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Compilation of Periodical Literature: George W. Bush Library Cluster

  1. D'Haeseleer, Brian. "Paving the War for Baghdad: The US Invasion of Panama, 1989". International History Review 41, no.6 (December 2019): 1194-1215.
    GHWB Library/GWB Library

  2. Kratz, Jessie. "The Presidential Libraries". Prologue 47, no.3 (Fall 2015): 53.
    FDR Library/GWB Library

  3. McMillen, David. "Moving Out, Moving In: The National Archives' Important Role When the Presidency Changes Hands". Prologue 48, no.4 (Winter 2016): 36-46.
    Online version
    DDE Library/LBJ Library/RMN Library/WJC Library/GWB Library