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RG 84: Austria

State Department and Foreign Affairs Records

Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84)


On March 11, 1938 the German Army entered Austria and two days later Austria was incorporated (the Anschluss) into the German Reich. (Note 59) On March 15, 1938, Hitler appointed Austrian Nazi Arthur Seyss-Inquart as Reich Governor of Vienna and put him in charge of the regional government.

Immediately the Austrian Government imposed severe restrictions on racial and ethnic minorities, particularly the Jews.  In Austria the Nazis for the first time fully used the instrument of "Aryanization"-the outright confiscation of Jewish property for the benefit of German penetration. By the time the war began in September 1939 from half to two-thirds of Austrian Jews fled Nazi persecution.  Those who remained once the war began suffered the lost of much of their property and it is estimated that some 65,000 Austrian Jews were exterminated as part of the Final Solution.

Besides exploiting and exterminating the Jewish population, the Germans penetrated and exploited the Austrian economy.  Actually, the German exploitation of the Austrian economy is distinguished by the fact that long before the advent of Nazism, very close industrial, commercial, and financial relations existed between Germany and Austria.  There were many Austrian subsidiaries and affiliates of German enterprises.  After the incorporation of Austria into the Reich, these subsidiaries were usually merged with their parent companies.

By the time of Germany's defeat it had complete control of the Austrian economy.  The ten leading Austrian banks and credit institutions were controlled by German interests.  Six of the most important insurance companies were under German control.  Ten of the largest plants producing electricity and gas came under German control.  In mining and steel production, a practically monopolistic position was held by the Reichwerke A.G. Alpine Montanbetriebe Hermann Goering, Linz.  At least a dozen major Austrian firms manufacturing machinery and general metal products came under German control, as did a half-dozen major firms manufacturing electrical apparatuses and electric wires.  I.G. Farben controlled the three largest Austrian chemical firms, and at least a dozen other Austrian chemical firms were German- controlled.  Germans also controlled major Austrian firms involved in the oil industry, textiles, leather and rubber, food and tobacco, and paper and cellulose.

In part, because of Austria's subjugation to Germany, the conference of foreign ministers in Moscow in November 1943 officially declared that the former republic had been the first victim of the German aggression and held out prospects for the liberation of its people.  This increased Austrian resistance to the Germans and played a role in Allied assessments of Austrian participation in and responsibility for Hitler's war.

After the war an Allied Control Council was established for Austria.  On December 15, 1945, the Allies recognized a new Austrian Government.  On June 28, 1946, new control machinery was established for Austria by the Allies. (Note 60)  Austria regained its independence on May 15, 1955.    

Records of the U.S. Legation/Consul, Vienna, Austria

General Records 1936-1941(Entry 2050)
Boxes 1-75

Records of POLAD & USCOA, Vienna, Austria

General Records 1945-1952 (Entry 2054)
Boxes 1-134


Box #File #File Title or Subject
14711.5Displaced Persons
 711.6War Criminals
 840.3Looted Works of Art
 840.4Holy Hand of St. Stephen [Hungary]
 841.4Austrian Archives
 841.4Yugoslavian Records
 850.6Austrian Insurance Firms
 851Safehaven-Art Collections in Germany and Austria
 851Safehaven-Geipel [Family]
 851Safehaven-Hans Jacob Vonbaeyer
 851Safehaven-Hungarian Textiles
 851Safehaven-Manfred Weiss
 851Safehaven-Oktay Brothers [of Istanbul, Turkey]
 851.6Banks and Banking
 851.6Austrian Banks
 851.6Hungarian National Bank
 854Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
22863.4Buried Gold Bars found in Austria


Box #File #File Title or Subject
52 710 Restitution
53 711.5 Displaced Persons
54 711.6 War Crimes and War Criminals
58 840.1 Jewish Refugees
 840.1 Jews
 840.1 Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry
 840.3 Looted Art
 841.4 Austrian Foreign Office Records
 841.4 Archives-Speleologisches Institur of Vienna
 841.4 Austrian Archives in Czechoslovakia
 841.4 Germany Military Government Files in France
 841.4 Yugoslavian General Staff Records
59 848 Relief
60 850.6 Austrian Insurance Firms
 851 Financial Conditions
 851 Blocked Assets
 851 Safehaven-General
 851 Safehaven-"Aceros Boehler"
 851 Safehaven-"Aceros Finos Phoenix"
 851 Safehaven-"Bafinag" Bau-Finanzierunge A.G.
 851 Safehaven-Borner, MME
 851 Safehaven-Dr. Kurt Habicht
 851 Safehaven-Koreska, W.
 851 Safehaven-Neal, Even Virgil
 851 Safehaven-Pacetti, Antoine
 851 Safehaven-Societe Sanka Brucke A.G.
61 851.6 Banks and Banking
 851.6 Austrian National Bank and Securities in Vienna
 851.6 Creditanstalt-Bankverein
 851.6 Hungarian Bank Gold
 851.6 Lander Bank
 854 Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
 863.4 Gold Impounded in Austria
 863.4 Heraeus, W.C.


Box #File #File Title or Subject
83 710 Restitution, Claims, Assets (8 folders)
 710 Restitution Program in Austria
 710 German Assets
84711.5 Displaced Persons (2 folders)
 711.5 Displaced Persons-Jews
 711.6 War Criminals-Bulgaria
 711.6 War Criminals-France
 711.6 War Criminals-Austria
 711.6 War Criminals-Yugoslavia
 711.6 War Criminals-Switzerland
 711.6 War Criminals-General
87 840.3 Restitution of Looted French Art Objects
 841.4 Austrian State Archives
88 848 Relief (8 folders)
 850.6 Insurance
89 851 Financial Conditions (2 folders)
 851.6 Banks and Banking
 854 Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights


Box #File #File Title or Subject
102 710 German Assets (2 folders)
 710 Hungarian Assets, Claims, and Restitution
 710 Italian Assets, Claims, and Restitution
 710 Netherlands Assets, Claims, and Restitution
 710 Poland Assets, Claims, and Restitution
 710 Rumanian Assets, Claims, and Restitution
 710 Yugoslavian Assets, Claims, and Restitution
 711.3 Trading With Enemy
 711.5 Displaced Persons (6 folders)
 711.5 International Refugee Organization (2 folders)
 711.6 War Criminals (2 folders)
105 840.1 Jews
 848 Relief (8 folders)
106 850.6 Insurance
 851/710 Hungarian Gold Train
 851 Hungarian Gold Train
 851 Tripartite Gold Commission
 851 Gold
107 851.6 Banks and Banking
 851.6 Austrian National Bank


Box # File # File Title or Subject
110 321.3 Frozen Funds
  321.6 War Criminals
114 510.1 Jews


Box #File #File Title or Subject
119321.6War Criminals (2 folders)

Supplemental General Records 1945-1946 (Entry 2055)
Boxes 1-2

Classified General 1945-1955 (Entry 2056)
Boxes 1-105


Box #File #File Title or Subject
1-3 VariousVarious


Box #File #File Title or Subject
4-5 711.5 Displaced Persons
5 711.6 War Criminals (6 folders)
9 Unlabeled Potsdam-German Assets 1946 (2 folders)
11 840.1 Jews
11-12 848 Relief
12 850.3 Capital
 851 Non-Monetary Gold
13 851 Safehaven
 851; Financial Conditions


Box #File #File Title or Subject
19Unlabeled Summary Report on Claims and Restitution as of June 30, 1948
 710 German External Assets (7 folders)
 711.5 Jews-Palestine
 711.5 Displaced Persons (2 folders)
 711.5 International Refugee Organization
 711.6 War Crimes and War Criminals (2 folders)
24840.3Unlabeled-Disposition of a Goya Miniature of Disputed Ownership
25848International Refugee Organization
 848Relief (3 folders)
26-27851Financial Conditions


Box #File #File Title or Subject
31321.3Inter-Allied Reparation Agency
 321.6War Criminals


Box #File #File Title or Subject
45321.3Austrian Blocked Assets in U.S.

Top Secret Telegrams Sent and Received 1945-1948 (Entry 2058)
Box 1

Top Secret USFA Cables 1947-1948(Entry 2059)
Box 1

Records of POLAD & High Commissioner USCOA, Vienna, Austria

Top Secret General Records 1945-1952(Entry 2057)
Boxes 1-7

Records of the U.S. Element of the Allied Commission for Austria

General Records 1945-1951 (Entry 2062)

Arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically.
Includes abstract sheets for the documents in each folder.
Boxes 1-52

Box #File Title or Subject
1 Assets Abroad
 Assets, German
4Banking and Loans
20-26Government Laws

Austria Basic Handbook 1945 (Entry 2063)
Box 1

Austrian Military Government Handbook (Entry 2065)
Box 1

Index to Subjects 1945-1953 (Entry 2066)
Box 1

Handbook on Allied Commission 1949 (Entry 2067)
Box 1

Agenda of the Meetings of the Allied Council 1945-1955 (Entry 2069)
Box 1

Minutes of the Meetings of theAllied Council 1945-1955 (Entry 2070)
Boxes 1-4

Papers of the Allied Council 1945-1955 (Entry 2071)
Boxes 1-4

Proceedings of the Allied Council 1945-1955 (Entry 2072)
Boxes 1-36

Reports of the U.S. High Commissioner 1945, 1947-1955 (Entry 2082)
Boxes 1-5

Records of the Inter-Allied Command Files, U.S. Element

General Records 1945-1955 (Entry 2092J)
Boxes 1-57
Box 42 B/9/06

Refiles 1945-1955 (Entry 2092K)
Boxes 1-3