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Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (60) Dimension Authority List Series
File Unit
No Yes



The standard size of the physical items of a specific media type.


Purpose: Indicates the dimension of the specific media types by using standard sizes. Provides information needed for reproduction. May be used with Format to provide additional information about the media of the archival materials.



This element is dependent on Specific Media Type. Each media occurrence of the archival materials must have a specific media type specified to create Dimension. If Dimension is specified, Height, Width, and Depth cannot be used.



Choose the correct term from the Dimension Authority List.

Use the term "Varied" if the specific media type has more than one standard dimension or if there is a difference in the sizes of mounted photographs and their mats. Explain the dimensions further in Media Occurrence Note.

If none of the standard dimensions adequately describe the specific media type, leave this element empty and record the appropriate dimensions in Height, Width, and Depth.




3x5 inch
[For a series of card files.]


1/2 inch
[For a VHS videotape.]


8x10 inch
[For a photographic print.]


Film: 35 mm
[For a motion picture film.]


[For a series consisting of 3x5 inch prints, 5x7 inch prints, and 8x10 inch prints.]

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