Holocaust-Era Assets

RG 84: U.S. Delegation to the Inter-Allied Reparations Agency (IARA)

State Department and Foreign Affairs Records

Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84)

Records of the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, Belgium

Files of the U.S. Delegation to the Inter-Allied Reparations Agency (IARA)

The governments of Albania, the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Greece, India, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, the Union of South Africa, and Yugoslavia, (Note 10) to obtain an equitable distribution among themselves of the total assets which had been agreed to at Potsdam on August 1, 1945, and at the Paris Agreement on Reparation From Germany of January 14, 1946, and other assets that may later have been declared to be available as reparation from Germany, established on January 14, 1946, an Inter- Allied Reparation Agency.  This agency was mandated "to settle an equitable procedure for the restitution of monetary gold."

Part I of the Agreement set out the procedures for reparations.  Key portions include:

Article I, "Shares in Reparation," provided that German reparation (exclusive of the funds to be allocated to "nonrepatriable victims of German action") should be divided into two categories: Category A, "which shall include all forms of German reparation except those included in Category B; Category B, which shall include industrial and other capital equipment removed from Germany, and merchant ships and inland water transport."  Each Signatory Government would be entitled to the following percentage shares:

Country Category A Category B
Albania 0.05 0.35
United States of America 28.00 11.80
Australia .70 .95
Belgium 2.70 4.50
Canada 3.50 1.50
Denmark .25 .35
Egypt .05 .20
France 16.00 22.80
United Kingdom 28.00 27.80
Greece 2.70 4.35
Luxembourg .15 .40
Norway 1.30 1.90
New Zealand .40 .60
Netherlands 3.90 5.60
Czechoslovakia 3.00 4.30
Union of South Africa .70 .10
Yugoslavia 6.60 9.60

Article 6, "German External Assets," provided that each Signatory Government should "hold or dispose of Germany enemy assets within its jurisdiction in manners designed to preclude their return to German ownership or control and shall charge against its reparation share such assets." It also provided, in paragraph C:

German assets in those countries which remained neutral in the war against Germany shall be removed from German ownership or control and liquidated or disposed of in accordance with the authority of France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, pursuant to arrangements to be negotiated with the neutrals by these countries. The net proceeds of liquidation of disposition shall be made available to the Inter-Allied Reparation Agency for distribution on reparation account.

Article 8, "Allocation of a Reparation Share to Nonrepatriable Victims of German Action," provided that "in recognition of the fact that large numbers of persons have suffered heavily at the hands of the Nazis and now stand in dire need of aid...but will be unable to claim the assistance of any Government receiving reparations from Germany" the United States Government, in conjunction with several other countries working in consultation with the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees, under the following guidelines to agreement regarding victims' share in the reparations: paragraph A provided that "a share of reparation consisting of all the non- monetary gold found by the Allied Armed Forces in Germany and in addition a sum not exceeding 25 million dollars shall be allocated for the rehabilitation and resettlement of non-repatriable victims of German action; paragraph B. The sum of 25 million dollars shall be met from a portion of the proceeds of German assets in neutral countries which are available for reparation.; paragraph C. governments of neutral countries shall be requested to make available for this purpose (in addition to the sum of 25 million dollars) assets in such countries of victims of Nazi action who have since died and left no heirs." Additionally, in paragraph F it was provided that "the non-monetary gold found in Germany shall be placed at the disposal of the Inter- Governmental Committee on Refugees as soon as a plan has been worked out as provided above."

Part II of the Agreement established the Inter-Allied Reparations Agency. Each signatory government was authorized to appoint a Delegate to the Agency and an alternate to act in the absence of the Delegate. The official functions of the Agency were to allocate German reparations among the Signatory Government in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement and of any other agreements in force among the Signatory Governments; serve as the medium through which the Signatory Governments receive information concerning, and express their wishes in regard to, items available as reparation; deal with all questions relating to the restitution to a Signatory Government of property situated in one of the Western Zones of Germany which may be referred to it by the Commander of that Zone (acting on behalf of his Government), in agreement with the claimant Signatory Government or Governments, without prejudice, however, to the settlement of such questions by the Signatory Governments concerned either by agreement or arbitration. The Agreement provided that the IARA would be based in Brussels, Belgium.

Part III of the Agreement, entitled "Restitution of Monetary Gold," provided that:

"A. All the monetary gold found in Germany by the Allied Forces and that referred to in paragraph G below (including gold coins, except those of numismatic or historical value, which shall be restored directly if identifiable) shall be pooled for distribution as restitution among the countries participating in the pool in proportion to their respective losses of gold through looting or by wrongful removal to Germany.

B. Without prejudice to claims by way of reparation for unrestored gold, the portion of monetary gold thus accruing to each country participating in the pool shall be accepted by that country in full satisfaction of all claims against Germany for restitution of monetary gold.

C. A proportional share of the gold shall be allocated to each country concerned which adheres to this arrangement for the restitution of monetary gold and which can establish that a definite amount of monetary gold belonging to it was looted by Germany or, at any time after March 12th, 1938, was wrongfully removed into German territory.

D. The question of the eventual participation of countries not represented at the Conference (other than Germany but not including Austria and Italy) in the above mentioned distribution shall be reserved, and the equivalent of the total shares which these countries would receive, if they were eventually admitted to participate, shall be set aside to be disposed of at a later date in such manner as may be decided by the Allied Governments concerned.

E. The various countries participating in the pool shall supply to the Governments of the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom, as the occupying Powers concerned, detailed and verifiable data regarding the gold losses suffered through looting by, or removal to, Germany.

F. The Government of the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom shall take appropriate steps within the Zones of Germany occupied by them respectively to implement distribution in accordance with the foregoing provisions.

G. Any monetary gold which may be recoverable from a third country to which it was transferred from Germany shall be distributed in accordance with this arrangement for the restitution of monetary gold." (Note 11)

Correspondence Reports, General 1945-1951 (Entry 2113A)
Boxes 1-2

Box #File #File Titles
1 II General Correspondence and Reports (Includes correspondence to and from Department involving several subjects in same letter, etc., such as reports on sessions of Assembly)
  II General Correspondence and Reports (Including correspondence to and from Department involving several subjects 1953)
- Conference de Paris-Final Act
  II-A-1 Outgoing to GA [State Department, German-Austria Division]
  II-A-2 Outgoing-Other Letters
  II-A-4 To IARA
2 II-B-1 Incoming (General and Miscellaneous) from GA
  II-B-2 Incoming (General and Miscellaneous) Others
  II-B-3 From IARA
  II-C Teletype Conversations
  II-D Reparations Policy

Plants & Other Industrial Capitol Equipment & Miscellaneous Subject Material (Entry 2113B)
Boxes 1-7

Box # File # File Titles
1 III-A Status Ledger
  III-B U.S. Bids & Expressions of Interest 1946-1947
  III-B U.S. Bids & Expressions of Interest 1948
  III-B U.S. Bids & Expressions of Interest 1949
  III-B-1 Alumlinumverke Tscheulin-2002
2 III-B-2 Withdrawal of Bids
  III-B-3 Jan. 1949 thru Aug. Plants 1410 and 1411
  III-B-3 Plants 1410-1411 1949
  III-B-3 Plants 1410 and 1411 1950-1951
3 III-B-4 Plant Receipts 1948
  III-B-4 Plant Receipts 1949
  III-B-5 U.S. Scrap Bids
4 III-B-6 Plant 1 (Kugelfischer)
  III-B-7 Plant 1431
  III-B-8 Plant 1009/33
  III-C Unilateral Removals
  III-D Inspection
  III-E Other Procedural Questions
5 III-F Level of Industry
  III-F-1 Yugo Reparation Conference
  III-G Private Inquiries
  III-H General & Miscellaneous, 1945 thru 1947 No. 2
6 III-H General & Miscellaneous 1948 No. 1
  III-H General & Miscellaneous 1949-1951
  III-H -1 U.S. Documents
  III-I United National Financial Interest
  III-J Reparation Progress
7 III-L Reparation & ERP, 1946-1947
  III-L Reparation & ERP, 1948
  III-L Reparations & ERP, 1949
  III-M Department of Commerce Releases

Shipping, 1945-1951, Classified General Records (Entry 2113C)
Box 1

File #File Titles
IV-A-1 Ship Lists
IV-A-2 Shipping Inequities
IV-A-3 Poseidon-Exchange
IV-A-4 Ocean Shipping General & Miscellaneous (1 of 2)
IV-A-4 Ocean Shipping General & Miscellaneous (2 of 2)
IV-B Inland Water Transport
IV-A-5 Minutes TMMC-Nov. 1947

Current Productions and Stocks, 1945-1950, Classified General Records (Entry 2113D)
Box 1

File #File Titles
V-A Reciporal Deliveries
V-B Other Current Production

German External Assets, 1945-1955, IARA Records of James W. Angell (Entry 2113E)
Box 1

File Titles
Draft: German External Assets
Statements by the Honorable James W. Angell
Reader File (Angell)
Angell: Memos to Dorr

German External Assets, 1945-1955, Classified IARA Subject File (Entry 2113F)
Boxes 1-8

Box #File Titles
1 Accounting Problem-Conversion of GEA Charges
  Chronological Table of Documents
  Committee of Experts
  #GEA-Accounting (Inc. Rolling Stock) Folder #1
  Assembly Minutes
  Co.E.A./Documents [Committee on External Assets]
  #3 GEA-Accounting (Inc. Rolling Stock) Folder #2
2 Assembly Documents
  Assembly Minutes
  GEA-Accounting (Inc. Rolling Stock) Folder No. II
  #3 GEA-Accounting (Inc. Rolling Stock) Folder #2
  GEA-Intercustodial Folder No.1
  Assembly Documents
  Assembly Docuemnts
  Assembly Minutes
  GEA-Intecustodial Folder No. 2
  Assembly Documnts
  GEA-Intercustodial Folder No. 3
3 Assembly Documents
  Assembly Minutes
  FEA-Intercustodial Folder No. 4
  Assembly Documents
  Assembly Minutes
  GEA-Intercustodial Folder No. 5
  Assembly Documents
  Assembly Minutes
4 Assembly Documents
  Assembly Minutes
  Administration Budget
  Plants-Final Allocation
  Cap. War Supplies
  External Assets
  External Assets Intercustodial
  Rolling Stock
  Industrial Property, Rights
  Reciprocal Deliveries
  Rep. Genl.
  Unilateral Removals
  GEA-Non-IARA Countries
  Assembly Documents
  Assembly Minutes
  SG Documents
  GEA-Non-IARA Countries Folder No. 2
  Hermberg Report (Draft) [by Paul Hermberg of trip to Berlin and
  Leipzig Dec. 23, 1945 to Feb. 5, 1946]
  IARA (1 of 2)
5 IARA (2 of 2); this folder subdivided into External Assets; External Assets, Intercustodia; Rolling Stock; Ind. Prop. Rights; Reciprocal. Deliveries; Reparations General; Reparation. General-Coordinating Committee; Shipping; Unilateral Removals
  IARA-Jan. 1955-June 1955
  IARA-July 1955-December 1955
  IARA-Delegation Reports
  IARA-Final Allocation Plants
6 Memorandum on the Provisions of the Berlin Protocol Relating to Reparations
  Memo & Supporting Paper concerning. Neutrals
  Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany
  Offshore Procurement
  Plant Descriptions
  I Positions of Governments concerning Intercustodial Settlement;
  subdivided into Belgium, Canada, Netherland, and United
  II Positions of Government concerning Intercustodial Settlement; subdivided into France, United Kingdom
7 III Positions of Govenment concerning Intercustodial Settlement; subdivided into Summary, Albania, Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Norway, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, Union of South Africa, and Yugoslavia
  Report on German Reparations to the President of the United
  States, February-September 1945 [bound copy, ca. 200 pp.]
8 Technical Assistance
  TGC Washington-October 1957
  Treaty Series 847: Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded
  and Sick of Armies in the Field
  Treaty Series No. 846-Prisoners of War
  U.S. Delegation Papers

German External Assets, 1946-1953, Classified General Records (Entry 2113G)
Boxes 1-12

Box #File #File Titles
1 VI-A General Questions of Policy and Action
  VI-A-1a GEA Rolling Stock 1950
  VI-A-1a GEA Rolling Stock 1948-1949
  VI-A-1a GEA Rolling Stock 1946-1947
  VI-A-1 GEA-General Policy
2   - Rolling Stock
  VI-A-1-a Rolling Stock-Memos & Statements
  VI-A-1-a Rolling Stock Documents & Minutes
  VI-A-1-b Custodian Conference
  VI-A-2(a) Law No. 5 and General
  VI-A-3(b) GEA-Intercustodial Claims; Miscellaneous Drafts & Proposals, etc.
  VI-A-2(b) Law No. 63 (ACC), replacing Law No. 5 in Germany
  VI-A-3(a) GEA-Intercustodial Claims-General
  VI-A-3(c) GEA-Intercustodial Claims-Misc. 3
  VI-A-3(d) GEA-Intercustodial Claims, Multilateral Negotiations
  VI-A-3(e) GEA-Intercustodial Claims, Bilateral Accords
  VI-A-3(f) GEA-Protocol-Brussels Intercustodial Agreement
    - IARA, to July 1, 1951
  VI-A-3(g) GEA-Brussels Intercustodial Agreement-Subsequent Adherence
  VI-A-3(h) GEA-Brussels Intercustodial Agreement-Panel of Conciliators
4 VI-A-4 GEA Questionnaire
  VI-A-4 GEA Questionnaire 1950
  VI-A-5 GEA-General & Misc.
  VI-A-6 OAP [Office of Alien Property], Laws, Orders, etc.
5 VI-A-6(b) Committee of Experts; June, October 1946 Meetings
  VI-A-7 Ad Hoc Committee of October 1949 on Miscellaneous GEA Matters
  VI-B-1 IARA Countries-Albania
  VI-B-2 IARA Countries-USA, 1946-1947
  VI-B-3 Australia
  VI-B-2 IARA Countries-USA, 1948
  VI-B-2 IARA Countries-USA, 1950-1951
6 VI-B-4 Other Countries-Belgium, thru 1949
  VI-B-4 Other Countries-Belgium, 1950-1951
  VI-B-4a Belgian MGAX Tabulations
  VI-B-7 IARA Countries-Egypt
  VI-B-15 IARA Countries-Netherlands
    - Neutral GEA Accords
  VI-C-I General & Miscellaneous
  VI-B-6 IARA Countries-Denmark
  VI-B-8 IARA Countries-France
  VI-B-10 IARA Countries-Greece
  VI-B-11 IARA Countries-India
  VI-B-12 Luxembourg
  VI-B-13 IARA Countries-Norway
  VI-B-16 IARA Countries-Czechoslovakia
  VI-B-17 South Africa
  VI-B-18 IARA Countries-Yugoslavia
8 VI-C-1-a Neutrals-General Collection Problems
  VI-C-1-b Neutrals-General Allocation Problems
  VI-C-1-c Neutrals-Other General & Misc.
  VI-C-2 Neutrals-Diplomatic Properties
  VI-C-3-a Swiss Agreement 1949-1952
  VI-C-3-a Swiss Agreement 1946-1948
9 VI-C-3-b Switzerland, Other
  VI-C-3-b Switzerland-Others 1948
  VI-C-3-b Switzerland-Others 1949
  VI-C-3-b Switzerland-Others 1950
  VI-C-3-c Joint Commission Minutes
  VI-C-4-a Swedish Agreement
10 VI-C-4-b Sweden-Other
  VI-C-4-b Sweden-Other, 1949
  VI-C-4-b Sweden, Other 1950
  VI-C-5 Portuguese-General
  VI-C-6-a Spanish Agreement 1946 thru June 1950
11 VI-C-6-a Spanish Agreement July 1, 1950-
  VI-C-6-b Spain-Other Folder No. 1
  VI-C-6-b Spain-Other Folder No. 2
  VI-C-6-b Spain-Other Folder No. 3
12 VI-D GEA-Other Countries
  VI-D-1 Other Countries-Italy
  VI-D-2 German External Assets in Japan
  VI-D-3 Heirless Property
  VI-E-1 General-Return of Securities Issued by IARA Countries found in Germany
  VI-E-1(2) Securities Issued in Neutral and Non-IRA Countries found in Germany
  VI-E-2 Delivery to IARA of Neutral Currencies found in Germany

German External Assets, 1945-199, Classified IARA Chrono File (Entry 2113H)

Box 1

File Titles
Chrono-IRA (Other than Despatches) March 1951-
IARA Chronological File-Current; Miscellaneous; Department Letter to; Airgram
IARA Despatches July 1, 1951-

Industrial Property Rights, 1945-1951, Classified General Records (Entry 2113I)

Box 1

File #File Titles
VII-A Patents
VII-A Patents
VII-B German Techniques
VII-C Copyrights
VII-D Trademarks
VII-E General & Miscellaneous

Captured Enemy Supplies 1945-1952, Classified and General Records (Entry 2113J)

Box 1

File #File Titles
VIII-C Captured Enemy Materials-Individual Countries
VIII-A General & Miscellaneous Incl. Interpretation of Paris Agreement

Reparations Accounting 1945-1949, Classified General Records (Entry 2113K)
Boxes 1-2

Box #File #File Titles
1 IX-A Valuation Principles
  IX-B Exchange Rate Problems
  IX-C Balancing Problems
  IX-D Specific Valuation
  IX-E General & Miscellaneous
2 IX-F U.S. Account Position
  IX-H SAAR Charge
  IX-I Czech Crowns
  IX-J Accounting-Arithmetic Anomaly

Tripartite Gold Commission, 1946-1956; Country Files (Entry 2113L)
Boxes 1-7

Box #File Titles
1 Documents Concerning the Monetary Gold of the National Bank of Albania-Rome (Translated in English)
  Publication-Memorandum of the Austrian Government on the Restitution of Austrian Monetary Gold
  Publication-Supplement to the Memorandum of the Austrian Government on the Restitution of the Austrian Monetary Gold
  Czechoslovakia 1 of 2; and 2 of 2
2 Answer of the Belgian Government to the Questionnaire of the Tripartite
  Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold
  (1) France, Belgian Gold, Gold Deposit Entrusted to the Banque of France in 1939 and 1940, Annex I; Annex II; Annex III
3 [Continuation of above] Annexes I-VII
  Answer of the Belgian Government to the Questionnaire of the Tripartite
  Commission for the Resitution of Monetary Gold, Gold Sold by the Deutsche Reichsbank to the Bank National of Belgique in 1940
4 France
  France-Reply of the French Government to the Questionnaire for the
  Tripartite Commission Form I-A-1 (1); II; III; IV; IV Annexs
  Form I-A-2 Luxembourg-Gold V
  Form I-B-2 VI
  Form I-A-3 VII
  Form II-A-1 VIII
  Form II-B-1 IX
  Form II-A-2 X
  Form III XI
5 Hungary
  Netherlands-Supplementary Data
  Netherlands-Dutch Claims
  Netherlands-Gold Lost by Bank N.V. Amsterdam 1-10 of 16
6 Netherlands-Gold Lost by Bank N.V. Amsterdam 11-16 of 16
  Netherlands Bank N.V. Amsterdam
  Poland-Polish Claim for the Restitution of Gold
  Poland to the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold
  Supplemenary Information of Poland
  Poland to the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold
  Brussels-Supplementary Information of Poland 15 Jan. 1950 The transportation of the Document Submitted 3 Nov. 1949
7 Q 18
  I Transmittal-Letter
  II Documentation
  I Forms, II Specifications, III Documentation

Tripartite Gold Commission, 1946-1954, Classified General Records (Entry 2113M)
Boxes 1-16

Box # File #File Titles
1   - Miscellaneous Basic Documents
Authorization-Open London Bank Account
Authorization Transfer Gold Germany to London
Austrian Protocol
Italian Protocol
French Protocol
Terms of Reference
  X-A-1-A Minutes of Meetings of Heads of Delegation of Paris Conference on Reparation
  X-A-2 Formal Statements of Actions on Claims
  X-A-3 Status of Commission
  X-B Gold Definition
  X-C Gold Letter
  X-D Gold Questionnaire
  X-E Non-IARA Participation
  X-E-A Protocol-Poland
  X-E-B Protocol-Austria
  X-E-C Protocol-Italy
  X-F Gold Claims-Gen.
  X-F-2 Memos of Law
2 X-F-B Commission Decisions
  X-F-C Final Adjudications; subdivided into Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Nethelands, Final Adjudication Form
  X-F-D Final Adjudications; subdivided into Miscellaneous, Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland
3 X-F-E Definitive Adjudications; subdivided into Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Yugoslavia
4 X-F-E Final Announcement-Papers, Etc.
  X-G Gold Pot
  X-G(a) Gold Pot Accounts
  X-G-1 Rumanian Gold
  X-G-2 Swiss Gold
  X-G-3 British Gold
  X-G-4 Frankfurt Gold
  X-G-5 Austria
5 X-G-6 Sweden
  X-G-7 Spain
  X-G-9 Gold Pool Portugal
  X-G-10 Gold Pool-Dollfus Mieg Case (note 12)
  X-G-11 Inquiries Made by Private Individuals re. Gold looted by Germans
  X-G-12 Japanese Gold
  X-H Gold Commission Administration
6 X-H Gold Commission Administration 1950-1951
  X-I-A Account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  X-I-2 Account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  X-I-C Account Bank of France
  X-I-D Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, Brussels Branch Administrative Account
7 X-J Verbatim Reports of Meetings
  X-J-2 Gold Commission Final Minutes 1947-1950 No. 1 and No. 2
  X-J-2 1951-1954 Gold Commission-Final Minutes
  X-J-A Gold-Final Minutes-French
  X-J-E Tripartite Meeting in Washington. Geman External Assets and Looted Gold
8 X-J-B Gold Commission Draft Minutes 1946-1948
  X-J-B Gold Commission Draft Minutes 1949
  X-J-B Gold Commission Draft Minutes 1950
  X-J-C Agenda
  X-J-D Gold Commission Conference January 5, 1949
9 X-K BIS-Bank for International Settlements
  X-L Military Government for Germany
  X-N OMGUS-Claims Data
  X-N Assaying & Dist. Frankfurt Gold
  X-N-2 Transportation Frankfurt Gold-General
  X-N-A OMGUS-Proposed Letters concerning Gold Movement
  X-N-B Transport Cost. Estimate-Frankfurt Gold
  X-N-C Transport, Contract and Insurance
  X-N-C-1 Insurance Claim Lost Bag
  X-N-D Documents for Exchange with Military Governor
10 X-O-A Non-Claimant Countries
  X-O-B United States, United Kingdom, and France
  X-P-A Gold Letters
  X-P Press Materials
  X-P-B Gold Despatches
  X-Q-A Albania 1946-1952
  X-Q-A-1 Italo-Albanian 1947-1950
  X-Q-A-1 Italo-Albanian 1951-1952 No. 1
11 X-Q-A-1 Italo-Albanian 1951-1952 No. 2
  X-Q-B Austria
  X-Q-B-1 Salzburg Gold
  X-Q-C Belgium
12 X-Q-D Czechoslovakia 1950 (3 folders)
  X-Q-E France
  X-Q-F Greece
13 X-Q-F Greece
  X-Q-G Hungary
  X-Q-H Italy 1946-1952
  X-Q-H-1 Istcambi Gold
14 X-Q-I Luxembourg
  X-Q-J Poland
  X-Q-J Pold (a)
  X-Q-K Netherlands
15 X-Q-1 Yugoslavia (3 folders)
  X-Q-M Iran
16 X-Q-N Pakistan
  X-Q-O Israel
  X-R Distribution-General
  X-R-B Distribution-New York-Federal Reserve Bank
  X-R-C Final Distribution
  X-S Acknowledgement of Receipt of Gold
  X-S-1 Gold Waiver-Miscellaneous
  X-T Letters Signed by Commission
  X-V Miscellaneous

Tripartite Gold Commission, 1946-1950, Subject Files (Entry 2113N)
Boxes 1-7

Box #File Titles
1 Unlabeled [contains correspondence control log]
  Agreement Relating to the Resolution of Conflicting Claims to
  German Enemy Assets
  Chart-German Assets
  Chrono-Gold Letter 1952
  Chrono-Gold Letters 1953-1954
  Chrono-Gold Despatches 1951-1954
  Conference de Paris, Sur Les Reparations, 9 Novembre & 2 Decembre 1945, Exemplaire Destine a M. James W. Angell
  Correspondence Control Log 1 & 2
  Documenti Relativi All'Oro Monetario Doc. No.1-4c
2 Documenti Relativi All'Oro Monetario Doc. No.4d-15
  Enclosures to the Letter No. 1329/47 of the 5th August 1947,
  Enclosure A
  Extra Copies to Military Govenment Documents
  Enclosures to the Letter No. 1329/47 of the 5th August 1947, the forms I-B-1, I-A-3, II-A-2, III
  Enclosures to the Letter No. 1329/47 of the 5th of August 1947, forms I-A-1/I-IV, I-A-1/I-VII
  Enclosures to the Letter No. 1329/47 of the 5th August 1947,
  Enclosures B
3 [Same as above] Enclosures C, D, E, F, G
  Gold Commission-Brussels 1954
  Enclosure Nos. 1-5 to form I.A.1
  Gold Commission-Brussels 1/1955-6/1955]
4 Gold Commission-Brussels 7/1955-12/1955
  Gold Commission-Washington 1954
  Gold Commission-Washington 7/1955-12/1955
  IARA-Jan. 1956-June 1956
  Gold Commission-Washington 1/1955-6/1955
  Inter-Allied Reparation Agency, of the Assembly of the Inter-Allied
  Reparation Agency to its Member Governments
  List of Delegates
5 Meeting Notes [of Tripartite Gold Commission meetings January 1946]
  Memos concerning Status of Claims
  Minutes of Lisbon Meeting RBF 1957, ca. 220 pp.
  XII-A IARA Budgets (1950-1953)
  Paris Conference, Min. 1-22, 10 Nov.-4 Dec., 1945
  Hamlin Robinson
  Press Communication
  Publications, Staff Regulations [1946]
  Publications, Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold-Questionnaire on Gold, February 1947, 47 pp.
  Publications, Inter-Allied Reparation Agency, Rules of Accounting for German External Assets 21 November 1947, 7 pp.
  Publications, The Department of State Bulletin February 22, 1948 [contains an article on Rules of Accounting for German External Assets]
6 Publications-The Department of State Bulletin April 13, 1947 [contains articles on the Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting at Moscow, Economic Principles regarding Germany, German Assets in Austria, and Level of Industry and Reparations from Current Production]
  Publications-War Claims Arising Out of World War II [a USGPO printed War Claims Commission report to Congress, 19543, 247 pp.]
  Publication-Bulletin de la Federation Des Industries Belges, 1951
  Publications-Conflicting Claims to German External Assets, 1949 [a printed IARA report, 27 pp.]
  Publications-Les Conflicts Intersequester 1949 [a printed IARA report, 20 pp.]
  Publications-Conference de Paris sur les Reparations Final Act [in French, 27 pp.]
  Publication-Accord Sur la Resolution Des Conflicts [1947, 45 pp.]
  Publications-Commission du Court de l'Occupation-Evaluation Des Dommages Subis par la France Du Fait De La Guerre et de l'Occupation Enemie 1939-1945 [ca. 50 pp. with many oversized charts, maps, etc.]
  Publications-Agreement with Annex, Between the United States of America and Other Governments [Department of State publication relating to the resolution of conflicting claims to German external assets, 1952, 68 pp.]
  Publications-Settling Intercustodial Claims to Vested Property [law school journal article, 1950, 4 pp.]
  Questionnaire on Gold
  Questionnaire on Gold-Italy
  Questionnaire on Gold, Enclosures 11-16 to form I.A.1
7 Questionnaire on Gold, Enclosure No. 16 to form I.A.1
  Recapitulative Table of the various Claims; subdivided into Albania,
  Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Italy,
  Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Yugoslavia, Public
  Questionnaire Sur l'Or (Form No. 17 to form I.A.1)
  Questionnaire Surl'Or (Enclsoure No. 18-19 to form I.A.1)
  Questionnaire Sur l'Or (Annex No. 20 to form I.A.1)
  Questionnaire on Gold, Enclsoures No. 18-20 to form I.A.1
  Questionnaire- Miscellaneous Correspondence and Documents Relating to Italy and the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold
  Schedule of Allocations

Miscellaneous Reparation and Restitution Questions, 1943-1951, General Records (Entry 2113O)
Box 1

File #File Titles
XI-A Non-IARA Repatriation
XI-B Labor as Reparation
XI-C Non-Repatriables
XI-D Foreign Currencies
XI-E Restitution Policy
XI-F General and Miscellaneous
XI-G Japanese Reparations
XI-H Termination of IARA
XI-I IARA Reports Annual or Final

IARA Organization and Administration, 1945-1952, Classified General Records (Entry 2113P)
Boxes 1-2

Box # File #File Titles
1   History of IARA [1949]
  XII-A IARA Budgets 1946
  XII-A IARA Budgets 1947
  XII-A IARA Budgets 1948
  XII-A IARA Budgets 1949
  XII-B Organization and Administration of Secretariat [1945-1953]
  XII-C-1 Organization & Administration Committee on German External Assets [1946]
  XII-C-2 Organization & Administration-Experts [1946]
  XII-C-3 Organization and Administration-Miscellaneous
2 XII-D IARA Organization and Administration-Miscellaneous [1945- 1951]
  XII Pakistan

Arbitration Proceedings, 1944-1949, Classified Records (Entry 2113Q)
Box 1

File #File Titles
  - Arbitration [1948-1949]
XIII-A-3-a The German Economy of the Next Decade and the Reparations Potential of the Western Powers [bound report, September 1945, ca. 250 pp.]
XIII-A-3-a Unlabeled
XIII-A-3-b Electricity Supply in Southern Germany
XIII-A-3-b Economic Survey of Germany. Sec. A-General Inforamtion
XIII-A-3-b Economic Survey of Germany. The Engineering Industries
XIII-A-3-b Economic Survey of Germany. Fuel, Power, and Public Utility Services
XIII-C-1-a Claims-Summaries and Analysis

Press Material 1946-1951; Classified General Records (Entry 2113R)
Box 1

Reference Materials 1944-1951 (Entry 2113S)
Boxes 1-12

Box # File # File Titles
1 XV-A-1-a War Costs and Damages
  - Non-Food Consumption Levels
  XV-A-1-b Living Standards
  XV-A-1-e Exchange Rates, Price Indices, etc. (3 folders)
2 XV-A-1c Exchange Rates, Price Indices, etc. (2 folders)
  XV-A-2-a Albania
  XV-A-2-b Australia
  XV-A-2-c Belgium
  XV-A-2-c General List of German Industrial Plants Eligible for Transfer to the Netherlands by way of Reparation December 1945 [70 pp.]
  XV-A-2-c Reports, French, (3 folders, 1946, 1949, ca. 400 pp.]
  XV-A-2-d Canada
3 XV-A-2-e Czechoslovakia
  XV-A-2-f Denmark
  XV-A-2-g Egypt
  XV-A-2-i Great Britain
  XV-A-2-j Greece
4 XV-A-2-k India
  XV-A-2-l Luxembourg
  XV-A-2-n New Zealand
  XV-A-2-o Norway
5 XV-A-2-p South Africa, Union of
  XV-A-2-r Yugoslavia
  XV-A-3-a Finland
  XV-A-3-b Poland
  XV-A-3-c Russia
6 XV-A-4-a Level of Industry-Economic Conditions Reparation Potential
  XV-A-4-a The German Uniform Accounting System as an Inst. of Allied Economic Control [Foreign Economic Administration publication, October 1945, 150 pp.]
  XV-A-b A Program for German Economic & Industrial Disarmament, Final Report 1 o3; 2 of 3; 3 of 3 [FEA publication, 1945 ca. 250 pp.]
7 XV-A-4-b A Program for German and Ind. Disarmament, Appendices to Final Report 1 of 2; 2 of 2 [FEA publication, 1945 ca. 250 pp.]
  XV-A-4-b German Rubber and Rubber Products Indstruy, T.I.D.C. [Technical Industrial Disarmament Committee] Project 7
  XV-A-4-b Geman Electrical Equipment Industry T.I.D.C. Project 8
  XV-A-4-b German Machine Tool Ind. T.I.D.C. Report No. 11
  XV-A-4-b German Machinery Ind. T.I.D.C. Project 14
  XV-A-4-b German Iron and Steel Ind. T.I.D.C. Project 15a
  XV-A-4-b German Foreign Trade T.I.D.C. Proj. 20-27
  XV-A-4-b German Machine Industry May 1945 [196 pp.]
8 XV-A-4-b Industries [mostly Ministry of Economic Warfare publications]
  XV-A-4-c Labor
  XV-A-4-d Cartels [contains a list of international cartels 1939, prepared September 1944, 56 pp.]
  XV-A-4-e Economic Development [mostly T.I.D.C. publications]
9 XV-A-4-f Government [mostly War Department handbooks on Germany, covering such subjects as German banking, laws, and transportation]
  XV-B Reference Material Paris Conference
  XV-B Reference Material-Paris Conference 1 of 2
10 XV-B Reference Material-Paris Conference 2 of 2
  XV-B Paris Conference Miscellaneous
  XV-B-1 Plenary Minutes
  XV-B-2-a Minutes
  XV-B-2-b Other Documents
  - Tripartite Conference October 29, 1945, Minutes
11 XV-C Reference Material-Other Material
  XV-C-1a Policy on Reparation-Objective
  XV-C-1b Policy on Reparation-Delays
  XV-E Reference Materials-General Interp. Paris Act
  XV-F European Recovery Program (ERP)
  - Report on German Reparations to the President of the United States February 1945-September 1945 [bound copy, ca. 250 pp.]
12 - Administrative- P[olly]. Jones
  - Conference-Angell Miscellaneous
  - [William]McCaw [carbon copies of communications, 1945]
  - Nos. 5-11 (Angell's Papers) File B XV B-5
  - Outgoing Letters
  - Personal- P. Jones [1945]
  - Report on German Reparation to the President of the United States February-September 1945 [bound copy, ca. 250 pp.]

IARA Classified Subject File 1945-1961 (Entry 2113T)
Boxes 1-3

Box #File Titles
1 Dissolution of the IARA
  Final Report (by the Governments of France, the U.K., and U.S. to the Inter-Allied Reparation Agency on German Enemy Assets in Neutral Countries and Other Territories)
  Inter-Allied Reparation Agency, June 1951
  IARA; subdivided into Agenda, Currencies, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.S.
  IARA 1/1957-
2 IARA 1958 RBF
  IARA Jan.-Aug. 1959
  IARA Sept.-Dec. 1959
  IARA Final Assembly-Nov. 1959 Correspondence
  IARA Final Assembly-Nov. 1959 Documents IARA-1961 IARA-1960
3 IARA-Dissolution of the Agency
  IARA-Final Agenda of the 1959 Session
  IARA-Liste de Delegue
  IARA-Press Communique
  IARA-Report of the Secretary General [1959]
  Paris Conference on Reparation, Final Act, 9 Nov.-21 Dec.1945
  Rapport Final,
  French Document Inter-Allied Reparation Agency, German External Assets, Final Report of the Negotiating Powers, Errata

IARA Incoming/Outgoing Cables, 1945-1948, Classified General Records (Entry 2113U)
Boxes 1-4

Box # File Titles
1 Incoming Cables-Administration Jan. 1946-
  Incoming Cables-Administration 1947-1949
  Incoming Cables-Captured War Supplies May 1946-May 1947
  Incoming Cables-Current Production March 1946
  Incoming Cables-External Assets January 1946-Sept. 1947
  Incoming Cables-Industrial Property Rights March 1946
  Incoming Cables-Intercustodial Agreement Oct. 1946
2 Incoming Cables-Plants April 1946-December 1950
  Incoming Cables-Reciprocal Deliveries April 1946-
  Incoming Cables-Reparations, General March 22, 1946
  Incoming Cables-Rolling Stock
  Incoming Cables-Shipping March 1946-
3 Incoming Cables-Unilateral Removal April 1946-
  Outgoing Cables-Administration
  Outgoing Cables-Captured War Supplies
  Outgoing Cables-Commercial Cables
  Outgoing Cables-Current Production
  Outgoing Cables-External Assets Mar. 1946-Sept. 1947-
  Outgoing Cables-Industrial property Rights
  Outgoing Cables-Intercustodial Assets
  Outgoing Cables-Plants April 1946-August 1947
4 Outgoing Cables-Plants September 1947-
  Outgoing Cables-Reciprocal Deliveries
  Outgoing Cables-Reparations-General
  Outgoing Cables-Rolling Stock
  Outgoing Cables-Shipping
  Outgoing Cables-Unilateral Removals
  Pre Paris Cables