Holocaust-Era Assets

Civilian Agency Records RG 200

Gift Collection Records (RG 200)

This Record Group includes gifts of personal papers, historical manuscripts, and other materials donated to NARA. Although these materials are not official records of the U.S. Government, the National Archives Act of June 18, 1934, authorized their acceptance as gifts if they related to and illustrated historical activities of the United States. The Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended (44 U.S.C., section 2107 (2)), which superseded the 1934 act, authorized the acceptance from private sources of such gifts that are appropriate for preservation by the Government as evidence of its organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and transactions.

Abraham G. Duker/Irving Dwork Papers (OSS Research and Analysis Branch, Jewish Desk-World War II)

The documents in the Duker/Dwork Papers were compiled largely by Dr. Charles Irving Dwork while serving in the Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services. At his death, these papers were transferred to Abraham G. Duker, who had served in the OSS Foreign Nationalities Branch. Approximately three-fourth of the Duker/Dwork Papers appear to be records of the Office of Strategic Services. The largest collection, consisting of 146 folders, is composed of war crimes records. Fifty-two folders are from the Germany Embassy, Bucharest. Most of these records are not originals, but photocopies, carbon and circulating copies, and the collection does not appear to be unique. Documents received from other agencies by the OSS include records of the Assistant Secretary of War, the State Department, and the U.S. Office of Censorship. About a forth of the material in the Duker/Dwork Papers is composed of documents of indeterminant source or from private papers and publications. They are composed in French, German, and English and they concentrate primarily on Jews during World War II. The records are arranged numerically by a folder number. A box and folder list is contained in the first box.
Boxes 1-29

Box # Folder #s
1 1-9
2 10-25
3 26-40
4 41-43
5 44-51
6 52-63
7 64-69
8 70-79
9 80-88
10 89-99
11 100-111
12 112-123
13 124-139
14 140-162
15 163-184
16 185-192
17 193-199
18 200-220
19 221-235
20 236-253
21 254-270
22 274-298
23 299-314
24 315-317
25 318-330
26 331-344
27 346-357
28 358-360
29 361-365

General Lucius D. Clay Personal Papers April 1945-May 1949

Boxes 1-15

Lt. General Geoffrey Keyes "Personal-Official File," 1934-1954

Boxes 1-9