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Location Note

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (2000) None Series
File Unit
No No



Location Note indicates the particular location of the archival materials within a building.


Purpose: Provides significant information regarding the location facility or physical location of the archival materials. Provides information for NARA employees to use in locating the archival materials.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Copy Status. Each copy of the archival materials must have a copy status specified to have Location Note. In addition, this element is dependent on Location Facility. To have Location Note, Location Facility must also be created. Location Facility is repeatable. One Location Note can be specified for each Location Facility.



Enter stack locations or other significant information that will assist NARA employees in locating the archival materials.

If the archival materials are in different, non-contiguous stack locations within one facility, include all the locations in the note.




These materials are housed in the following location(s) -
   stack 331: 51/17/2 through 54/1/6 containers #ON28193-ON32282
   stack 331: 74/10/4 through 74/10/4 containers #ON69168-ON69168
   stack 431: containers #566-2587
   stack 331: 114/16/7 through 114/17/6 containers #1-46
   stack 331: A/1/1/1 through A/3/1/5 containers #GA1-WA6
   stack 331: 55/5/3 through 59/1/4 containers #ON34447-ON41537
   stack 331: 34/2/5 through 34/4/5 containers #2495-2635
   stack 331: 59/11/4 through 59/15/2 containers #ON42513-ON42885


These materials are located in Research Room 5050.


These items are located in the cold vault.

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