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Foreign Relations - Serial Set Correlation Table

Year/part Serial Set number SuDoc number Volume title CIS number
1850NONE Issued   
1851611-1 or 634-2S 1.1:1851 CIS Serial Set fiche 611 or 634
1852NONE Issued   
1853690-1 or 710-1S 1.1:1853 CIS Serial Set fiche 690 or 710
1854746-1 or 777-1S 1.1:1854 CIS Serial Set fiche 746 or 777
1855810-1 or 840-1S 1.1:1855 CIS Serial Set fiche 810 or 840
1856875-5 or 893-1S 1.1:1856 CIS Serial Set fiche 875 or 893
1857919-1 or 942-2S 1.1:1857 CIS Serial Set fiche 919 or 942
1858974-1 or 997-2S 1.1:1858 CIS Serial Set fiche 974 or 997
18591023-2S 1.1:1859 CIS Serial Set fiche 1023
18601095-7S 1.1:1860 CIS Serial Set fiche 1095
18611117S 1.1:1861 CIS Serial Set fiche 1117
1862/pt.11156S 1.1:1962/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1156
1862/pt.21156S 1.1:1862/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1156
1863/pt.11180S 1.1:1863/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1180
1863/pt.21181S 1.1:1863/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1181
1864/pt.11216S 1.1:1864/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1216
1864/pt.21217S 1.1:1864/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1217
1864/pt.31218S 1.1:1864/pt.3 CIS Serial Set fiche 1218
1864/pt.41219S 1.1:1864/pt.4 CIS Serial Set fiche 1219
1865/pt.11244S 1.1:1865/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1244
1865/pt.21245S 1.1:1865/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1245
1865/pt.31246S 1.1:1865/pt.3 CIS Serial Set fiche 1246
1865/pt.41247S 1.1:1865/pt.4Appendix to Diplomatic Correspondence of 1865. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Late President of the United States of America, and the Attempted Assassination of William H. Seward, Secretary of State, and Frederick W. Seward, Assistant Secretary, on the Evening of the 14th of April, 1865. Expressions of Condolence and Sympathy Inspired by these EventsCIS Serial Set fiche 1247
1866/pt.11281S 1.1:1866/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1281
1866/pt.21282S 1.1:1866/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1282
1866/pt.31283S 1.1:1866/pt.3 CIS Serial Set fiche 1283
1867/pt.11322S 1.1:1867/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1322
1867/pt.21323S 1.1:1867/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1323
1868/pt.11364S 1.1:1868/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1364
1868/pt.21365S 1.1:1868/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1365
18701445S 1.1:1870 CIS Serial Set fiche 1445
18711502S 1.1:1871 CIS Serial Set fiche 1502
1872/pt.11552S 1.1:1872/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1552
1872/pt.2/v.11553S 1.1:1872/pt.2/v.1Papers Relating to the Treaty of Washington. Volume 1. Geneva Arbitration: Containing the case of the United States; the case of Great Britain; the counter case of the United States; and a portion of the additional documents, correspondence, and evidence which accompanied the sameCIS Serial Set fiche 1553
1872/pt.2/v.21554S 1.1:1872/pt.2/v.2Papers Relating to the Treaty of Washington. Volume 2. Geneva Arbitration: Containing the remainder of papers accompanying the counter case of the United States; counter case of Her Britannic Majesty's Government; instructions to the agent and counsel of the United States, and proceedings at Geneva in December, 1871, and April, 1872; correspondence respecting the Geneva arbitration and the proposed supplemental article to the treaty; and declaration of Sir Stafford Northcote at ExeterCIS Serial Set fiche 1554
1872/pt.2/v.31555S 1.1:1872/pt.2/v.3Papers Relating to the Treaty of Washington. Volume 3. Geneva Arbitration: Containing the argument of the United States; argument of Her Britannic Majesty's Government; and supplementary statements or arguments made by the respective agents or counselCIS Serial Set fiche 1555
1872/pt.2/v.41556S 1.1:1872/pt.2/v.4Papers Relating to the Treaty of Washington. Volume 4. Geneva Arbitration: Containing the report of the agent of the United States protocols of the conferences; decision and award of the tribunal; opinions of the arbitrators; reply of the Secretary of State, acknowledging the receipt of the report of the agent of the United States, and commenting upon the opinion of the arbitrator appointed by Her Britannic Majesty; report of the counsel of the United States; and opinions of statesmen, magazines, and journals of Great Britain and the continent on the construction of the treatyCIS Serial Set fiche 1556
1872/pt.2/v.51557S 1.1:1872/pt.2/v.5Papers Relating to the Treaty of Washington. Volume 5. Berlin Arbitration: Containing the memorial of the United States on the Canal de Haro as its boundary-line; case of the government of Her Britannic Majesty; reply of the United States thereto; second and definitive statement of the government of Her Britannic Majesty; and correspondenceCIS Serial Set fiche 1557
1873/pt.1/v.11594S 1.1:1873/pt.1/v.1General Correspondence; and Papers Relating to Naturalization and Expatriation, Volume 1CIS Serial Set fiche 1594
1873/pt.1/v.21595S 1.1:1873/pt.1/v.2General Correspondence; and Papers Relating to Naturalization and Expatriation, Volume 2CIS Serial Set fiche 1595
1873/pt.2/v.31596S 1.1:1873/pt.2/v.3Papers Relating to the American and British Joint Claims Commission, Volume 3 [Report of Robert S. Hale, Esq., Agent and Counsel of the United States before the Commission on Claims of Citizens of the United States against Great Britain, and of Subjects of Her Britannic Magesty against the United States, under the twelfth article of the Treaty of 8th May, 1871, between the United States and Great Britain]CIS Serial Set fiche 1596
18741634S 1.1:1874 CIS Serial Set fiche 1634
1875/v.11672S 1.1:1875/v.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 1672
1875/v.21673S 1.1:1875/v.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 1673
18761741S 1.1:1876 CIS Serial Set fiche 1741
18771793S 1.1:1877 CIS Serial Set fiche 1793
18781842S 1.1:1874 CIS Serial Set fiche 1842
18791902S 1.1:1879 CIS Serial Set fiche 1902
18801951S 1.1:1880 CIS Serial Set fiche 1951
18812009S 1.1:1881 CIS Serial Set fiche 2009
18822090S 1.1:1882 CIS Serial Set fiche 2090
18832181S 1.1:1883 CIS Serial Set fiche 2181
18842276S 1.1:1884 CIS Serial Set fiche 2276
18852368S 1.1:1885 CIS Serial Set fiche 2368
18862460S 1.1:1886 CIS Serial Set fiche 2460
18872532S 1.1:1887 CIS Serial Set fiche 2532
1888/pt.12626S 1.1:1888/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 2626
1888/pt.22627S 1.1:1888/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 2627
18892714S 1.1:1889 CIS Serial Set fiche 2714
18902830S 1.1:1890 CIS Serial Set fiche 2830
18912920S 1.1:1891 CIS Serial Set fiche 2920
18923076S 1.1:1892 CIS Serial Set fiche 3076
18933197S 1.1:1893 CIS Serial Set fiche 3197
18943292S 1.1:1894 CIS Serial Set fiche 3292
1894/app.13293S 1.1:1894/app.11. Chinese-Japanese War; 2. Enforcement of regulations respecting fur seals; 3. Mosquito Territory, affairs at Bluefields; 4. Claim of Antonio Maximo Mora; 5. Import duties levied on certain products of Colombia, Haiti, and Venezuela; 6. Affairs in the Samoan Islands; affairs in HawaiiCIS Serial Set fiche 3293
1894/app.23294S 1.1:1894/app.2Affairs in HawaiiCIS Serial Set fiche 3294
1895/pt.13368S 1.1:1895/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 3368
1895/pt.23369S 1.1:1895/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 3369
18963477S 1.1:1896 CIS Serial Set fiche 3477
18973629S 1.1:1897 CIS Serial Set fiche 3629
18983743S 1.1:1989 CIS Serial Set fiche 3743
18993898/pt.1S 1.1:1899 CIS Serial Set fiche 3898/pt.1