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How to Search this Document

Please begin by printing these simple instructions.

At present, the only way to limit your search to Holocaust-Era Assets, using NARA's Infoseek search engine, is by using the advanced search option at NARA's search.

There is excellent, general help for using the search engine. Go there if you need to know about anything other than limiting your search to Holocaust-Era Assets.

  1. Follow the link on the search page to the advanced search. Search is available from the navigation bar at the top of every NARA web page.
  2. In the first line of the form, select must and words from the pop-up menus, enter /publications/assets/ in the blank after the words selection, and select URL from the last pop-up menu. This procedure will limit your search results to the directory containing Holocaust-Era Assets.
  3. In the remaining two lines, enter search words or phrases for which you are looking in the text body.
  4. You may safely ignore the date criteria.
  5. Press the Search button.