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Disposition Authority Number

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No Yes Variable Character Length (60) None Series No Yes



The unique identifier assigned by NARA to a category of records indicating that their disposition has been approved by NARA.

This is also known as the schedule number.


Purpose: Links the description of the records and their disposition documentation. Will help NARA to create linkages in lifecycle systems.


Relationship: This element is independent.



Use the NARA disposition authority number or schedule number. Do not use any other values such as an agency's records control schedule number or a statute citation.

Enter the NARA disposition authority number exactly as it appears on a Standard Form 115 or Standard Form 258.

Do not include notes or explanations in this element.




N1-370-90-3, item 1501-16a


NC1-207-79-6, item 8b(1)(g)


N1-59-91-33, item 1



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