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Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Numeric (8,3) None Series
File Unit
No Yes



The distance measured from front to back of a specific media type.


Purpose: Provides information about non-standard dimensions of specific media types.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Specific Media Type. Each media occurrence of the archival materials must have a specific media type specified to create Height. If Height, Width, or Depth is specified, Dimension cannot be used.



Enter the depth of the specific media type in inches. Enter fractions of an inch as a decimal fraction (.5 for half an inch, .33 for a third of an inch, etc.).

Use Height, Width, and Depth to describe three-dimensional specific media types.
Use Height and Width to describe two-dimensional specific media types.

Measure the depth of the specific media types themselves and not the depth of their containers.

Be sure to check the Dimension Authority List for a suitable size before indicating a separate height, width, and depth.




[For the artifact the "Bust of a Youth in the Age of Tiberius."]


[For a non-standard sized artifact.]

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