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RG 84: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

State Department and Foreign Affairs Records

Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84)

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

On June 22, 1941, the German Army invaded the Soviet Union and immediately Jews, political leaders, Communists, and Gypsies were killed in mass executions. These murders were carried out by members of mobile killing squads (Einsatzgruppen), who followed in the wake of the invading soldiers. (Note 7)  At Babi Yar, near Kiev, some 33,000 persons, mostly Jews, were murdered. Estimated that over 1.2 Russian Jews, mostly from the Ukraine, were exterminated in the Final Solution.

By the time the Russians were able to force the German Army out of their territory, the Soviet Union had suffered tremendously, suffering 20-25 million people killed.  In addition 2.4 million Russians, including 500,000 Russian POWs, were sent to Germany as forced labor and much Russian wealth and property were seized by the Germans, ranging from industrial plants to cultural treasures.  About 30 percent of the national wealth was destroyed. (Note 8)

Records of the Moscow Embassy Confidential Records 1941-1955 (Entry 3313A)
Boxes 1-214


Box # File # File Title or Subject
43 711.3 Swedish Trade with Germany
  711.3 Trading With Enemy-General
45 711.6 Katyn Forest Affair
  711.6 Investigation of Atrocities in Bulgaria
  711.6 Atrocities
49 820.03 War Criminals
  840.1 People [Jews]
51 851.5 Gold Looted by Axis
  851.6 Freezing of Yugoslav National Bank Funds


Box # File # File Title or Subject
72 711.3 Trading With Enemy
  711.3 Proclaimed List
73 711.6 Trials of War Criminals-Finland
  711.6 Trials of War Criminals-Bulgaria
  711.6 Trials of War Criminals-Rumania
  711.6 Trials of War Criminals-Hungary
74 711.6 Trials of War Criminals-General
  711.6 War Crimes
  711.6 United Nations War Crimes Commission
  711.6 War Criminals
75 711.9 Germany-Reparations and Restitution
  711.9 Reparations-General
  711.9 Inter-Allied Commission on Reparations
  711.9 Reparations Commission (2 files)
84 840.1 Massacre of Jews
87 851 Safehaven Project
88 851.6 Banks and Banking


Box # File # File Title or Subject
108 711.3 Proclaimed List
  711.6 War Criminals
  711.6 Trial of Swedish War Criminals
  711.6 Trial of War Criminals-German
  711.9 Inter-Allied Reparation Agency
120 851 Safehaven

Top Secret Records 1941-1948 (Entry 3314)
Boxes 1-3

Top Secret Records From the Office of the Ambassador 1943-1948 (Entry 3315)
Boxes 1-4

Telegrams Maintained by Ambassador W. Averell Harriman 1944-1945 (Entry 3316)
Boxes 1-8