Holocaust-Era Assets

Civilian Agency Records

Records of International Conferences, Commissions, and Expositions (RG 43)

Records of Meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers and Related Conferences, 1945-1949

The Council of Foreign Ministers, established to work out postwar settlements, held its first formal session in September and October 1945 in London. It was followed by the Paris Conference on Reparations, and the Tripartite Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Moscow, later the same year. In 1946-1949 five more sessions of the Council of Foreign Ministers were held in Paris, New York, Moscow, and London. During the same years related conferences, such as the Paris Peace Conference and the Austrian Treaty Commission, were held. The records of these meetings include official conference documents (agenda, minutes, and records of decisions), correspondence, telegrams, memoranda, reports, working papers, speeches, and draft agreements. There are separate subject files in addition to the records of each conference. The conference records are arranged by conference and thereunder by subject or type of record. The subject files are arranged alphabetically and thereunder chronologically. (Lot File Nos. M88 and 52-M64). Boxes 1-321 Only selected records follows. Researchers interested in all the records should consult the finding aids in the consultation area in Room 2600.

Records Relating to the Paris Conference on Reparations

The Paris Conference on Reparations was an 18-power conference held in Paris, November 9- December 21, 1945. At the invitation of the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, as the powers occupying the western zones of Germany, met to discuss a recommendation for the adoption of the Paris Agreement on Reparations, which established policies and procedures for the division of German assets among the 18 governments. (Note 34) Background Memoranda and Reports, June 24, 1944-October 23, 1945

Box # File Titles
11 Background Memoranda (3 folders)
Angell Mission - Repmems 1-18
Report on German Reparations to the President of the United
States, February to September 1945

Numbered Documents

Box # File Titles
11 Numbered Documents, Sep. 27-Dec. 24, 1945

Telegrams Sent to and From James W. Angell

Box # File Titles
11 Telegrams Sent to Angell October 26-December 27, 1945
Telegrams From Angell 1-200 October 29, 1945-January 1, 1946

Data on Claims by Individual Countries

Box # File Titles
12 Data on Claims by Individual Countries November 23-December 13, 1945

Final Act of the Conference

Box #File Title
12Final Act of the Conference, December 21, 1945

Final Report of James W. Angell

Box # File Title
12 Final Report of James W. Angell February 18, 1946

Miscellaneous Records Relating to Reparations 1944-1948

Box # File Title
13 Accomplishments of the Conference
  Berlin Protocol Relating to Reparations, Memorandum on the Provisions of
  Clay, General
  Conversations, Memoranda of
  Gold, Iberian
  Gold, Polish
  Gold, Restitution of
  Gold, Rumanian
  Germany, Reparations
14 Germany, Paper on German Reparations by Edwin W. Pauley
  Germany, Restitution
  Murphy Cables
  Press Release of the Paris Conference, January 14, 1946
  Restitution, ACC [Allied Control Council] Definition of Term
  Telegrams, Berlin-Incoming
  Working Papers, Reinstein and Bray

Reference and Working Papers Relating to the First, Second, and Third Sessions of the Council of Foreign Ministers and the Paris Peace Conference Country File 1945-1946

Box # File Title and/or Country
85 Albania
86-87 Balkans
87 Belgium
87-88 Berlin
88 Brazil
88-90 Bulgaria
90 Byelorussia
91 China
  Costa Rica
  El Salvador
91-92 Ethiopia
92-93 Finland
93 France
93-94 Germany
95-96 Greece
96 Guatemala
96-100 Hungary
100 India
100-119 Italy
119 Japan
  Lithuania London (British Discussions, Informal Economic Clauses of Treaty)
  New Zealand
120-124 Rumania
124 Russia
  South Africa
  Tangier and Morocco
124-126 Trieste
126 Turkey
126-127 Venezia Giulia
128-129 Yugoslavia

Miscellaneous Subject File 1945-1946

Box # File Title and/or Subject
137-141 Reparations

Working Papers of Jacques Reinstein, William Bray, and Samuel Reber 1945-1946

Box # File Title or Subject
141 Austria
142 Italy

Records of the Austrian Treaty Commission May-October 1947

Austrian Treaty Commission-Subject Files 1947

Box #   File Title or Subject
161 Banks (German)
161-162 Austria
162 German Assets
German External Property Committee
Austria-German Property
Reparations, Paris Conference
Reparations, Potsdam

Economic Studies and Preliminary Reports

Box # File Title
163 Reports on German External Assets in Austria
164 Report and Recommendation by the U.S. Delegation on German Assets in Austria

Records of the Council of Foreign Ministers, Fifth Session, London, November 25- December 15, 1947

Subject Files - Country 1947

Box # File Title or Country
181 Albania
182 Belgium
183 Egypt
  Germany-Allied Control Commission
186 German Assets
  German External Assets
191 OMGUS Reports and Studies: Reparations--Progress of German Reparations/Restitution in the Four Zones
192-193 German Reparations
197 Greece
198 India
200 Luxembourg
  New Zealand
201 Ruhr
  South Africa

Subject Files - General 1947

Box # File Title or Subject
206 Farben, I.G., Report on
207 Gold Pool
208 Reparations
209 Statements of Foreign Ministers: Reparations

Rome Conference on Implementation of the Peace Treaties

Box # File Title
222 Italian Treaty-Article 74, Reparations
Italian Treaty-Article 75, Restitution by Italy

Records of Meetings on European Questions 1949

Records of Discussions Regarding Swiss-Allied Accord

Box # File Titles
304  Swiss-Allied Discussion-Tripartite Discussions
Swiss-Allied Accord-Official Report of the U.S. Delegation
Swiss-Allied Accord-Quadripartite Discussions

Records of the Council of Foreign Ministers, Sixth Session, Paris, May 23-June 20, 1949

Subject Files of the Sixth Session

Box # File Title
310 Restitution Program in the US Occupied Zone of Germany

Records of Post-CFM 1949 Meetings

Subject File 1949-Alphabetically By Country

Box # File Tile or Country
313 Albania
314 Germany-Assets
316 Greece

Subject Files 1949-General

Box # File Title
317 Reparations

Records of the Council of Foreign Ministers and of Other Meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the United States and the European Powers, 1943-1955 [Lot File M-88] [Entry URU MLR 16 accretion] CFM Working Groups

Box # File Title or Subject
110 Intelligence Reports 1946-1947 (3 folders)

Office of Intelligence Research Reports 1947 (3 folders)

Reports and Studies on Germany 1945-1953

Box # File Title or Subject
120-126 German Reparations; Box 125 contains "Reparation: OMGUS Reparation & Restitution Reports, 1945-1948

Contractual Arrangements

Box # File Title
137 Draft Conv.-Claims Against Germany
  Draft Conv.-Compensation for Victims of Nazi Persecution
  Draft Conv.-General Claims
145 Internal Restitution April thru November 1952
148 Reparations July 1951 thru December 1953

Inter-Governmental Study Group for Germany, London-Paris 1950-1951

Box # File Title
165 Working Paper on Reparation Problems

Subject File

Box # File Title
171 Finance: Banking (German Banks, Foreign Banks)
172 Reparations; Restitution
178 Restitution with Other Countries: Austria, Brussels, Czech. Govt.,
Danish Minorities in Schleswig-Holstein, Federal Republic (2 folders), and Israel Restitution

Tripartite Commission on German Debt

Box # File Title
190 Swiss Accord Position Papers
USDel/TCGD(52) Swiss Accord 1-20
191 German Text re Swiss Accord

Conference on German External Debts, London, February-August 1952

Box # File Title
195 Report of Conference on German External Debts, February-August 1952
BIS [Bank for International Settlements] - Position re Y.L. in Debt Conf.

Conference on German External Assets and Looted Gold, Washington January 6-21, 1953

Box # File Title
197 Tripartite Mtg. on German External Assets and Looted Gold, January 1953-Memos and Documents
  External Assets - German-U.S. Discussions
198 German Assets - Dux
  External Assets - 1942-1945; External Assets - 1945-1949
  German External Assets - 1948-1952
  External Assets - October 1952 - May 1953
199 External Assets 1953-1955 Negotiations & Position Paper
  Art Looting Investigation Unit-Final Report
  French Report - BIS [Bank for International Settlements] Material
  Germany - Control of I.G. Farben
  Rumania - Negotiations
  Sweden Accord
  Allied-Swedish Conference on Looted Dutch Gold
200 Background Information on Looted Gold with Specific Relation to Swedish Accord (Netherlands Gold) [2 envelopes]
201 Additional Gold Claim Against Sweden
  Swedish-Negotiations; Swedish-Negotiations & Accord
  Swedish, Negotiations re Looted Gold; Swedish-Negotiations-Minutes
  Swedish-Safehaven Legation
202 Swedish - Safehaven Negotiations - Legal Opinion
  Swiss-Allied Accord Implementation of Gold Payment
  Swiss - Assets in the United States
  Swiss Claims-Debts Clearing & Swiss Accord Documents
  Swiss - Constitution
  Swiss - National Bank BIS [Bank for International Settlements], Other Swiss Banks
  Switzerland - General
  Switzerland - List of Firms Owned or Controlled By Germans
  Swiss - Negotiations - Volume I
  Swiss - Negotiations - Final Agreement - Volume III
203 German Economic Penetration in Switzerland
  Switzerland - Safehaven Gold Transactions
  Swiss - Safehaven Legislation, Jurisprudence, Court Decisions
  Switzerland - Swiss Negotiations, German Mark Exchange Rate and Gold Commission
  Spanish - Negotiations
  Turkish - Negotiations
  German - Vesting Decree
  External Assets (Miscellaneous)

German Debt Subject File

Box # File Title
218 Assets
219 Banking Finance - Inc. Reichsbank
220-221 Claims (6 folders)
221 Gold Clause/Goldmark Problem
222 Negotiations on Claims (6 folders)
223 Procedure for Settlement of Claims Against Germany
Restitution and Indemnification Claims (1951)
Claims (3 folders)
Banking BIS (Bank for International Settlement)
223-229 Claims
235 Reparations
236 External Restitution Reports 1946-1950
Restitution - ISG Negotiations (1951)
237 Restitution - Securities
237-241 Securities and German/Foreign Currencies

Subject and Working Files of Jacques J. Reinstein (Note 35), 1945-1951

Subject File Relating to Italy

Box # File Title
252 Agreements with Other Countries
  Inter-Allied Reparation Agency
  Armistice (Revised)
  Assets in Allied Territory
  Assets in Ex-Enemy Territories
  Assets in the United States
  Cables (Jan-June 1946); Cables (July-Dec 1946)
  Cables (Charts & Maps)
  Cables-Background Data
253 Claims by & on Other Enemy States
  Contracts, Prescriptions & Judgments
  Directives and Basic Cables
  Dollar Bonds
  Economic & Financial Clauses (Italian Statements)
254 Economic Relations (General)
  Economic and Financial Conditions
  Foreign Indebtedness
  Gold, Restitution of
  Industrial Property (1946) [2 folders]
  Latin American Views on Treaty
  Property in Allied Territory
  Renunciation of Claims (Article 66)

Background File Relating to Italy

Box # File Title
255 Allied Financial Agency Reports
  Armistice, Revision of
  Assets Abroad
  Bank of Italy Reports 1946
  Debts, Intergovernmental
  Early Drafts, Commentaries, and Memos
256 Clearing and Payments Agreements
  Economic Conditions, General
  Economic & Financial Clauses (General)
  Economic and Financial Mission
  Foreign Assets in Italy
257 Foreign Exchange Position - AC Report
  Four Ambassadors
  Implements of War
  Information Being Collected
  IRIS Research - London
  Italian Gold
  Labor Articles and Reparations
  Peace Treaty, General; Peace Treaty: Patents
  Private Debts and Claims
  Public Statements
  Relations with Enemy and Neutral Countries
  Reparations and Restitution
258 Restitution
  State Research and Analysis Reports
  Treatment of Enemy Property in World War I
  Treaty Drafts
  War Booty; War Damages

Background File Relating to Trieste

Box # File Title
259 Italy: Trieste
  Economic & Financial Conditions, Deficit, Commission, etc.
  Trieste (Documents and Drafts)
  CFM [Council of Foreign Ministers] Moscow 1947
  Trieste CFM Moscow 1947 Trieste - Misc.

Subject File Relating to Bulgaria

Box # File Title
259 Assets in Germany
260 General
  Working Papers
  UN Property

Subject File Relating to Hungary

Box # File Title
260 Assets in Germany
  Reparations; Restitution
  Working Papers
  U.N. Property
  US and USSR Exchange of Notes
  Vienna Award

Subject File Relating to Romania

Box # File Title
261 Assets in Allied Territory
  Assets in Germany (Soviet Proposal)
  General Economic Conditions
  Industrial Property
  Military & Political Development
262 Minority Property
  Property in Allied and Associated Territory
  Reparations; Restitution
  Soviet-Rumania Economic Collaboration Agreements
  UN Property

Subject File Relating to Satellites and the Danube

Box # File Title
263 Assets in Allied Territories
  Contracts, Prescriptions & Judgments
  External Assets
  General Economic Relations
  German Assets in
  Industrial Property
  Renunciation of Claims
  Reparation; Restitution
  Scope of Application
  Settlement of Disputes
  U.N. Property

Miscellaneous Subject File

Box # File Title
264 Albania
  ECOSOC; ECOSOC: Reconstruction
  Eximbank Policy
  Japanese Reparations
  Reparations - General
  Safehaven - General; Safehaven - Swiss
  UNRRA - General
  Views of Ex-Enemy States

Subject File Relating to Treaties

Box # File Title
264 Italy Corrected Master Text Paris
  Hungary, Finland Corrected Master Text Paris
  Rumania Corrected Master Text Paris
265 Italy: Proposed Amendments to Treaty [2 folders]
  Balkans: Proposed Amendments to Treaties [2 folders]
  Drafts of Satellite Peace Treaties
  Comments on Bulgaria Treaty
  Italian Treaty: Comments by Other Countries
  Italian Observations on Italian Treaty
  Comments on Finland Treaty
  Comments on Rumania Treaty
  Comments on Hungary Treaty
266 Commission Reports on Bulgaria Treaty
  Commission Reports on Finland Treaty
  Commission Reports on Hungary Treaty
  Commission Reports on Italy Treaty
  Commission Reports on Romania
  CP: US Statements Annexed to Reports of
  Economic Commissions
  Observations on Peace Treaties New York (46)
267 Rumania, Hungary [3-ring binder]
  Italy [3-ring binder]
  Bulgaria [3-ring binder]
  CFM (NY) (46) Background Memos
  CFM NY Report of the Drafting Committee (Peace Treaty with Italy)
  CFM (NY) (46) Trieste Misc. Proposals, Drafts, etc.

Negotiation File

Box # File Title
267 Italy - Civil Affairs Agreement
  Italy: Contracts, Prescription & Negotiable Instruments (Annex 7)
  Italy: Effect of Annexes (Article 74)
  Italy: Free Territory of Trieste (Annex 9)
268 Italy: Claims Against Germany (Article 67)
  Italy: General Economic Clauses (Article 71)
  Italy: Industrial, Literary and Artistic Property (Annex VI)
  Italy: Insurance (Annex 6)
  Italy: Prewar Debts (Article 70)
  Italy: Prize Courts and Judgments (Annex VIII)
  Italy: Free Territory of Trieste Economic & Financial Provisions (Annex XIII)
  Italy: Ceded Territories (Annex 3)
  Italy: Property in Allied Territories (Article 69)
  Italy: Reparation (Article 64); Italy: Restitution (Article 65)
269 Italy: Settlement of Disputes (Article 72)
  Italy: Settlement of Disputes
  Italy: Scope of Application (Article 73)
  Balkans & Finland: Contracts, Prescription & Negotiable Instruments (Annex 5)
  Balkans: Danube; Balkans: Debts; Balkans: Force & Effect of Annexes;
  Balkans: General Economic Clauses; Balkans: Industrial, Literary
  and Artistic Property; Balkans: Insurance; Balkans: Prize Courts &
  Judgments; Balkans: Property in Allied Territory; Balkans:
  Renunciation of Claims; Balkans: Reparation
270 Balkans: Restitution; Balkans: Settlement of Disputes; Balkans: Scope of
  Applications; Balkans: Transfer of German Assets
  Finland: Negotiable File

Background File on German Industry and Trade

Box # File Title
270 Background Papers May 1950
  Berlin Financing & Trade promotion
  Conversations among Messrs. Reinstein, Trimble, and Stevens
  East-West Trade
  Foreign Investments in Germany
  Law 75 - OIR Report
  Level of Industry & PRI History
271 Saar (German Memo.)
  Telegrams re Law 75
  UK-German Trade Talks;
  UK-German Trade and Payment Agreement

Surrender File (Working Security Committee Documents)

Box # File Title
271 Index of Working Security Documents (WS)
  WS Mins. 1-40; WS Mins. 41-62
  271-275 WS Documents; WS Documents 1-459

General Subject File

Box # File Title
275 Albania
  CFM Prep. 1949 Austria: Articles 42 & 35
  Austria: general 1946
  CFM London 1948 Austria - German Assets
  CFM Prep. 1949 Austria - Instructions to the US
  Deputy for the Austrian Treaty
  Preliminary Draft of Austrian Treaty - Paris
276 Austria - Treaty between US & Austria 1921
  Austrian Treaty Working File
  Axis Penetration of European Insurance
  Consultation with Benelux
  Association of Benelux Countries in Policy Regarding Western Germany
  Brief for Secretary - WFM Sept. 1951
  Bulgarian Delegation Annexes Relating to Greek Claims for
  Reparations from Bulgaria
  Contractual Relations - HICOM Minutes
  Contractual Arrangements: Miscellaneous
  CFM Prep. 1948 Deconcentration-Decartelization (Germany)
  CFM Prep. 1948 Drafts & Notes
  CFM Prep. 1948 Economic Prospects of Germany
  CFM Prep. 1948 PPS 37 - Policy Questions Concerning a Possible German Settlement
277 CFM Prep. 1948 Reparations (Germany)
  CFM Prep. 1948 Special Consultative Group on German Policy Questions
  French Comments on Draft Directive (and Translation) 9/4/51
  German Economics
  Germany (Economics ) Questions and Answers [3-ring binder]
  Occupation Statute Germany
  The Peace Treaty with Germany - Recommendation of the American
  Jewish Committee
  Restitution of IDENTIFIABLE Property - Germany
278 Germany: Ruhr and Rhineland
  Germany - Treaty between US & Germany 1921
  Index - Miscellaneous
  Instructions from Foreign Ministers to HICOM, Sept. 14, 1951
  Agenda Working File
  Benelux - Asso. with Ger. Study Group
  Contractual Arrangements
  Divesting of title Law
279 German Libraries
  Israeli Claims
  Reparations [2 folders]; Restitution
  Waiver of Claims
  Catudal: Incoming Letters; Catudal: Outgoing Letters
  Letters: Luthringer
  Letters: Russell, Radius, Rubin, Kindleberger
  Letters: Spiegel, Stibravy
  Logistical & Financial Support (Annex 5)
  280 CFM London 1945 JJR Notes; CFM London 1947
  JJR Notes; CFM London Germany - Drafts and memos; CFM London 1947
  Jewish Proposals re German & Austrian Treaties
  CFM London 1947 Germany-Miscellaneous
  JJR Memos to Byrnes & Dunn
  JJR - Minutes Ministers Mtgs
  Comments on Moscow Conference from Vienna
  JJR Notes - Moscow - 1947
  JJR Notes - CFM New York Meetings
  JJR Memoranda - Paris July 10, 1946
  Paris Conference. Organization and Procedure
  Ruhr Agreement and Jackson, Stevens, Alphand
  Letters; Ruhr - Interchanges with French
281 Secret Minutes of Ruhr Agreement
  Russian Requisitions and reparations Policy in Occupied and Liberated Countries
  CFM(46): Outgoing Telegrams, January-March; CFM(46):
  Outgoing Telegrams, April-July; CFM(46): Incoming Telegrams;
  PC: Incoming Telegrams; PC: Outgoing Telegrams
  Teletype Conference with Washington
  Teletype Conferences Feb. 12 [1946]; Teletype Conference - Feb. 13;
  Teletype Conferences - March 14 [1946]; March 30, 1946; April 24; May 8
282 Italy: Renunciation of Claims
283 Italy: Reparation (Italian Ability to Pay)
  Italy: Reparation - Miscellaneous (CFM - Paris, London); Italy:
  Reparation - Miscellaneous (Peace Conference); Italy:
  Reparation - Miscellaneous (CFM New York)
  Italy: Reparation (Ships)
  Italy: Albanian Reparation Claims; Italy: Egyptian Reparation
  Claims; Italy: Ethiopian Reparation Claims; Italy: French
  Reparation Claims
  Italy: Reparation Demands by Greece (Documents)
  Italy: Reparation Demands by Greece
284 Italy: Mexican Reparation Claims; Italy: Netherlands Reparation Claims;
  Italy: Polish Reparation Claims; Italy: U.K. and Colonies
  Reparation Claims; Italy: U.S. Reparation Claims; Italy:
  U.S.S.R. Reparation Claims; Italy: Yugoslav Reparation Claims;
  Italy: Reparation Claims by Other Countries
  Italy: Scope of Application
  Italy - Shipping and Inland Transport
  Italy: War Debts to Neutrals
  War Expenditures