Holocaust-Era Assets

Holocaust-Era Assets - Military Agency Records

A Finding Aid to Records at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland

Many of the series of military records for the 1917-1962 period are arranged by the War Department Decimal File classification scheme. When encountering series of records arranged by this file system researchers may want to consult a copy of a War Department Decimal File System book, available in the consultation area in Room 2400. The decimals that often relate to the subjects of this finding aid are:

Decimal Title
000.4 Historical (Antiquities, archaeological sites, curios, landmarks, museums, relics, ruins)
000.5 War Crimes and Criminals
004.2 Banks and banking
004.7 Commercial enterprises
007 Fine Arts
091 Countries
091.1 Government
091.11 Officials
091.3 Economics
095 Commercial firms and persons
123 Funds, money, and savings
291.2 Race, Jews
314.4 Captured records
314.7 Military histories
332.3 Personal property
334 Boards, commissions, committee, council, and missions
350.05 Militaryinformation, collection and dissemination
383 Conduct of war with relation to commercial firms and persons
383.7 Refugees
383.8 Commercial firms, blacklisted, enemy trading, price control, and profiteering
385 Manner and methods of conducting war
386 Property Rights involved in war (sometimes used for restitution)
386.3 Captured property
386.7 Frozen assets, including funds (sometimes used for reparations)
387 Terminating war
388 Preserving peace
400.38 Relief of destitutes
602 Disposition of real property or land
602.3 Transfers of buildings, land, structures, etc. to other departments and states (often used for reparations and restitution)