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Military Resources: Intelligence, Bibliographies & Book Reviews

Intelligence: History and Role in American Society
Compiled by Janet L. Seymour, Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

John E. Taylor Collection
In honor of archivist John Taylor's fifty years of service with the National Archives, friends contributed to the creation of the Taylor Collection of books on espionage and intelligence, with an emphasis on books based on research into NARA's records. The Collection is listed alphabetically on this website with call numbers leading to their location in the ALIC holdings.

Literature of Intelligence: A Bibliography of Materials with Essays, Review, and Comments
Maintained by Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio.

Notes from Underground
This September 23, 1999 New York Review of Books' essay by Lars-Erik Nelson is on two books about intelligence: Know thine enemy: a spy's journey into revolutionary Iran, by Edward Shirley, and Irreparable harm: A firsthand account of how one agent took on the CIA in an epic battle over secrecy and free speech, by Frank Snepp.

A Select Bibliography: Central Intelligence Agency
Maintained by NARA's Eisenhower Presidential Library.

A Select Bibliography: Cuba
Maintained by NARA's Eisenhower Presidential Library.

A Select Bibliography: U-2 Incident
Maintained by NARA's Eisenhower Presidential Library.

U.S. Government Documents & The U.S. Intelligence Community
A selective guide to resources for conducting research on government agencies involved in intelligence activities, the classification and declassification of government documents related to intelligence activities, and FOIA requests.

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