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Collection Identifier

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
Yes No Variable Character Length (15) None Collection No Yes


Definition: The unique identifier assigned to a collection.


Purpose: Creates a short, unique identifier for use in the physical and intellectual control of collections.


Relationship: This element is independent.


Guidance: Enter a unique identifier. For collections held by the Office of Records Services - Washington, D.C. (NW) or the Office of Regional Records Services (NR), enter the identifier of the collection exactly as it appears on the collection allocation statement. For collections held by the Office of Presidential Libraries (NL), create a unique identifier starting with the president's initials and followed by a dash. Do not use spaces. Use the following conventions for initials: DDE - Dwight D. Eisenhower
FDR - Franklin D. Roosevelt
GB - George Bush
GRF - Gerald R. Ford
HH - Herbert Hoover
HST - Harry S. Truman
JC - Jimmy Carter
JFK - John F. Kennedy
LBJ - Lyndon Baines Johnson
RN - Richard Nixon
RR - Ronald Reagan
WJC - William J. Clinton




[For the American Broadcasting Company Collection.]


[For the Admiral Richard E. Byrd Collection.]


[For the Colorado State Archives Collection.]


[For the Zbigniew Brzezinski Collection.]

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