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United States Congress. The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States with an Appendix Containing Important State Papers and Public Documents, and all the Laws of a Public Nature, with Copious Index 1st Congress to 18th Congress, 1st session...March 3, 1789-May 27, 1824]; Compiled from Authentic Sources. Washington: Gales and Seaton; 1834-1856. 42 volumes.
REF Xl-X42
Note: Cited as Annals of Congress. Bears the half-title Annals of Congress of the United States. It was the first attempt to record the daily proceedings in both houses of Congress. This reprint edition is probably as faithful a report of the debates and proceedings as could be compiled after such a lapse of time.
Boyd, p. 64; Morehead, p. 99; Schmeckebier, p. 136-137; 1909 Checklist, p. 1463-1465.


United States. Congress. Register of Debates in Congress, Comprising the Leading Debates and Incidents of the Second Session of the 18th Congress [December 6, 1824 to First Session of the 25th Congress, October 16, 1837], Together with an Appendix Containing the Most Important State Papers and Public Documents to which the Session has given Birth; to which are Added the Laws Enacted during the Session, with a Copious Index to the Whole. Washington: Gales and Seaton; 1825-1837. 14 volumes in 29 volumes.
REF X43-X71
Note: Cited as Register of Debates. Title varies slightly in several volumes.
Boyd, p. 65; Morehead, p. 99; Schmeckebier, p. 137-138:1909 Checklist, p. 1465-1466.


United States Congress. Congressional Globe...[23d Congress to the 42d Congress, December 2, 1833, to March 3, 1873]. Washington: various publishers; 1825-1837.46 volumes in 109 volumes.
REF X72-X180
Note: Cited as Globe. Title varies slightly. The index for the 42d Congress, second session is printed separately. Messages of the President and reports of cabinet officers are included in the Appendices from 1833-1868. Texts of laws passed during the session were included from 1833-1861 and the statement of appropriations was included from 1853-1873. Each appendix has its own index.
Boyd, p. 65; Morehead, p. 99; Schmeckebier, p. 138-139; 1909 Checklist, p. 1466-1469.

1873-to date

United States Congress. Congressional Record: Containing the Proceedings and Debates of the 43d Congress March 4, 1873-to date. Washington: Government Printing Office; 1873-to date.
REF X181-.
For 1993 (103rd Congress) to date, and Index, 1993 to date, see also GPO FDsys.
Note: Cited as Congressional Record. "Verbatim" account of the debates and proceedings of Congress, issued daily while Congress is in session, and in bound form at the end of the session. The paging which is continuous for each session differs in the bound form from that of the daily issues and the text is revised, rearranged, and printed without break. It contains the annual messages of the President to Congress and his inaugural addresses, also speeches and other matter not actually given in Congress but included by request of a Senator or Representative. These items are printed in the Extension of Remarks where also are found deferred speeches.
The Index to Proceedings indexes the material in the Congressional Record under subject and author name and page references to the Congressional Record.
The legislative history of a particular law can be traced through the History of Bills and Resolutions published as one of the final parts of each bound volume of the Congressional Record. Each numerical volume of the Congressional Record covers one session of Congress and is made up of several physical volumes, or parts, as they are called. In the History of Bills and Resolutions full information is given about each bill before either house. This includes references to any reports made by committees, page numbers of the Record reporting the debate, information whether the bill passed or not, and, if it did, the public law number.
Boyd, p. 65-68; Morehead, p. 97-99; Schmeckebier, p. 139-144; 1909 Checklist, p. 1469-1475.