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NARA Resources

The Jonathan Jay Pollard Espionage Case: A Damage Assessment
A declassified report analyzing the the damage resulting from Jonathan Pollard's espionage on behalf of Israel during 1984-1985.

Memorandum Regarding the Enlistment of Navajo Indians
Teaching with Documents lesson plan featuring a memorandum regarding the enlistment of Navajo Indians by the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II.

Researching the Records of the Intelligence Community
Information about intelligence records at the National Archives and how to access them.

"Sage Prophet or Loose Cannon?: Skilled Intelligence Officer in World War II Foresaw Japan's Plans, but Annoyed Navy Brass"
David A. Pfeiffer's Prologue article about a maverick intelligence officer during World War II.

"'Semper Fidelis, Code Talkers'"
Adam Jevec's Prologue article describes the work of Navajo "code talkers" who helped the U.S. Marine Corps battle across the Pacific from 1942 to 1945.

"A Time to Act: The Beginning of the Fritz Kolbe Story, 1900 - 1943"
This Prologue article by Greg Bradsher tells the story of a mid-level official in the German Foreign Office, who supplied the Allies with some of their most important intelligence of World War II.

"The 'Z Plan' Story: Japan's 1944 Naval Battle Strategy Drifts into U.S. Hands"
Prologue article by Greg Bradsher recounts how Japan's secret plan to defeat the U.S. fleet ended up in the hands of American generals and admirals.


Other Resources

3D Spies of WWII
This PBS website depicts how Allied forces used aerial photography to gather intelligence about the Nazi rocket program in World War II.

PBS reveals the United States and the USSR's Cold War covert space programs which were intended to launch military astronauts on spying missions.

The Atom Spy Case
This FBI site describes the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and their accomplices.

Central Intelligence Agency
The CIA's official web site features to The World Factbook, FAQs, and research resources.

Adobe Acrobat PDFCIA's Analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991
This e-book is a digital version of the very valuable Cold War research resource. It is provided in PDF format by the Center for the Study of Intelligence at the CIA.

"The CIA's Internal Probe of the Bay of Pigs Affair"
Written by Michael Warner, this article from the Center for the Study of Intelligence focuses on the CIA inquiry into the government's handling of the Cuban Bay of Pigs operation. Also available in PDF format.

"CORONA and the Intelligence Community"
Kevin C. Ruffner's paper traces the history of the CIA's openness program resulting in the May 1995 conference, "Piercing the Curtain: CORONA and the Revolution in Intelligence."

The CORONA Program
This site from the National Reconnaissance Office provides information about the United States first photo reconnaissance satellites through a fact sheet, images, documents, and more.

The FBI's site describes the agency's counterintelligence activities.

"The Creation of the Central Intelligence Group"
Michael Warner's article tells of the 50th anniversary of the Central Intelligence Group, CIA's institutional predecessor.

Frequently Requested Records
This CIA site features collections of previously released documents which reflect some of the agency's frequently requested information. At this time, the collections include UFO's: Fact or Fiction, Bay of Pigs Release, Guatemala, and more.

Congressional Research Service Reports on Intelligence and Related Topics
CRS documents concerning Intelligence Policy compiled by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

"The OSS and Italian Partisans in World War II: Intelligence and Operational Support for the Anti-Nazi Resistance"
An article by Peter Tompkins from CIA publication Studies in Intelligence about the intelligence and operational support for the anti-Fascist partisans in Italy during World War II. Also available in PDF format.

The National Security Agency's site about the Venona project includes monographs, a chronology, and documents.

Venona Project and Vassiliev Notebooks Index and Concordance
From the Wilson Center, "This index and concordance indexes twenty-one volumes of KGB archival material: nine notebooks written by Alexander Vassiliev and twelve compilations of the Soviet international telegraphic cables deciphered by the U.S. National Security AgencyÂ’s Venona project."


Intelligence Bibliographies

Counterintelligence and Espionage
The FBI provides this subject bibliography.

John E. Taylor Collection
In honor of archivist John Taylor's fifty years of service with the National Archives, friends contributed to the creation of the Taylor Collection of books on espionage and intelligence, with an emphasis on books based on research into NARA's records. The Collection is listed alphabetically on this website with call numbers leading to their location in the ALIC holdings.

Literature of Intelligence: A Bibliography of Materials with Essays, Review, and Comments
Maintained by Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio.

Selected Bibliography
Compiled by the Miller Center of the University of Virginia.

Selected Bibliography on Intelligence
Compiled by the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS).