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Finding Aid Source

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (700) None Record Group
File Unit
No Yes



The author or creator of the finding aid for the record group, collection, or series being described.

Finding aids are tools that help a user find information in a specific record group, collection, or series of archival materials. Examples of finding aids include published and unpublished inventories, container and folder lists, card catalogs, calendars, indexes, registers, and institutional guides. Formal publications that help a user find information in a record group, collection, or series of archival materials are also finding aids.

Finding aids can be created by NARA as well as other Federal agencies, publishers, and private organizations and parties. Finding aids may be accessioned records.


Purpose: Indicates the author of the finding aid.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Finding Aid Type. To have Finding Aid Source, Finding Aid Type must be created. Finding Aid Type is repeatable. For each Finding Aid Type specified, only one Finding Aid Source may be created.



Enter information describing the source of the finding aid.

If the source is a person, then enter the name in direct order (first name, middle name/initial, last name).

If the source of the finding aid is a project, then enter the project name.

If Finding Aid Source uses an acronym that is not defined in either Title or Scope and Content Note, define the acronym the first time that it is used in Finding Aid Source. Consult the Abbreviations section for further guidance on other abbreviation topics.






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