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Nonpopulation Census Records: American Samoa


NARA microfilm publication M1874, Nonpopulation Census Schedules for American Samoa, 1930: Agriculture (1 roll) reproduces general agricultural and livestock schedules reporting farm products grown or owned in American Samoa during 1929-30. These records are part of the Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group (RG) 29.


The Bureau of the Census was established in the Department of Commerce and Labor by order of the Secretary of that Department on July 1, 1903. Previously, temporary census offices conducted and compiled census enumerations.

The first enumeration of agricultural products was undertaken in conjunction with the taking of the seventh population census in 1840 and then repeated with each decennial enumeration thereafter. For more information, see Carroll D. Wright, History and Growth of the United States Census (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1900).

The United States acquired American Samoa by treaties in 1900, with Swains Island added in 1925. The territory was governed by the Department of the Navy from 1900 to 1951 (Executive Order 125A), and on July 1, 1951, administration was transferred to the Department of the Interior (Executive Order 10264).

American Samoa is an unincorporated and unorganized territory of the United States. Congress gave plenary authority over the territory to the Secretary of the Interior, who in turn allowed American Samoans to draft their own constitution under which their government functions. Its constitution was adopted in 1960 and revised in 1967.

The Bureau conducted its first agricultural census in American Samoa in 1920 and its last in 1990. In 1997 this function was transferred to the National Agricultural Statistics Services of the Department of Agriculture (USDA-NASS), which conducted its first American Samoa agricultural census in 1999.

Records Description

These records consist of two series of census schedules: (1) cultivated crops and (2) livestock. In American Samoa the official census day for the taking of the fifteenth decennial census ("1930 census") was April 1, 1930.

The schedules are arranged by record series, then by district. Within each district, they are arranged by county then by city or village. A sequential mechanically stamped page number is in the upper-right corner of the front side of each schedule.

Series 1: Form 15-25, Schedule for Cultivated Crops--American Samoa

Form 15-25, Schedule for Cultivated Crops-American Samoa, measures about 8 by 10.5 inches, with questions on the front side and instructions on the reverse side. One schedule was used for each farm. For the purposes of this schedule, a "farm" was defined as:

... all the land directly farmed by one person, either by his own labor alone or with the assistance of members of his household, or hired persons. The farm ... may produce field crops, fruits, and nuts, as well as livestock.

The questions asked on this schedule are shown in Appendix I. Farmers were to report the number of acres harvested and crop quantity produced during 1929, and to report the number of trees and plants they had on April 1, 1930.

Series 2: Form 15-26, Livestock Schedule--American Samoa

Form 15-26, Livestock Schedule-American Samoa, measures about 8 by 10.5 inches, with space for 28 proprietors of livestock on each side. The reverse side was filmed only if it contained information about livestock. Instructions on the reverse side indicate that "A report is required of all persons in American Samoa who own or have in their possession any carabao, cattle, horses, hogs, goats, chickens, or ducks." (Emphasis added).

The questions asked on this schedule are shown in Appendix II. Each person was to report the number of livestock they had on April 1, 1930.

Schedules having information on the reverse side are:

Eastern Tutuila District - pages 11, 12, and 15
Manua District - pages 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8
Swains Island - none
Western Tutuila District - page 1

Roll List
ScheduleJurisdictionPage RangeComments
Form 15-25, Schedule for Cultivated Crops--
American Samoa
Eastern Tutuila District1-328Page 56 is missing.
Manua District1-231 
Swains Island1 
Western Tutuila District1-255 
Form 15-26, Livestock Schedule--
American Samoa
Eastern Tutuila District1-32 
Manua District1-9 
Swains Island1 
Western Tutuila District1-26 

Appendix I: Summary of Questions Asked on Form 15-25, Schedule for Cultivated Crops--American Samoa

Enumerator's Record--
Number of farm in order of visitation
City or village
Enumerator's name

Name of farmer or cultivator--sheet number and line number on population schedule on which name is written

Field Crops (number of acres harvested and quantity of product)--
Sweet potatoes (bushels)
Taro (number)
Yams (bushels)
Tobacco (pounds)
Arrowroot (pounds)
Sugar cane (tons)

Fruits and Nuts (number of trees or plants and quantity [number] of each product)--
Bananas (bunches)
Coffee (pounds)
Alligator pears

Appendix II: Summary of Questions Asked on Form 15-26, Livestock Schedule--American Samoa

Enumerator's Record--
City or village
Enumerator's name

Name of possessor or owner

Number of animals--
Horses and colts
Hogs and pigs
Goats and kids

Appendix III: 1930 Census Enumeration Districts for American Samoa

Source: NARA Microfilm Publication T1224, Descriptions of Census Enumeration Districts, 1830--1950, roll 90.

List of Enumeration District (ED) Numbers
Eastern Tutuila District1Ituau County: Fagasa, Faganeanea, Matuu, and Nuuuli villages
2Mauputasi County: Anua, Atuu, Aua, Fagaalu, Fagatogo, Fatamafuti, Leloaloa, Lepua, Pago Pago, Satala, and Utulei villages
3U.S. Naval Reservation, including ships in harbor
4Saole County: Alofau, Amouli, Aunuu, and Utumea villages
5Sua County: Afono, Amaua, Fagaitua, Laulii, Masausi, Masefau, and Sailele villages
6Vaifanua County: Almo, Aoa, Onenoa, Tula, and Vatia villages
Western Tutuila District7Lealataua County: Afao, Amaluia, Amanave, Asili, Atauloma, Fagalii, Fagamalo, Failolo, Leone, Nua, Poloa, and Seetaga villages
8Leasine County: Aitulagi, Aoloau, and Aosu villages
9Tualatai County: Futiga, Ituau, Taputimu, Tuaulu, and Vailoa villages
10Tualautu County: Faleniu, Iliili, Mapusaga, Pavaiai, Tafuna, and Vaiogi villages
Manua District 11Faleasao County: Faleasao village
12Fituita County: Leusoalii and Maia villages
13Ofu County: Ofu village
14Olosega County: Olosega and Sili villages
15Tau County: Amouli, Luma, and Siufaga villages
Swains Island16Swains Island