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Military Resources: Classified/Declassified Records


Declassification and Transparency
Documents declassified by the National Security Agency/Central Security Service. Topies include Gulf of Tonkin, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), U.S.S. Pueblo, and more.

Digital Archive
"The Digital Archive contains once-secret documents from governments all across the globe, uncovering new sources and providing fresh insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy." Created by the Wilson Center.

National Security Archive
This website, maintained by the National Security Archive based at George Washington University, offers access to the Archive's massive collection of declassified documents.

National Security Decision Memoranda and National Security Study Memoranda: Copy Set, 1974-1977
"A reference file of copies of National Security Study Memoranda (NSSMs) and National Security Decision Memoranda (NSDMs) promulgated during the Ford administration. The original NSSMs and NSDMs were retained by the NSC as institutional/agency records."

Secret No More
Subject guide to thousands of FBI files now publicly accessible.

Central and South America

Chile Declassification Project
Cornell University acquired a print set of the Chile Declassification Project, Tranches I and II. This site provides a pathfinder to the documents.

Document Collections
The State Department's FOIA Document Collections feature the Argentina Declassification Project, the Chile Declassification Project, the El Salvador Declassification Project, and the Guatemala Declassification Project.


Cuban Missile Crisis Document Archive - 1960
Digital documents presented by the National Security Agency.

World War II

Holocaust-Era Assets: Declassified Records
Newly declassified records of importance to those engaged in research on Holocaust-Era Assets records are announced on this page. On this site the IWG also announces its newly declassified records.

Cold War

Cold War
Declassified documents released in connection with program about the Cold War produced by CNN, now housed by the National Security Archive.