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Microform Roll/Fiche Description

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Entity Public Element Label
No Yes Variable Character Length (2000) None Roll/Fiche Yes Roll/Fiche Description


Definition: Indicates the topics or information represented on an individual roll or fiche of a microform product.


Purpose: In conjunction with Microform Product Title, Microform Roll/Fiche Description helps users decide whether they are interested in an individual roll or fiche of a microform product.



This element is dependent on Microform Roll/Fiche Number. To have Microform Roll/Fiche Description, Microform Roll/Fiche Number must be created. Each microform product must have a microform roll/fiche description.



This should be a brief description of the roll or fiche contents. Include any significant or heavily-represented topics, people, organizations, geographic places, or languages represented in the individual roll or fiche from a microform product.




8th United States Colored Infantry, Adams, Edward - Benedict, Thomas


File Number and Description: 611.00/1-460 - 611.00/12-2960, Political Relations Between the United States and Other States (General).


Records Relating to Claims, 1945-1950, Austrian Claims, #1 - #39

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