls.

RG 287 Publications of the U.S. Government, 1790-1979

This record group is a collection of selected publications of U.S. Government agencies, arranged according to a classification system (SuDoc System) devised by the Office of the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office (GPO). The core collection is a library that was maintained by GPO's Public Documents Division during the period 1895-1972, and whose contents were arranged according to the SuDoc System. The library began in 1895 following the establishment of GPO of the position of Superintendent of Documents by an act of January 12, 1895 (28 Stat. 601), with responsibility for the cataloging, slae, and distribution of Federal Government publications. By 1972, when the National Archives acquired the library, it included official publications dating from the early years of the government. After January 1, 1808, slave trading by American citizens became illegal

Annual Reports

Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Navy

1828 pp.126-127
1830 pp.42-43
1834 p.315
1836 pp.442-443, 450
1837 pp.716, 725
1848 pp.604, 605-606, 607
1849 p.428
1850 pp.193, 194, 195
1851 pp.4-5
1852 pp.291, 293, 299-301
1853 pp.298-299
1854 pp.386-387
1855 pp.5-6
1856 p.407
1857 pp.576, 578
1858 pp.5, 13-14
1859 pp.1138-1139, 1144, 1149-1150
1861 pp.20, 21
1862 p.23
1865 p.XI

RG 366 Records of Civil War Special Agencies of the Treasury Department

An Act of July 13, 1862, (12 Stat. 257) prohibited commercial intercourse between people residing in the seceded states and citizens of the United States and provided that merchandise transported for commercial purposes from or to the Confederacy would be forfeited to the United States. The Treasury Department received control over commercial intercourse, and Special Agents under the Special Agency system were given authority to supervise trade and commerce in areas of the Confederacy occupied by Union forces. Under Treasury Department regulations of July 29, 1864, it established "freedmen's home colonies" to provide employment and welfare to assistance to freed slaves. Nine Special Agencies were ultimately established in the Confederate States, each responsible for a prescribed geographical boundary.

Records are arranged by Special Agency, thereunder by districts and activity.
  • Records of the First Special Agency, Mississippi Valley (includes St. Louis, south-east portions of Illinois, Kentucky, western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and Louisiana, Mississippi and western Alabama); LOC: 450/79/32-34, entries 1 - 115.
  • Records of the Second Special Agency, (includes parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana); LOC:450/79/34 - 80/04, entries 116 - 411.
  • Records of the Third Special Agency, (includes parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida); LOC: 450/80/04 - 09, entries 412 - 555.
  • Records of the Fourth Special Agency, (Texas); LOC: 450/80/09/01-04, entries 558 - 570.
  • Records of the Fifth Special Agency, (includes parts of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida); LOC: 450/80/09/04-10/02, entries 571 - 620.
  • Records of the Sixth Special Agency, (North Carolina); LOC: 450/10/02/04, entries 622-653.
  • Records of the Seventh Special Agency, (includes Virginia and North Carolina); LOC: 450/80/02/04 - 11/04, entries 655-739.
  • Records of the Eighth Special Agency, (includes parts of South Carolina and Georgia); amended Treasury Department's general regulation, April 25, 1865, LOC: 450/80/11/04, entries 740-748.
  • Records of the Ninth Special Agency, (Florida and Alabama); amended Treasury Department's general regulation, April 24, 1865, LOC: 450/80/11/04 - 12/04, entries 749-774